How to Write the PERFECT About Me Page 👌(or Social Media Bio)
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How to Write the PERFECT About Me Page 👌(or Social Media Bio)

– Hey, if you’re creating
any content online, doesn’t matter if it’s on a blog, or a podcast, or a video channel, or maybe even on social
media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever, you need to focus on having
a great About or Bio section. It’s really important you nail this down because a lot of people go to that to understand whether or
not they should continue to follow and consume your content. So, we’re gonna work in this video through five different factors to make sure that you
include on your About page exactly what it needs to to get people to follow
and subscribe to you. And if you haven’t done this yet, you know, it’s about time. It’s About page time. It’s about–just stick around, you’re gonna learn some stuff. Alright, number one, the
first thing you need to have is an amazing hook. What is a hook? A hook is a way to really
capture a person’s attention right then and there, so that they’ll be intrigued
to keep reading down that page. If you don’t have that great hook, you have all this
amazing stuff after that, if you don’t have the
hook they could leave and never come back. Alright, so there’s lots of
ways to hook an audience. First way, questions, ask questions where the answer will be (laughs) where the answer will be a yes. Meaning, like, are you somebody who blank? Do you typically feel
blank when you blank? So, really understanding the pains and problems of your audience in a way that, when they answer these
questions in their head, they’re gonna be like, yeah that’s me. Uh-huh, yep, I do that, okay. This might be a page
that’ll actually help me. So, asking questions, great thing to do to start off your About page. Next, and this isn’t
really for social media, because you don’t have
a lot of room usually. But if you are on your website and you wanna have a great
hook you can tell a story. So tell a great story
right from the start. Something that really
resonates with that person. Again, making it relatable based on the pains and problems that they have. You wanna show that you understand exactly what this person is going through because, like Jay Abraham says, if you can define the problem better than your target customer, they’re gonna automatically assume that you have the solution. And you can do that by asking questions and having them say yes, or you can do it by telling a story where their story and your story have a matching intersection. Now, don’t ramble or go
too long with a story. You wanna get to the point really quick where a person can understand
oh, that’s just like me. So don’t ramble on and go too long, but telling a story’s
great, ’cause we as humans are just fine tuned to
really pay attention when a person’s telling us a story. Alright number three, you
can create what’s called an open loop. So, this is really handy because, people don’t like when things
aren’t finished or complete. Now, that’s not to say
you’re never gonna finish or complete this open loop. I’ll give you an example in just a second. But it is to say, okay a
person’s gonna be interested and intrigued, their
curiosity meter’s gonna go up, and they’re gonna be like alright I need to find out what’s going on here. You can say things like well hey I’ve discovered an amazing way to do X, Y, and Z. Before I give you all the
information about how to do that, make sure you keep reading, because I wanna tell you a little bit more about what you can get here. Now there’s a lot of
other ways to create hooks and also ways to combine
these kinds of things together to really reel a person in and have them continue to
read on, and subscribe, and follow what you do, but as long as you have a hook, then that’s a great start. So let’s keep going with the next part of your About page or Bio. Alright, so the next section
that you wanna make sure you include, let me
erase this really quick, is you need to make sure you understand, and the person who’s there,
understands the benefits. Benefits, not the features. Not here’s what you’re gonna get, but more so the why, ’cause
this is what really people want. The benefit is what a person will get if they stick around. And the best piece of
advice I can give you is focus on the transformation. I love this word transformation, I use it whenever I create
any sort of content, blog post, podcast episodes, videos, I wanna understand okay,
where’s the person at, but then how can I help them? The transformation is that
thing on the other end of what it is you’re offering. The outcome, if you will. Now in terms of the transformation, it’s just really important to note for the person who’s on that
page, or reading that bio, well, what are they gonna get as a result of sticking around? And then by starting with the benefit, then you can add the
features on after that. Hey, I’m gonna show you
how to make more money, save more time, and help more people, too. And this is how I’m gonna do it. So, we’re kinda flipping the switch. A lot of people typically
add the features first and then go into the benefits. But I love to just share
the benefits first, because then a person understands well, okay I’m gonna get this outcome. I don’t really care how I get it. Well, obviously you do, but then you go into the how after that. So it’s kind of the Simon Sineck, right? Like start with why and then
kind of pull out from there into the what and where. And, finally, another
really important factor related to the benefits and the features, is making sure that you
share for this person what makes you, and the way you teach
these things different. There’s a lot of people
that likely want to provide, and do provide the same outcome and transformation to people. How are you gonna do it differently? That’s really important to note as well. Alright, next up, and
this is really important, you wanna make sure that you show people some sort of proof. In sales, in trying to
get anybody to subscribe, proof is a really important factor in having a person
understand that yeah, okay, I can trust this person. Proof used in this fashion, because likely a person hasn’t really gotten into your stuff yet at this point, proof is kind of just part
of the first impression that a person might have on your stuff. If they come across
your stuff and they see that you’ve been featured
on certain publications, if you have these accolades, if you have, you know, awards as a result of what you’ve done, then they’re gonna be
more likely to dig deeper. Now those forms of proof are important, and they are helpful to share with others, but you can take this a step further by showing proof, if you have any, of how you’ve already
helped other people, too. So, on your About page
and even in your Bio, you could perhaps pinpoint certain people, or groups, or companies
that you’ve worked with that you’ve helped. Now there’s lots of
different ways to show proof. You can show proof in the form of videos, videos are probably the most powerful form of testimonials, or if you have any other people share kind of how you’ve helped them, that’s great. If you’re a speaker, perhaps, it’s great to have other conferences, talk about how well you did on stage, that sort of thing. Videos are great. Written testimonials are good as well, but I think to take that one step further I would also include images. Anything to break up
the text on that page, again if it’s on your website,
makes a big difference. And people can see you, people can see how you do what you do, or
what you’ve done for others. And that’s really important. Alright next up we have,
and this is one thing that I have really understood that works really well for me, because I know I have a good one, and that is a personal story. Now you might have told a story already, like we talked about earlier, but this is where you
get a little bit deeper about how you got to this point. Why are you the person
who’s writing this website? What is your mission? And I know, for example, I
have a great personal story that really resonates with
people getting laid off, starting a business,
being successful after getting laid off and falling
through a state of depression. It really resonates with people, and a lot of people connect with that, but more than just the story and the outcome that comes
along with it, that’s relatable. More so it just has a
person on the other end realize that you are a real person, too. And the thing is people wanna do business with other people, not websites, not profiles,
not even companies. But people wanna do
business with other people. When you can show your personal story, something that’s completely unique to you, it’s gonna help you stand out from everybody else out there who’s just making noise along with you. If I were to offer one side tip, one piece of advice, it’s to really nail
this down, practice it, share it on stage, write
it a number of times, really hone in on how you can
best tell your personal story. Because, that’s gonna be
an amazing tool for you to build a relationship much quicker. Alright next let’s talk about something really important that’s tactical. It’s gonna help you
actually grow your business from your About page or your Bio, and that is an opt-in form. Or it could be a link if
it’s on, like, social media. When a person’s reading about you and they’ve gotten to the end
of this thing and they’re like yes, I like this person, this person’s speaking to me, I want more. This is the perfect opportunity to include an opt-in box on your website, on your About page and a
lot of people don’t do this. I actually picked up this tip from Derek Halpern from Social Triggers who actually just emailed
me one day and he said, Pat, you should have an
opt-in box on your About page. I guarantee you it’ll
increase your subscribership. So, I didn’t have one, I put one on, I did have an email opt-in in the side-bar of my website at the time, but not directly at the bottom. A clear CTA, call to action,
to get more email subscribers. And by just simply adding it in there, I increased my email subscription rate by 477% on that page alone. So, it does work and there’s lots of different ways to do it. You can offer a lead
magnet or some incentive to go along with it,
which I would recommend. People don’t want more emails, so don’t just say like
subscribe and get more emails, or subscribe for my newsletter. That typically won’t go over as well as if you had something
that relates to them and their problems, and
pains, and struggles, that you can offer to them for exchange for that email address. Now out of all these things probably the best thing I could do to sum up what makes a successful About page is to make sure that you don’t make it actually about you the entire time. Yes, your personal story will be in there and all those kinds of things, your testimonials and all those
things are in there, right? But it’s mainly about the
person reading the page and how you can best serve them. So, I wanna put the ball in your court. I wanna ask you how are you doing in each of these five
realms on your About page on your website or perhaps
the bios that you have here on YouTube or any other places that you have information
about you online? If you cover these five things in there, especially the call to action at the end, it’s gonna help you grow your business, help more people, and build a stronger relationship with those people who can then dive deeper into the content that you have to offer and help them with. So, if you’re up to the task, number one, hook me up with a thumbs up. But number two, also leave
in the comments section below which one of these things was missing or maybe underutilized with
what you have going on? Maybe it’s all five, maybe you haven’t even
started an About page yet, in which case now you have a structure to make sure it’s gonna be great, but of the five things
which one do you feel that you just needed
a little more work on? I think a lotta people are gonna enjoy hearing that well, they’re
not alone in this process. So thank you guys so much for listening and watching this. I hope you just crush
it with your About page, ’cause it’s truly gonna
help you moving forward. Especially when it comes to building those important relationships with your audience because relationships are everything. So make sure you subscribe
to the channel below hashtag team Flynn for the win. I appreciate you guys, and again, if you haven’t subscribed yet do so below, hit that notification bell so you know when new videos come out and I’ll see you in the next one, cheers.


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