HubSpot Smart Content Demo: Tailor Your Website, Landing Pages and Email
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HubSpot Smart Content Demo: Tailor Your Website, Landing Pages and Email

The relationships you establish with
every visitor to your website help fuel growth. But relationships aren’t static,
they constantly evolve! So shouldn’t the way we market to customers evolve too? These contextual and personalized experience convert better and help
establish better relationships and improve our marketing. Smart content is
seamlessly integrated into your HubSpot contact database and all of your
content tools. HubSpot even helps you get started but automatically presenting information
about your visitors to tailor each experience in one click. No code or manual integration
is needed. You can personalize any content on the page from
text to forms and CTA’s and even HTML. Start by selecting the smart content
button and choosing how you want to personalize your page. Nurture leads by showing tailored
information about your product or service and help close qualified leads
into customers. The first time visitor lands on your page they can have a delightful experience
even though they’re not in your contact database for example if you have a news
article written about her company in the new york times you could alter your page based on the referral source for
visitors coming from now article to show them something specific
to the New York Times greeting tailored content is quick and easy simply click
this bar content button choose who you want to display the content to and start
creating new user same exact interface for creating pages and creating her
experiences we all know that short forms generally convert better especially on
mobile smart content you can now show a shorter version of the reform and
increase conversions ctas are an important part of converting
visitors with HubSpot you can create ctas directly from the app tailor it to
a specific audience and even personalize the copy for individuals creating custom
personalization is easy to simply create a list such as marketing qualified leads
that have recently opened an email and have been to your pricing page because
this is a smart lists that automatically integrated into your contact database it
will update whenever contact complete the form and then tailor the contact to
all those individuals that meet the criteria when you’re done creating
content just click Publish or if you have an existing page just click Update
and your tailor content will instantly be life smart content is available in the
Professional and Enterprise editions of the HubSpot marketing platform take a
test drive in your website portal or talk to our team to learn more

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