I Messed Up the Twitter Campaign, But This is How It Can Be Fixed
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I Messed Up the Twitter Campaign, But This is How It Can Be Fixed

Hello dear viewer. I’m Amanda B. Johnson, and it is my misfortune to tell you that I messed up yesterday’s
Twitter campaign. Now, my team can still get you paid. But it will require you to send an email to:
[email protected] with your Twitter profile’s link in the
subject line. So, Twitter.com forward slash whatever your
username is in the subject line. And that’s it. We will be accepting these emails from you through this Sunday, June 25th, until midnight
Eastern Time. Which is 6:00 hours Monday, June 26th Universal
Time Coordinated. Yeah. For anyone who cares to know how I messed
up, it turns out that Twitter will only show you
roughly the first 20 profiles who retweeted you. And I have 3,500 that we need to see. And so, that was completely unexpected. I’m so sorry, I did not know that Twitter
would not provide a full list of people who’ve retweeted a
tweet. We reached out to some paid services, they said that they could have gathered the
data for us but only if we had signed up for them before the tweet had been made. We even reached out to some fancy, fancy programmer
friends who said that Twitter’s public API only
fetches the first 100 retweets. So, we were literally left with no way in
which to find out which of you lovely — or rather, the profile
information for you lovely 3,500 people who retweeted yesterday’s
tweet on top of my Twitter profile. So I am obviously embarrassed. I hope you will accept my apologies. And if you would like to be paid, I hope you will send your Twitter profile
to “[email protected]” by midnight this Sunday, June 25th at Eastern
Time. Thanks for participating, and have a good


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