How your Twitter followers can make your car go faster in Formula E
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How your Twitter followers can make your car go faster in Formula E

– I wanna start this one talking about a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial. – Sure. – You know the one where they’re
all sitting around inside and the game is really close and Buffalo Wild Wings has some sort of mechanism where they can control the outcome of the game to keep people there
and having a good time – [Will] They can extend the game. – [Ryan] Sure, like the
sprinklers come up or whatever. – Right. – It turns out, there’s
actually something similar in a sport, where you can
interact with the sport itself via the internet. And I’m really excited about it. It’s not in any of the
sports we’ve talked about. This is a Formula E racing rule. – You’ve wanted to do
this one for a while. – I have wanted to talk
about this forever, because I think it is absolutely wild. – Spoiler! I have never understood it, so good luck. – I’m gonna walk you through it, I’m gonna try and take you through it, it’s a lot of fun. When they created Formula E, in 2014, which is just an electric
version, somewhat, of Formula 1 racing, with
battery electric cars. They created this thing called “Fanboost”. Basically, what Fanboost is, is you get online, on your
computer or your phone, you vote for your favorite driver, and 15 minutes before the race, they announce the top five drivers. And they say okay, somewhere
in the second half of the race you will have five seconds
to use your Fanboost. And your Fanboost is a button in your car that activates an extra
reserve of battery power so you can go a little bit faster. You’re bestowing onto your favorite driver a video game powerup. Basically for five seconds, you get to say “Here’s
a Mario box, enjoy.” – It feels very weird for
there to be a very, like, outward facing contest for popularity, that then also comes with a prize that could help you win it. – So, that is true. And some people have been upset, cause it feels cheap, right? It feels like social media
corrupting yet another thing. – Right. – The boost that you get is
not a major game changer. It is just enough, if you’re
like, neck and neck with a guy, it’s just enough to help
you overtake him or her. – So this is the equivalent of, like, the NBA putting a Twitter poll up to decide the opening tip off. – Kind of, yeah. Sure, that’s a really good example. Yeah yeah yeah. It’s really more of just
a transparent, like, “Hey kids! You like racing?
You like your phone? “You can use your phone! “To determine the outcome of
the race, isn’t that cool!” – The MLB, it’s the world’s oldest sport, I think. I would love to see them put
a twitter poll out that’s like “One of these teams has to change “their starting pitcher in the fourth. “Now vote.” – [Ryan] Who’s your favorite batter? They get a metal bat, for one at bat. – Oh.
– There you go. – Okay, okay, okay. I’m turning around on this rule. – Right? Well, if you like that, they also introduced for the most recent season another element, that takes it even more into, like, “Ready Player One” territory. That doesn’t require a fan vote at all. – It’s further Tron’d. – Further Tronified the sport, yes. It’s called “Attack Mode”. Which feels lazy, feels like you could, maybe,
spice it up a little bit. But basically, what
Attack Mode is, is if you so there are designated
parts of the track. If you hit your Attack Mode button before you go into the Attack
Mode section of the track, and you drive off the main
racing lane for that segment, and then you come back
into the racing lane, your car has the ability to use also an extra little bit of
power boost, in the battery, to make you go a little bit faster. So you hit the button once to arm it, You go through like, the zone, off a different part of the the course, and then you come back in, and now you can hit the button again and get a little bit of a boost. – That’s trash! – It’s trash? You think so? – You can’t call that Attack Mode. That is the death race
portion of the track. Like, that is where anything goes. – [Ryan] So you wanna see oil spills? – [Will] Yeah, yeah. Like, cartoon-esque cars attacking cars
– [Ryan] Shit coming out of the back of your car, or like spikes and stuff? – [Will] Some Mad Maxian stuff. – I think it’s fun, cause
it’s as close to having a Mario question mark box
on the track as possible. – Yeah, no, it’s cool, it’s cool. Whatever. But like, call it something else. If you have “attack” in the name, and you’re already pulling out, like, “the internet, can, you
know, make you go good”, like, just change the name. – Change the name. – Attack means attack. – Right. – Not go faster. – It’s maybe a little lame,
but I think it’s a great way of bringing one of these
sports into the future. – It’s cool, it makes the
fans feel like they matter. – It makes the fans feel like you matter, when you really don’t. And I just think, like, when we start putting robots
and stuff onto the field, instead of human beings, who get hurt. – In like, the, far off in 2023. – Yeah, yeah. Way, way down the line in 2023. – We’ll all be dead. – When we’ll all be dead, and robots are playing these sports. I think it’ll be cool to give, you know, – Robo Joe– – Aaron Rogers the fourth, like an extra rocket boost
on his pass, or whatever. – I was gonna say Robo Joe Montana. – Rob Joe Montana, yeah. – I was proud of that. I was happy with that. – Yeah, Robo Joe Montana. Get him out there, for the
special fan vote edition of, like, what NFL great you
want on the field today. – [Will] But for some reason
we’ve still given them fully functioning knees
with ACLs that get torn. – They will for sure
still blow out body parts, but then instead of carting them off, you just have nerds run onto the field, and, like, repair them right there. Hook all their wires back up. – It’s high school robotics class versus high school robotics class. It’s Robot Wars! – Yeah, it’s basically Robot Wars. That’s where we’re getting
with this, is Robot Wars. Think of the possibilities. – [Narrator] Thanks for
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  • SB Nation

    If you could pick one thing in sports that you could vote for and it would alter the game (in a not totally game breaking fashion), what would it be? I think I'd like to be able to vote for a baseball team to have to play the first inning with two outfielders.

  • Yinx

    “MLB, it’s the worlds oldest sport I think” ahahaha. US living in that bubble of thinking they are the most important again. It’s not even close to being the oldest.

  • David

    1. Instead of the 5 favorite pilots getting the boost, should be the pilots who have the slowest laps.

    2. In football (soccer), the team that is losing gets 1+ player until it ties.

  • Anthony Suriano

    – Wendall Scott’s only win taken away then given back
    – Derrick Cope winning the Daytona 500
    – The 1992 championship race
    – Earnhardt/Labonte Bristol battles
    – Jeff Gordon’s bump-n-run on Rusty in the Bristol night race, 2002
    – Jimmie Johnson winning at Atlanta 2004 after the Hendrick plane crash
    – Dale Jr leaving DEI (NASCARs “Decision”)

    – DEI after Earnhardt’s death/Jr leaving for Hendrick
    – Roush Racing or Petty Enterprises
    – Jeremy Mayfield
    – Shane Hmiel throwing his potential away; temper/drugs

    Weird Rules:
    – The entire playoff format
    – You don’t have to be in the car to get credit for a race win (Aric Almirola/Denny Hamlin)
    – “Boys have at it”
    – Your choice of any instance of NASCAR inconsistency with rules

    Worst Race:
    – 2008 Brickyard 400
    – 2001 All Star Race
    – 1969 Alabama 500
    – 2001 Daytona 500
    – 2012 Daytona 500

    Beef History:
    – Tony Stewart and Penske
    – Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin
    – Jeff Gordon and Rusty Wallace/Brad Keselowski/Clint Bowyer
    Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth
    – Darrell Waltrip and everybody
    – Kyle Busch and Richard Childress Racing/Kevin Harvick
    – Jimmy Spencer and Kurt Busch
    – Dale Earnhardt and Terry Labonte
    – Kurt Busch and crew chiefs

    High Score:
    – Richard Petty 200 wins
    – Petty/Earnhardt/JJ 7 championships

  • Darcy Buckle

    considering you did a weird rules on the afl recently, you should do a rewinder on mathew scarletts toepoke in the 2009 grand final

  • Stephen Colbourne

    As an f1 fan I want to die after hearing the stupidity. But it's grand at least we get some publicity

  • Florian Niedermair

    This video is kinda fun… Two guys who have no clue about racing are talking about racing
    Edit: I hate attack mode and Fanboost

  • PKking

    If you are going down the motorsports rabbit hole, a couple of interesting ones to look at from F1 would be the "All cars must have 4 tires" and the "No movable aerodynamic parts (ie: fan cars)" rules.

  • Forester Fire

    Did anyone think of the problems of mechanical limitations? What if you use the boost of battery power but the battery fails. Explodes the battery. That car it out of the race. Doesnt that fix the power of Likes vs. Dislikes.

  • Lucas Liso

    There was this rule made in the Argentine football (soccer) league some decades ago that is no longer in effect. There was this goalie known as Hugo Gatti that would play using flashy outfits, usually with a whole kit in the same color and such. The football association of Argentina once had enough and made a rule that stated that the goalie of a team had to wear shots and socks matching the rest of the team on the field. As stated before, the rule is no longer in effect.

  • KoolKive

    remember when buffalo wild wings told every man that their man cave was basically some shitty cuckold room and that they should visit buffalo wild wings for a real place to eat. i remember

  • Joel Sittler

    "Its called attack mode!"
    "But basically what attack mode is…"
    "If you hit your attack mode button before you go into the attack mode section of the track…"
    "You go through like the zone… then you come back in, now you can hit the button again and get a little bit of a boost."
    "I think its fun…"
    F off. Take a hike. But also maybe the funniest weird rules video yet.

  • Nelson Maccini

    "The MLB, it's the oldest sport in the world, I think."
    A) It's a league, not a sport
    B) Cricket is hundreds of years older than baseball

  • Kyle Reeping

    Formula E is not just an "Electric version of Formula 1." A more accurate description would be "A slower, shorter, quieter, more boring version of formula 1 where the cars aren't even good enough to make it the whole (shortened) race so a "pit stop" consists of a driver literally hopping from one car into another." It's barely more than fast electric go-carts around a go-cart track, and sounds about the same as well. If you like watching and listening to RC cars race, then you'll LOVE formula E.

  • Joe K

    Why not just let the drivers determine when to use the power of their batteries instead of making it all convoluted and not about racing?

  • aescobar32

    Michael Shumacher served a stop-and-go penalt after wining a race because there was no rule saying when you needed to take your penalty. 1998 British Grand Prix

  • Dylan Dukat

    just as a snarky fyi, attack mode is called as such bc attack in racing is the name for the approach to the overtake, and as the normal line is on the inside, attacking to overtake must be done off the line, typically to the outside

  • Justin Moore

    No amount of fame would solve this. You could be the most famous person in the world. You are not going to stop people from creating their own doomsday device. I don't care as long as it stops effecting my everyday life in a destructive manner. I just want to eat Nacho's like everyone else. I have a pretty decent plan to make that happen. I don't have a day light problem. I had a no light problem, but I think I have that figured out. Before self driving trucks are a thing we will be speaking mandarin. I will be useful again when that happens.

  • Pfitz

    There is already a sport played by robots. There's a soccer league where the teams are run by robotics students and their robots play soccer against each other.

  • dasfowler

    Is the end stinger on this about an SB Nation fan vote why Jon Bois suddenly started putting out videos more regularly again?

  • Sean DeMarco

    Interesting … I think we could look at this as a negative thing and this is coming from a person that does not like smartphones and messing with sports but to me this is a different racing league from the norm so it is ok to me. Fun in this world is needed more. Yes we need people off their phones more but I can think of other ways to do it. There are many things worse than this.

  • BoboTheVulture

    OK, I guess the comments section for this video is the clearinghouse for all SBNation racing video suggestions, so: Hans Heyer. He attempted to, but failed to, qualify for the 1977 German Grand Prix, but he knew all the local track marshals and they looked the other way when he rolled his car up on race day. He started, but his car broke down, and only after that did F1 officials even notice he was out there. So he had a Did Not Qualify, Did Not Finish, and Disqualified result for the same race.

  • Ya boi Bob

    Sorry, but there’s no way I could ever not drive. I’m sure there will be someone who create a robot racing series or something along those lines, but we’ll never stop driving. It’s not just a sport, it’s everything. We have our lives, our loved ones, jobs, all of it. But the love for driving transcends all that. Ask anyone who’s a driver, from someone in formula 1 to your local kart track (I’m American, don’t know if y’all are but if not karts are common elsewhere), and they’ll all share the same sentiment. I love y’alls videos, and I just felt like you might enjoy a simple American car enthusiasts opinion on having people not racing. Keep up the great videos!

  • Vicious Snail

    Loving the videos even though I don't even watch sports but one thing that seems to be a weird claim is MLB is the worlds oldest sport? MLB was est. in 1872 but the FA was est. in 1863.

  • Charlie Cook

    A couple things wrong with this:
    Fan boost voting stops 6 minutes AFTER the start of the race, so you cant count on getting it as part of the strategy
    Attack is the term in racing for attempting to pass someone so "Attack mode" fits because it allows you to better attack the car in front

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