satyrs are supposed to be barriers hey guys I know I have a good idea I said round myself to cookie swirl see she's my regular bacon crap videos I want to come and a part craft I make art if I have really good ideas for her guys it's time for me to marry myself to cook control-c but first I'm going to be using a little bit of movie magic here we go now has a lot so we'll get eyes right now that I won't get thirsty okay so I can't I can hug my sleep again I can show cookies we'll see my drop your wrath I have a mess so I can go to sleep with let me show you my mask it's a little kitty giraffe ain't not your half-mask few miles and now something to read this in a book I'm gonna be asking Santa for so many things then I'm gonna be needing something special to show cookie throw say it's called not better it's like play-doh but a little bit softer you can lick very cool things with it like Legos its Legos Mulder I have a fake ones I have purple ones that different colors too much I just may get some pink that's her favorite color I'm going to put a peach they do the Box up I'm gonna use some movie magic again here we go and now for my Sam watch closely told you guys I'm in a box I'm gonna get ready hey okay guys out of the box I'm going to see cookies little sing you guys excited let's get that so it's gotta be a long journey Kasim that was really far I think anyway I think it is the post office is gonna be a long boring trip tricky guy but public food and stuff with me so I won't get bored my grades up truck down [Applause] I'm afraid we have to intervene so Hans me not all the same so love that word to say and honorable par-cooked what's your favor I will not cover your comments I'm not sure which animal I like but I like Jesus fast sounds like the lion chocolate meeting so come on that need to watch all that food – I didn't agree I wish that I bought my food for life try make some music videos at my box or wet cookies well seen but I did it are you guys know music because I have let me know down the comments you can follow us on musically it's called fun kids videos well that was not a nice leap it's gonna be a long time until they get your cookies we'll see so should I open this right now yeah let's do it Oh where's everything so hard open I think the guys that make them mad matter or girls sir make it easier the old bed business idea we magic against over this one two tree maybe we should build something out of liver cookies we'll see maybe I never should make hora like a Big Love ah do you have it because a YouTube I saw an iron dolly had not matter and guava juice he filled his bathtub way so much mat matter it was greed if you put it like this it became those let's keep spitting it'll stick all together take a look laughs I can get some how light laughing you better dig this little hot really quick now Bailey don't have me I don't you have tools I'll just stick it to love me make a faster okay more move me magic wait but look at my lovely heart that I made using cookies for see cookie smell see you like it I love you like as well see I hope you like oh I think I did well on the truck guys I think that must be the Laramie guys you wanna see this heartbeat and we'll put it on the ground stop guys so excited a beer-drinkin I think she's gonna really love my heart I think I could hear her outside I hear of footsteps I think we should get out the box now it's time to get out the hey guys it's time to get out the box hi cookies will sing and make you a lovely love heart yours here I still love you guys I hope you enjoyed my video give me a huge thumbs up like describe an internal cache that's fine I love you this is so bad


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