I Am A Social Media Influencer And You Must Respect Me!
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I Am A Social Media Influencer And You Must Respect Me!

I have a social-media influencer and you
must respect me. I am an influential…influenster (????) I can cure cancer with a single tweet. I paid my rent with flat tummy tea last month…and….. …and the month before that… …. If I go outside, I have the only clothing on. *nonsense* *karma* Alright, let’s be all the way real. To call yourself a social media influencer… …feels pretty pretentious. It’s like people who put C.E.O. C.E.O. /President C.E.O. /President / Executive C.E.O. /President / Executive / Future Millionaire In their twitter bio While browsing the internet from the wifi… ….in the depths of their mother’s basement. But, here’s a fact. If you want to get paid as a social media influencer You have to use that term. Companies, agencies, brands… …also known as “PEOPLE WITH MONEY” are looking for influencers every single
day. But these people have businesses to run. They don’t have time to scour the internet for hours, or days, or weeks, to find the best choice. Being easy to find… …easy to access… …and easy to categorize is essential if you want to get a lot of opportunities in this industry. These companies want to give influencers their money so if you want the money you claim that job title and you rock with it. Now, I think a common misconception is that social media influencers are just popular people that’s like the tip of the iceberg. what it actually means to be a social media influencer is that you inspire people to take action. whether it’s to buy something to care about something to change something to eat tide pods, apparently. Don’t do that. Social media has changed the way that we operate as consumers. Getting a recommendation from someone you know or you feel like you know is more effective than traditional advertising. You’ll exit that pop-up ad as soon as it comes up on your screen but you’ll scroll your time line for
hours jump in conversations see who’s talking about what and care about what people are saying. Which means that we all have influence within our circles our networks our friends So if you told your friend not to go to that Chinese spot down the road because the lady in the kitchen will spit in the food then you influenced them to change something. You have influence. You have power. You is smart… …and you is kind… …and you is important. You turned your influence into a profession because, opportunity. and capitalism and bills. so, social media influencers hone their skills. They provide value that attracts their specific niche audience and at the end of the day our most important job is to help our audience. Like any field There are people who are bad at what they do. There are people who are in it for the wrong reasons… …and there are people who just suck. anyone can be critiqued for what they put on the internet. Freedom of speech does not equate to freedom from critique. unless you’re Beyoncé Never. Ever. EVER. critique. Beyoncé. Now, influencer marketing has gotten a bad rap in certain circles and it’s not without reason. It’s a wildly unregulated industry. and there are a lot of smokescreens being thrown out. People are buying followers and likes and comments and plastic butts and retweets For the sake of trying to appear like they have a strong level of engagement with their audience when in reality, they don’t. half the time, people who pick influencers for campaigns aren’t even on social media. They don’t even use it. They don’t even understand it’s true value beyond driving value to their company beyond driving profit. So, you have people who don’t use social media determining who gets picked for big campaigns, and who gets more opportunities. There’s gonna be some issues with that system. The best influencer does not always get the job. So, is influencer marketing a perfect industry? Far from it. Like any industry, this is a profit driven field. That does not negate the fact that with influence comes responsibility and there are things that everyone involved in this field has to work on. Agencies influencers companies brands and customers need to have more frequent, open, honest dialogue for this to become a truly beneficial, profitable, and sustainable industry. Is influencer marketing always fair to influencers? I mean, no. Nothing’s fair. Life’s not fair. Life is never fair. It’s never gonna be fair. The most talented creative does not always get the biggest and best campaigns. As an influencer you have to be able to know what you’re getting into and you have to play the game without compromising your integrity in the process. Do some influencers only care about money? Absolutely, which is why we have to be careful about who we pay attention to who we empower and who we support. Influencer marketing is helping a lot of creatives to become the best versions of themselves. It’s still evolving, rapidly. The rules are always changing. There’s different trends every day but, at the end of the day influencer marketing is changing the way an entire generation operates economically, and learns about the world and that’s pretty damn exciting. What’s the deal, good people it’s your boy @MichellCClark a.k.a. Michell a.k.a. NOT Michelle a.k.a. your 10th most favorite pizza connoisseur in the entire world and I’m here to ask you for one small favor I threw on a brand new outfit just to ask you for this one thing Subscribe to my channel, please. If you happened to enjoy this video, I’ll be back with some brand new content very soon. I’ll see y’all then.


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