HP Pavilion g7 Broken Hinge Mount Repair and Disassembly. ♦СВОИМИ РУКАМИ Handmade DIY♦

Today we’re going to repair an HP
Pavilion g7 laptop with busted hinges and boy are they busted in fact if you
look really nice and careful you can see that it’s lifting right here take a look
at that isn’t that beautiful needless to say we don’t want that to
keep happening the first thing we need to do is get the
keyboard out I’m going to hold this hinge down so that it doesn’t pull up
too hard and possibly break something else now one of the problems is that
these keyboards are held in with little Clips here you need a pry tool kind of
like this one sometimes these keyboards are held in with a clip on the bottom
too so take the battery out take this off this still in yeah it was holding a
little okay we’ve got your hard drive which is easily removed just grab this
wire pull up and all these rubber mounts here hold it in place do you see this
little logo here let me see if I can zoom in on it for you this means that we
have to take this out to get to the keyboard let’s get it out one of the
frustrating realities of running a computer repair shop is that you have to
deal with the telephone now that’s all fine and great when it’s someone who
wants to give you money but when you get a phone call from some random person out
of area well guess what they hung up after three or four rings and I’m
probably not gonna try to call them back because they probably wanted me to sign
up for a credit card machine or some other awful thing I don’t care about oh
yes it’s not part of this assembly this is your power button here so all of
those need to come loose they’ll actually come loose whenever we take the
top off all of the screws in the top and buy all of the screws I apparently mean
all one of them one screw this is where a pry tool comes
in a lot of Handy that grammar may have been all my apologize so on top of having a hundred thousand
screws because you know that’s a sign of quality everything snaps together with
these awful plastic clips that you may not be able to see and I wish I didn’t
see either ever again don’t do this manufacturers I hate you HP is officially disinvited to my
birthday party and I am no longer their best friend this has been a child’s guide to dealing
with manufacturers so just to add frustration to this whole process it
looks like I have to remove the motherboard because everything is in the
way here it also looks like this is at very high risk of being damaged by this
whole hinge situation I hope it isn’t already busted up pretty bad these
designs are pretty horrible I’m gonna reinforce this side while I’m in here
but this is toast I’ll send you pictures later DC jack cables are really annoying
to get out you don’t want to pull on the wires if you can help it because that’ll
destroy them probably when you can least afford to
purchase something to fix it there we go okay if you haven’t figured it out by
now I’m not a big fan of these computers as far as how they’re put together
inside I mean when they work they work but they are some of the most
frustrating things to tear apart you basically have to take every single
cable that you see away from where there’s a screw here holding the board
down and there’s a little secret you may not know about this whole mess I have to
I can’t really show it to you properly but I’m going to have to take this Wi-Fi
card out okay so let’s get the board up be gentle
because if you made any mistakes and didn’t unplug something you don’t want
to destroy it and you know what’s easy to do when you take apart a laptop
that’s right destroying things I fired someone
recently who destroyed a whole bunch of things needless to say they probably
will not be coming back anytime soon yeah there we go look at that that’s a
that’s a motherboard as opposed to a board mother I don’t know where that
joke is going but we’re going to abandon it now okay so what this came in for is
that hinge shouldn’t be able to do that and if you look really carefully you can
see brass inserts they’re just hanging loose the whole thing has disintegrated
we have to rebuild it and this may be more difficult than I thought here’s
where all the pain is coming from you might notice
those brass anchors those brass anchors ripped out of the plastic completely and
here is an actual piece of plastic that has that same problem we’re gonna have
to glue that back together with some high-grade industrial-strength epoxy I
apologize for the noise but I have to run a fan this epoxy that I’ve got is
horrible the vapors will make you sick to your
stomach and once it’s mixed up I have a very limited amount of time to do this
work so the alternative to doing what I’m doing here is to purchase
replacement plastics that have the brass anchors still molded into the plastics
the problem is that this design is just not that great so there’s a very high
risk that it’ll just break again if you do get a part and in my opinion what’s
the point of getting a part that’s going to break I’d much rather repair the part
I have in front of me if I can which has a parts cost of zero so I’m going to
fill this hole I don’t know if you can see but I’m
gonna fill this hole with epoxy this is the hole in the top part
where the brass anchor who all those films oh that’s bad yes but you may or may not see is an
anchor you want to get it as flush as you can with the surface this whole
process is kind of painful and once that anchors in you can build
the EPOXI back up on the edge over here you don’t want it to come out above the
anchor if you can help it because that will make things not sit flat when you
put it back together but you also want that anchor to match up we’re going to
set this aside to cure there is a serious problem here there used to be
brass anchors here and plastics holding them up all of that’s gone now so
because it’s so seriously damaged the only way to really fix it is going to be
to basically rebuild it all there is some cracking on the right side I’m
gonna go ahead and take care of that while I’m looking at it if we can do
anything to reinforce what’s already present so that we don’t have to fix
another side we want to do that while we have this apart because once this
computer is gone this person’s running their business with it and they really
can’t afford to keep bringing it back especially since this specific customer
traveled from 40 minutes away to bring it to my
shop instead of going to a more local place so we want to do right by our our
distant customers especially because they can’t possibly bring it back if we
did wrong that was awkwardly worded I apologize
so the strategy lousy though it is for this situation is basically going to be
to glue it back together such that it can never come apart again
and the thing is that if it does break down the line it was gonna break anyway
and you deal with it when that comes you can always break it more to get it back
apart but we want to pretend like we are going all in and my epoxy is already starting the
hardened enough that I keep working I may have to do some more
I knew this might happen I’m not going to sniff them for too long
if I can help it alright want to keep these cables out of the epoxy and I’m
sorry you can’t see this part but so there you go
it’s underneath that wire there it is there it is
you can see the white epoxy this is actually just gonna have to sit it’s
gonna have to sit for a little while I need to wipe up any excess there’s a
little bit of excess move it while it’s still pliable because once it’s not
pliable that’s the end of the game okay we have all this other stuff you know
we’ve got a motherboard that needs to go back in and so on I don’t want to put
this back in because if I put this back in now there’s a risk that the epoxy
will get on it and I don’t know what’ll happen we don’t
like to find these things out the hard way so the only other thing is you have
to make sure that the right hand is laying in what you would call flat it
has to be flat at least what would be flat once it cures because it’s gonna
cure in whatever angle you happen to leave it so don’t leave it in the wrong
one because it’s much harder to work with once it’s hard that’s about it for
this one I can’t really show you the rest because it’s gonna take a couple
hours just for it to harden up enough that I can put it back together

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