How to Use  Scrivener for Blogging (Part 1) - What is Scrivener?

How to Use Scrivener for Blogging (Part 1) – What is Scrivener?

hi there my name is Brian Collins from the coma rider today and in this video I can't explain to you what the writing output Scribner is how you can use it to manage complicated writing projects and use it to manage their posts on your blog and if you at the end of this video I'll also explain about a giveaway that you can guess that will help you use Scribner to manage your blog okay so this is description so there are three main areas in Scrivener is the binder on the left hand side of the screen is the editor in the center of the screen on the right hand side of the screen there's the inspector the binder is where you organize all the files that form up your writing project so this is where I keep all the blog posts the editor is where you do all your writing and formatting and the inspector is where you keep custom information about your posts such as notes and so on so I'm gonna start by going through a binder and so I've got several different forms that I've created such as archive this months post future blog posts it's easy enough to create a folder and all you have to do is a new folder and you can call it whatever you want you don't want it you can just delete it okay so if I take you to the archive and here I have four months or five months worth of archived blog posts from July to November and if I open up each one of these I can see the individual blog thoughts for Nate in each bond if I go into this month's posts and I open up December I can see all the posts that I'm working on at the moment but again it's easy enough to open a new pretty new file that in a folder please do is press ENTER and then you can start writing and so that's this last posts and next I have two future blog posts and you can see the post on planning and writing for January obviously I'm not gonna publish all these posts in December so what will probably happen at some stage is I will drag files from December over to January so this is a great way of organizing have lots of ah stop once and so the next polar I help then is blogging journal so this is where I keep a short record of what I'd be tweets on what I did and so for example show you an entry from December that's dated December 7th which is the next days excuse me you can and here I describe while I need to speak so I talk about some of the people that pitch to describe what lessons I learned so I talked about using ScreenFlow to record this tutorial and I explained what I should could have done better I explained what I wrote and how we marketed my content and it's asking questions like this helps me figure out what I need to do for the comb in a few days and if I'm working on the right things at the right time and we also talked about website changes that make I want I should focus on this week so I'm taking about 20 minutes to do this but I find it to really value about the exercise and for working more productivity so that come out of the block and journal folder next I will follow are called book so this is where I keep various chapters from the book arose last year earlier this year the reason I keep them here it's it's honey to reference number in the mind in blog posts and I don't want to interfere with the master and file for my book and the fact that you can keep an entire book and the Scrivener project shows how powerful it is collagen complicated writing projects my next folder is called guest blogging and interviews so this is here where I keep information about their autoblog that at each guest blog posts – – helps me keep track of that's happening in each one of these posts because you can sometimes take up to treat for weeks before I guess blog post is actually published on a bigger block in marketing in social media I keep various details about marketing my block so in this particular file it's called blogging personas there well treating of 200 words about three different personas for my blog and the reason why I did this is not so pro bloggers like Karen Ross recommend writing blogging personas if you want to keep on track and so I have 3 personas I use actually who is a writer in our time Jason who is a writer in search of an audience but Sarah who's a creative a catfish the reason why I do this anytime I run a blog post I tried to think of these truth personas figure out if what I'm creating and could help them in any way and they're based these personas on information and I've gotten from subscribers about my blog I mean from what I think people would be interested in and so the next folder I created in Scrivener was called course and in this in this course section I keep details of course I'm going to create at some stage and the reason I'm showing you this is because screaming there's also great tools over organizing your research and so it's maybe something to think about semana the next the folder I have is called affiliates so this is where keep details my affiliate links and the reason why I do this is so I can quickly drop them into a blog post the next folder is called video scripts so I made a brief outline at this video script you might not think is in here the next folder is called ideas and notes and this is where cute ideas and notes for my blog posts although more recently I've been using ever an offer for this but I breathe in my i'ma show you this is again the show excavator is an all-purpose ready to farm all sorts of writing projects I finally the trash when he wanted to lead or a fighter followed up it ends up here and you can quickly restore it


  • Ryan Nagy

    I have been using Scrivener to organize my marketing emails but had not considered it for my blog posts. It seems to me that I can now import (or copy and paste) all my blog post ideas into the app and have an easy way to write, organize and post. Many marketers use Customer Avatars and it looks like you can keep track of those as well….

  • Ryan Nagy

    Thanks! Good stuff. What are using to create that cool little bubble that follows your cursor around? Is that an option in ScreenFlow or some other video creating app?

  • Jim Heywood

    I don't want to sound cheesy – but watching this video and taking notes from it has convinced me that I can do my own blog for my website writing after all. You laid out exactly the organizational things I was lacking. Thank you, Mr. Collins.

  • Shea Lynn Barlow

    Thank you. This was great. Looking forward to watching the other videos in this series, and the rest of your videos in general.

  • Julie Nelligan

    Hi Bryan! Your series of videos on using Scrivener for blogging was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so much for taking the time to create them. I've watched so many videos that explain how to use Scrivener I feel like I could create a tutorial in my sleep. I was looking for suggestions for organization and workflow for blogging. You hit this one out of the park! Thanks again.

  • Dean Kutzler

    So, this is just the same for writing a novel, short story, etc? It isn't integrated with social media or for a personal website??

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