• kezwikHD

    I am very new to Penetration testing and IT security in general. I'd like to inform myself, but there is mostely no good content out there. Most of the web pages explain certain protocolls, encryption-methods, etc in a very complicated and technical way you only understand once you are a little bit into it and know all those words.
    And on youtube there are always jjst scripts used.

    Since i like the way you explain, i wanted to ask/criticise something:
    Your content is definetely super interesting, but you are always using scripts…well i do not want to become a script kid, since i don't want to troll around, but i actually want to understand the science, math, code behind it. It would be cool if you make a series where you pick one attack per season and then make multiple episodes where you explain the details.

    For example hacking into wpa2 wifi with aircrack/airodump/airomon/aireplay
    You first explain how wifi works, how the networkcard works and what it receives and how it can receive packsges that are not send to its address etc. Than you explain wpa2 with all that handshake shit and than you explain the attack and make small scripts to code it yourself.

    That would be informative, won't help creating more script kiddies and would help lots of people that would love to hear an exact explanation of some attacks

  • Anti iligalhacker

    I thinks its no make sense to me.. to do that kind of hunting using sherlock you must know the foundation of ethical hacking.

  • Yassin Abdelraouf

    hi, i have a problem with my cmd, i am using windows 10 and it says 'pip' is not recongised as a command nor ls, plz help

  • Bruce Pike

    The hell happen to ur stickers…A true soldier fears no enemy…Thank you for your work….🤘👑🎩👽🦇💫

  • China Moon

    So in short: "I found absolutely nothing useful but I'm going to promote it to you anyways as if it's black magic and I'm going to waste your time".
    Thanks for the bullshit.

  • أختراق وأمن معلومات

    i had to install kali sevral tims bcoze vpn not working i use free vpn combany all of them and it work once but all time not working.. plez help

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