[HowTo] Use RSS Feeds

[HowTo] Use RSS Feeds

in this video tutorial I'll be showing you how to use RSS RSS it's very simple it's basically on it gets you updated with your favorite websites so when your favorite website is updated it will notify you right away I'm so I'm going to show you how how to do that and how to use RSS it's going to be very simple youtube has RSS so if we visit youtube there should be a little RSS button on YouTube alright so if I click on it and it says subscribe to YouTube blog subscribe top favorites top rated top viewed etc so if I like the top rated today it's more showing me down here a list of top rated videos top rated for today but tomorrow so we show tomorrow's top-rated so this list will change daily so the RSS button might look like this orange and white so it might look very familiar because it's all over the web all over ok now what I'm going to do is be just click here and we find our application i use feed readers that click subscribe now feed reader should pop up and here's my address click OK and it should have a new feed now if you look down here you see you see a small message when there are new messages or yet when there are new messages this would pop up telling you that oh this video is the most operated for today and if you like you think you will like it just click on it and it should lead you to that video on youtube so if I click on this on this side there should be the information of the video and if you think you you're interested you just visit and watch that video it's very very simple now if we visit yahoo or google com and we searched in um RSS feeds for movies or television or whatever and as I just visit this site for Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo should have a list of RSS feeds for movies and you can just find the section that you like and click on it so if i want to see movies coming soon our most recent trailers and most watch trailers just click ask us copy the URL paste it to my feed reader click OK and there's my news new feed most watch today fast and furious alright so it will show you the date as well so that's very useful ok same thing if you don't like feed reader or if you don't want feel like downloading something for RSS and do it on I google i gue very useful so if I click I want to add a tap tap name movies click OK and if I click up here add stuff and add feet or gadget and paste in my feed URL click Add it will show me the most watched trailers but it will only show me three so if i want to show more i wanted to show me a list of it just click this down arrow edit settings show item click 9am axe and safe and it should have it should have at least at most actually nine right here and if i click the plus arrow it will show me the description of that trailer so very simple ourselves can be used useful it can be very useful if you visit my website fireworks tutorial dotty k ok and scroll down all the way to the bottom and click on RSS the RSS tab we should have this page loaded up I I created this page using HTML so it took me a while now very simply this this will show you this is mainly for YouTube actually because youtube doesn't provide us like it doesn't cover all the RSS feeds available so this is what this site is for am I also took this on search engine from yahoo so you guys can make your own custom the RSS feeds by just typing in your favorite the favorite keyword or searches for example video tutorials just click search and you can subscribe to it using your your application ok for some of you if you click on this will just lead your hair there's no URL up here it's because of my domain if you want the you are out there just right click and click open in new tab and there should be the euro out there so I apologize for that that error because of mine my domain anyways I provided a whole list for RSS if you want you can download it the exact same thing for your foot on your desktop so let's choose category searches remember to read the stars that stars it's very very important it will tell you what you need to enter and what you need to do for example down here is this replace your subjects basis with percent 20 so if I can't enter something I can't enter a space in my url so if i pasted my just copy this and it says enter the category and we'll show you the categories available I want how to sew right here just delete the parentheses click how to it is a matter of its and caps answer my query I'll search video tutorials video instead of typing space I'm going to click percent 20 and click tutorials that's going to replace my space I have a click enter it will lead me to this page youtube that videos matching query oops video % 20 tutorials and I set video tutorials let's just copy this URL enter it in feed reader click OK uh and sorry it's a bit laggy okay now it will have a new feed with the matching query video tutorials so tomorrow if someone uploaded a video and it has video tutorials in it it should be in here how to on emulator now the mansion query video tutorials so very simply that's how RSS feed works and thanks for checking out my video this has been a video by our works tutorial and please check out my website I provided a lot of links for you guys to check out thank you guys for check out this video and thank you for your support all links will be in the description so check out the more info tab


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