If Notch And Herobrine Switched Places – Minecraft
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If Notch And Herobrine Switched Places – Minecraft

My new plan is just glorios This will be the best potion I’ve ever made! This is probably one of best plans I’ve ever had! my victims will be Notch and Herobrine This is potion is gonn make them switch bodies! The potion gets activated after an hour and they have to be close for the potion to work! IF NOTCH AND HEROBRİNE SWAPPED BODIES BY OREPROS Remember to leave a ‘like’ 😀 I gotta find Herobrine first Man , so hard to decide, what should we add in the next update :/ huh?! My plan is doing great so far Now , all I have to do is make Notch And Herobrine meet All I have to do now is to put an invitation for the castle in both of their mailboxes Looks like I’ve got new mail Meet me at the castle giving away some TNT
-Griefer Notch’s turn now Here’s his mailbox Looks like I’ve got new mail Gunna show
Herobrine’s baby
pictures, Come see at the castle!
-Herobrine’s mum Herobrine?!
What does this mean?! Why are you here too? Hey guys, do you need any help with anythig? HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! Why are they scared of me D: Hey guys, I’m Herobrine and you’d better be scared!>:D lol sure hahaha I’II try to ask my mum to help me Notch? No mum, it’s me, Herobrine Go away… Okay 🙁 I’II try to find Jeb, he might can help me! Jeb must be upstairs Herobrine?! No Jeb, it’s me, Notch! Yeah, sure hehe What am I gonna do now 🙁 Nothing is like before 🙁 Nobody is scared of me 🙁 This must get fixed! 🙁 I don’t like being Herobrine I want to help people,not to annoy them Whwn I try to speak to somebody he just runs away 🙁 This must get fixed 🙁 lol, haha! These guys don’t know that everything will be normal tommorow xD LET’S HOPE THE TROLL
WON’T DO IT 😛 if Notch swapped bodies with Herobrine for a day Remember to leave a “Like”:D


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