If Noobs and Pros Switched Places – Minecraft
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If Noobs and Pros Switched Places – Minecraft

Minecraft *incredibles 2 leaked soundtrack intensifies* GET OVER HEEERE *MORTAL COMBAT CONFIRMED* I HATE ANNOYING NOOBS LIKE YOU! *boi ur acting like one* STOP PLACIG DIRT IN MY HOUSE *u mad bro* *stalking* *pelo laugh* i’ve got another idea! this plan is perfect.. i love talking to myself! *GAAAAY* if noobs and pros swit if noobs and pros switched places made by opepros remember to leave a remember to leave a ‘like’ 😀 (i’ll like this if you approve of my captions yo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lol) *omg how long is this gonna take* *rip* *kazoo kid plays in background while noob is running away from pro* *stop* *pop!* *wait whaaaa* *awkward silence* *in his mind: get trolled* what were u doin’ before? *ummm… filling my inventory with crap* *we now return to kazoo kid* *pelo gasp* WHAT HAPPEND TO MY ITEMS?! THEY’RE ALL G O N E *evol laug* CHAAAAARGE rawr B A C K O F F P L E A S E D O N ‘ T H U R T M E *could u at least run away* G E T A W A Y F R O M M E *nope* ewww diamonds what? death is a meyth *explosion sounds and pixilated explosions boom ha oo ahah one spongebob copyright strike later… im so bored *translation: i suk* there’s nothing to do WAAAAIT A SECOND *2 kids gonna die tonight* *brain ded* T I M E T O H A V E S O M E F U N ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lol noob Y O U R H O U S E I S T E R R I B L E *unlike yourself* this has to be the worse house ever *the other dood be like wut* why would u build a house like this *cuz he can noob* *pep* W T F *awkward silence* W H A T H A P P E N D T O M Y B E A U T I F U L H O U S E I T T U R N E D I N T O A N O O B H O U S E H O W I S T H I S E V E N P O S S I B L E *notch duh* *wut* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO W H A T H A P P E N D T O M Y H O U S E *bruh i ain’t tellin’ u again* I T ‘ S T E R R I B L E N O W ill have to start all over again *bruh* but first ill have to do something surprise surprise A R E Y O U O U T T A U R M I N D W H Y W O U L D Y O U D O T H A T W H O W O U L D B L O W U P A D I A M O N D H O U S E boom wow y a y those diamonds survived teh explosion i guess this day is not that bad j k awkward silecne boom meanwhile im getting hungry i need food why cant i eat my deadbush lol u dont have food? W H A T A N O O B *pep* W H A T H A P P E N D T O M Y F O O D G I V E I T *them* B A CK why do i have all these deadbushes lolol ;-; FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- a few minutes after a spongebob copyright strike later *ducktales* i found even more diamonds *omg why does this video have so much to do with diamonds* i have so many diamonds my inventory is full of them *pep* W H A T H A P P E N E D T O A L L M Y D I A M O N D S I T T O O K M E A G E S T O C O L L E C T T H E M (!? bruh) W H E R E D I D T H E Y G O i dont even have a pickaxe anymore i cant even mine the diamonds now ew terrible items *trololol* yeeee that would be a mess xd shoutout to sun light or whatever https://www.youtube.com/user/sunlightnotes (i think this is the correct link* by monica_ gang thank you


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