Hurt Me, Daddy!

Hurt Me, Daddy!

what's going on everybody this is fries so today we are doing this walnut heel deck the idea of this deck in the early game is to do nothing and just accept the pain the more they hurt you the better it will be there are so many different ways of winning with this deck one of the best ways is setting up a heart attack to a Venus flytrap planet and then doing a little heal you can even heal very inexpensively with just a little buddy this will heal you for two and then you know the harder joke says hey look we healed for two let's do two damage screws face and then the planet says hey we did damage to their to their face so now let's heal again it'll actually make a heal cycle until they block and you can do that a couple times and really just win the game like that can also go hard to choke on the field and heal yourself for 10 with Astro Vera then you don't even need to be damaged and that will heal yourself for 10 and also do 10 damage to your palms face huge huge combo finisher just in case your opponent is not hurting you enough is the walnut bowling now there's a whole nother way of winning with this deck which is to develop one or two dr. peppers on the field and then do a large series of heals which will grow the dr. pepper all the time you can do this early in the game even as early as turn to if you really feel like it usually you do this a little bit later I set up some combos the little buddy is one of the greatest ways to make dr. pepper grow also the aloe soros is a really good way to make dr. pepper grow because anytime we draw cards he'll heal everything on the field so all those little heals can really combine same thing with the pop and poppies this is not only a control card so he'll car and it buffs dr. pepper three times great great card good setup and you can use the Sun strike in order to make your big pepper md's have strike through and hit your opponent in the face you can also remove what they play with shamrock it really nice on turn three usually you actually are going to play taco or second best taco of all time or the ketchup mechanic on turn three you want to be able to again you want to get damage but you gotta sort of maintain that level so if they're hitting you for little bits maybe you don't even use the actually on three but if they're really applying the aggression this will slow them down significantly nice big turn three heal before you set up let's say your heart attacks them for hope you guys enjoy let's just get right into the game once again though this deck is a mid-range deck you're only starting to do things really on turn three maybe four and the more you get hurt in the early game which is the inspiration for this next thing get rid of the long left Bolling's at the beginning the main things your mole gaming for our flat our Venus flytrap planet hearted choke little buddies and pepper md's you don't really need any other heals this is just the most efficient heal so we do have three of those well for a pepper empathy eventually and we're up against butter chicken here we go two valve you tried to skip forward to the game like in the YouTube video we live ladies and gentlemen we live here we go season-ending unfortunately our opponent did not hurt us come on alright so if we would have known this wasn't control deck first of all his tricks is gonna be super slow it's gonna be a wrathful trickster day but we're we actually really want walnut bowling that becomes our wing condition sometimes he's probably not gonna be able to tks especially because this trickster still cost 10 oh come on daddy hurt me come on Russ daddy Russ daddy man we're gonna have to play a card eventually oh is this gonna be turn five gravestone is it a mad chemist I don't even know let's just hit his face time to do some damage we're not gonna have the big heal damage we actually want we want three damage to be hitting our face and we also want the Allosaurus beginning his face it doesn't make it mr. Marcia good call Smart Plan B slapping fry daddy just wants to teeth you know it let's develop one of these he's probably gonna have double shamrock okay so this is actually a pretty good that's pretty good like board presence who knows what'll come up with B me up inside oh here we go we do want him to hurt her he didn't have a rocket though he would have you man that's not okay so we got hit four five this is a certain point where we actually just used to strike through these are actually healing us a little too much which is fine I think I'll go with the straighter slip inside like a banana peel let's do this we're looking for a brain an oh my god a brain Anna would be so great bananasaurus rex not bad maybe I should have let him hit her face though probably did I say shamrock get him in rocket science come on guys that's nitpicking the tricksters are gonna come in eventually we actually have a pretty decent block man we really need one lab boy we get a beer x2p Rex or not oh we have okay now we have a way of doing 10 damage networks for your streaming so here I am blueheart you fry thank you so much bomb it's TD forceps for all your stuff we can go four and four for four we can't heal our face we can heal these ones though how do we kill these ones geyser I think developing this right now is good you just can't develop the beer ice that's it this will just prop the block oh oh he's meld he's meld didn't realize oh we can't do any more damage though no just do like this the little buddies can't heal her face though because we're at 20 health right now but this this will just win I didn't realize his milk okay drawing one guard mill continues to be intense like he's actually still gonna be milled if he doesn't play immediately one two three four five six so he doesn't draw a card because he screwed up the first trick ready wait oh just prop the block in this one that was a very non typical matchup he didn't end up playing tricksters which is cool these games are gonna go slow I don't know full of time for ten games usually these really slow decks are doing I do still rising got lover sorry again not people see everything with Jeff okie-dokie is sending me a decade shrim the grapes cute idea I know what you're doing in the early game up you're setting up otk grape doom Charlotte's gonna be so hard that looks fun at least I don't think you're gonna I don't think it's gonna wanna consistently okay so we have these I think we'll get rid of taco taco happens to be like the most healing for I think this is fine just as a cut-off we don't need to keep my just Stricker wait did your suck did someone stop and I didn't announce it I'm sorry ain't even cam a Tom that's the old old school that just reset the chance but bomb STDs subscribed that work for extremist it here I don't think so sorry I'm just distracted I don't think I have to go harder in the title oh snap it's fine to keep hurting me maybe I should have made this do three damage hello Giga file I'm trying guys I can't say hello to everyone impossible ah yeah I just keep hurting me it's fine the fact that he's also pinging my block meter and gives us the most powerful heal card in the game which is geyser it can heal splash heal four four four one costs ridiculous so so powerful so much power if we have geyser I would like this to get damaged we're still fine agro deaths no it's so good the catch of mechanic and can install so much there's geyser all right now we're gonna start setting up some stuff now we got a start playing now we really plan now we're playing for real this will be a 4/4 I believe should we set up the environment here you know really okay let's see what we get this will move oh we got a heart achoo oh snap I think I set up the environment here we have to so we can afford to where would it go though here I guess we'll see if he has an environment probably does by this point I guess it just keeps it going his environments are gonna be plain to reactively if he doesn't have an environment we're just gonna like win the game oh my god this is gonna be crazy secret agent okay that's away from the kill the heart attacks we're gonna have to front that at gravestone external thank you so much BBA 2k15 really appreciate it two months in a row with the twitch pride okay here we go so we do not even develop dr. pepper we just do a huge play to face now this is gonna be a five six will do the dr. pepper later I think well we should just take this while we get think so I mean should we let him hair her face a little more no he could win I mean we could heal a little bit I could go with these two instead yeah well he didn't have an environment last round so I don't think we have to worry about having in this track this is weird but I'm actually gonna get super greedy here oh no the dr. pepper dies now well how do you actually make it that the sumo does not kill dr. pepper sorry the ketchup mechanic had to go here that is just gonna move the walnut that's fine whatever it's fine I was just thinking of maybe having a way to set us up that was bad smash I'm so happy that he didn't smash the he doesn't have that for the hearted show we're still fine and he'll do more damage to us now bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble good nice to get this damaged it's actually nice to use the bubble on the hard Ajoke here this is definitely worth it I mean it can kill it with a couple of things but so it's four or five six this will actually damage the walnut just giving it 4/5 here's the first cycle this will do for damage at a time Mikhail's before before basically exchanging Holika oh never mind they'll let our face that's even better actually I realize you don't really have anything that we can heal the walnut with but we do have a lot of ways of healing our face he didn't have an answer there oh this is another cycle so that procs the block right there that all's that was only to damage also we needed was to prop the block there he does not have his smashed power anymore so we're totally safe really actually getting if the dr. pepper to absorb the smash power was so clutch there and we have Astro van oh no it's a ghost got him – no thanks for hurting me smash Davey Oh baby that was perfect give that man a fling aqua says morning fry my girlfriends and I love your streams thanks fella fond memories cool welcome to Aqua so Lily thanks for subscribing by the way no girlfriend girlfriend same guy check YouTube stream quickly last guy's name was Mito no not the same way ah are two of these worth it Oh we'll look for the environment it's got a mulligan for the environment in keeping this as a cutoff is good this is just a security in Casey you know turn to flags on become possessed or something I don't think keeping two of these is correct I think you really look for the environment it's really most powerful ways fine thanks for hurting me really appreciate it no I'm not normal okay shut up I wouldn't care oh no oh dear oh dear that might be a problem maybe him ramping to garbs early is really an issue here I mean he's just supernova now he will be damaging us faster of it that's really difficult to take out we don't have a shamrockin I think this is the play we got to remove this garbologist before bad things happen really him hitting us hard here just increases our tempo so this will also be another damage in September we don't see the environment so we're probably gonna do the artichoke very late we can grow dr. pepper by two four six wait so it's one two three times which means it'll be an eight eight so we'll just take out the supernovae garden it's fine we need a bubble it probably not should I set the harder choke up though there's nowhere to set it up okay I don't think we bubble will bubble later we don't have enough don't even have enough to buy is this getting damaged good is our face getting damaged take this out skeltox maybe letting him hit her face more is it good though not sure I'm not sure about this little buddy placement maybe putting it sure there I actually don't know I guess we can always heal the dr. pepper I'm just trying to think maybe him damaging our face is better now maybe us having a full block means I don't really know don't actually know smash me inside heavy Wow such a slow play that gives us so much freedom here it means he can't answer this and he can't block either so interesting I guess maybe him hitting us is good though we could go face with this hello just moving this to face and letting him proc our block me that's the play and then we'll have us on the field 4 + 8 is 12 this is the play getting in getting this heavy damage in right now it's pretty good and having the heart attack setup is pretty good that's a lot of damage to his face I don't think killing test-tube is the way here he can't like oh he can't doesn't that's that kind of like a gadget scientists they can shoot us down with the test tube the only is-7 we have the whole block meter I think we're fine so in terms of powers though we used we didn't use walnut that was last game so we used geyser and we used no so we have super and we use bubble so we have walnut and super inside man either I mean we can do this just as a safety measure I feel like why are we gonna pop and poppies this turn yeah we are so let's just do this this is fine oh that's a Sun strike from frickin hell oh I'm gonna consider not even uh oh well we'll just play it I don't know what the play is here he's there's no way for him to play him a minion that can do ten damage right now right yeah the idea of putting the walnut here is cuz the pop and poppies will now have the triple heal but I think Sun strike is better at this point the problem is this just gets a little scary because if he buffs it he wins yeah it's gotta be poppies poppies maniacal laugh does maniacal beat us beat poppies though maniacal will be let's see no ball no just maniacal will be 13 and we'll be at 16 health it's not even close fact this does 6 damage to his face but what if he maniacal wait this will do 6 if he blocks then this kills him I'm just trying to think he could actually maniacal and galvanized which would bring him to 50 no we'd still have 16 health I think we're always safe here yep we almost always win that turn I mean this doctor peppers out of control but the the poppies does 6 damage to his face and I think taco and sons we have seven million six girls tacos on strike today all right Dec is ridiculous I don't know if I've ever played like that I the unique thing about this walnut he'll deck is it's like the masochistic version you just need you just to damage to me that's the that's the early game and then it's just all about the combo I think looking for a dr. pepper a friend for a harder job give me the idea of doing this with solar flare running imitator and I think it's actually a really great idea because there's really there's there so objectively like certain cards that you need like your heart Ajoke sand your doctor peppers and stuff like that imitating a dr. pepper is fine if you're gonna set up a combo and this is a type of deck that if you could content if you could run more than four cards you definitely would you just make it all dr. peppers poppies harder chokes flytrap planet basically maybe I should when I do the hacked the heck deck so uh he's doing them into our face that's a good thing when do you start streaming because I'm always late officially starts streaming 1 p.m. Eastern time so right now it's 2 p.m. Eastern Time I typically start a little bit late whitewall not polling the reason again the reason a couple mullet bowling is important this deck first of all sometimes you do need a little bit of a finisher but especially if they're not hurting you if there are control deck like a trickster deck while you're I mean again we haven't played while I'm pulling yet today but I find that having a a way to win is super important if you're against control Boogaloo he's not doing any damage to your face until turn 11 garb face usually you just need to be all the wallet pulling him to death this is fine he's going super aggro it's totally fun we'll probably just catch a mechanic I'm three and I'm four chad is broken for you on mobile Oh twitch chat I don't even know when to use the wall night mobility maybe you should just use it to draw a card because it's almost always we solicit there might be up time in the late gamer where we'll make a risky this gives us the freedom of making a dumb play if making a play it doesn't heal us like hearted oak uncrackable unturned fiber to set up for maybe on turn 7 a setup for a strobe and this is a problem you know what if this deck has one issue it's that there's no there's no answer to toxic waste them I have had this there hasn't been a lot of time again I did test the stack offline there has there have not been a lot of toxic waste imps but there's kind of bin there's kind of bin there's just once you see that it's still okay because look toxic waste imps they're not gonna be doing tons of damage you we're at 19 by the way we really just need a harder choke combo you just ignore it and you harder choke on one hope in getting us down – it's fine we're gonna just gonna get guys eventually I should probably use the superpower to draw a card because we really just want harder jokes got it now HG already had his superpower so he's doing ten damage to us so this is actually perfect he's not gonna he's not gonna have an answer I think doing this earlier is a little bit better well we're gonna use the Pepita oh my god can he add one attack somehow he's literally gonna get us down to one health plus we're blocking yeah he's not gonna get it he's gonna get milled he's actually gonna get up to nine nine cards oh man if he was actually milled that would be the greatest thing ever is there a way for us to make him draw one extra card he's at three he's gonna be drawing he's either gonna draw five he's gonna draw four cuz we're gonna block eventually first time the chat welcome bother arthur burg sending me a deck oh look at this quickly before this guy just he doesn't have him you don't have anything cost one we'd have to have trapper territory he's not gonna win also cuz we're gonna block and all of our powers will at least be able to geyser in fact we probably get guys are here which just makes our next turns so much better is he quitting cuz he saw the Venus flytrap planet and he doesn't want to get compote look at this guy he knows exactly what he's in for and he just bites the bullet wow that was great that was he felt the presence he knew we're going down a one health tip he's like screw this I am out baby I am out of here we would have killed him that turn because we would have went we would have on comput one with geyser combo two with the poppy and then Campos three he would have damages a little more we would have killed him during the attack phase there you have a weak stuff out of here man maybe that'll be the highlight I don't know instead concede beautiful okay oh I wonder if we keep this against brainstorm hmm what if it's a great day hey you play this deck you just oh he is putting aggro so giving him keep the wallet bowling you know being useless in this magic you just go does that you play that you go hurt me daddy and then he hurts you and then you win that's how you do it oh you got it bad any answers we don't have answers to the water lane directly they don't need to because even toxic waste in as you saw there it doesn't actually make a difference you can protect yourself with your poppies it's totally fine let's see I choose my deck is there way all right that's out of my deck ideas actually is there a way to do that I don't have an Apple phone that can find the equivalent Oh question is just like this do we not like conman comment annoying any comment good because then we can always get hurt sign each napkin number oh he's going conman gay keeper environment varmints okay here you don't have the heart agenda love this next year we're not looking dinner Oh Baby it's bonus attack I could have dr. pepper bubbled and then start setting it up I just feel like it'll get rocket science we played too early I'd rather hit him with a lot of damage at least once before he gets Rockets on man also what you need right now is a heart attack and we're in the money got it thanks for the card Thank You gatekeeper this is a pretty pretty oh whoa so he'll combo is safe he has an empty block meter it's definitely he'll combo papi though and we'll actually have to heal combos here you've got a bonus attacks I can't do anything okay here's number one this is for two time again geyser is the most powerful heal heal card it's a one cost heal for four huge potential even just on your face there you go he'll be damaging me a little bit more so we we're not gonna win right now but that's lovely I think you bonus attack at least we killed a hearted shokera but so much for that come on hit me yes yes oh dude use this right now just to look for a healer well here comes combo just heels for three we're still at 14 so here's a four again we have six health missing and he has six health left so this is guarantee leave Oh should I conduit it does four at a time this has to be healing for at least three if it was healing for two he could actually block but that's good look mommy he's exactly dead yeah it's very interesting but we're exchanging health we were missing six and he had six left it was beautiful why wasn't blahblah bullseye it used to be bullseye I got rid of it because it was too strong really that didn't affect otk blob that much the main thing was fixing nebula never I'm a little bit nobody likes to give three brains it only gives two and that that really really hurt blob her blob or her bed and rising I think that Meadow is too strong I think they need to bring that Beulah back I don't think making that we left three breaks than hello bob was so good I love commas yeah quick five and oh okay good against a Morticia and we're sisters run a lot of le News's not rocket science this if we keep this probably better just look for hard a jug haven't really seen much of action from the staff of that one yeah it's nice to keep a three just so you don't get ad growed and then a dr. pepper Anna planet I think really missing is a harder job we have guys already what was the worst pvz meta I think before Oh TK Val got nerfed moustache monument would cost two in Val cost three I feel like that was really bad I feel like for costs Brian arose to cost SolarWinds those two were just broken that wasn't that that was to the point of like I I took advantage of it a lot because there was a lot of very fun ideas with the solar class like doing otk repeat models with chum stolen stuff that you could just let the SolarWinds Briar Rose carry you and oh man we got three dr. peppers right now yeah this will actually get damaged here which is feel like him who's dr. pepper is going to ridiculous that's fine it doesn't die this is probably gonna be a not–it a dr. pepper game haven't really seen this yet we'll use this on a dr. pepper eventually really have a poppy we only have a great dr. pepper kind with that yet quite yet I feel like you want doctor dr. geyser shy just cover this environment I could set the first one but he or she's safe or just buy premium bags 11 at a time that's fine you should save the environment actually gets a car there it's okay now we're gonna go doctor dr. geyser coffee so dr. Sol geyser makes these into six sixes so one goes here one goes against the coffee why not it is him hitting us for more better here all right we'll set up some kind of Sun strike planets you really just need a heal car to this one sound of wall night makes it's better while they so masochistic goes guy that's this whole nature [Applause] we do this for we need a heal card really badly I'm actually gonna play the same just for a oh oh oh here we go Oh Oh No oh this is gonna hurt so much now it's really gonna hurt we have to try to win this turn smashing oh wait there's so many ways to do this we could just go shamrock it dr. pepper heal and slow down a little bit fun has a bathroom let's just go with the big one we're gonna go with the big one just play poppy right here alright I think they're big enough smash oh god summoning ghost with that Oh lame for doing a decent amount of damage this we have a heel that I think we're gonna win we're gonna pull out right now that would be this don't have a heel card so I think it's just this in shamrockin teleport trickster sunstrike camera I think it's worth bubble here bad moon rising good point this does not kill it though so far yet so close and we're sick so now this was really again when you get a couple we actually had one that we didn't use but when you get to dr. peppers there's this whole new way of winning with this tag which is just buff your dr. peppers forget about your heal combo just go to dr. peppers ah another wonderful day


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