If Sunny Is Leaving Carbonnation Im Not Coming ๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”บ๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”บ
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If Sunny Is Leaving Carbonnation Im Not Coming ๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”บ๐Ÿ”ด๐Ÿ”บ

okay we are now live oh my god I’m in
the wrong screen hey hey all right let me father there it
is hey hey hey hey tender catering how are you sweetie how are you I’ve been good how you been
doing doing your catering that’s good that’s good I thought I’d just come on
here at 12:00 I’m a little bit late but I kind of got a little caught up so I
said let me do my live now while it’s still early cuz I got some things to do
today so I said I will go on at noon time so I’m just waiting for some people
to come into the chat you two been acting up with these notifications did
you get a notification tender catering yes I have a big event this Saturday I
will be live with rotary young here in Virginia okay that’s what’s up building building that’s what’s up did
you get a notification tender I’m catering okay I see some people watching
I’m just waiting for y’all to come on in here let me see some always hit the light thank you tender
catering thank you did you get a notification is okay that’s how you got
on to I’m here okay hey vet how you doing sweetie how you doing I was just
waiting for some people to come in before we get the you know talking and
stuff seems like it’s a little slow start but that’s okay that’s okay
hey mermaid mermaid I had bought the seven-day cleanse I
found it on Amazon for 13 i think 75 cuz i remember you sent me the link to GNC
and i bought two bottles and I also bought a probiotic one of the probiotics
that I use and it actually helps with my anxiety when I use the probiotics but
soon is the I use the probiotics and it takes away the anxiety then I stop using
it that’s where my problem comes in hey purple 77 hey sweetie so I appreciate
you on putting me on to that so I’m on day two of the cleanse the seven-day
cleanse because I got it yesterday in the mail and I started it in the
afternoon the four capsules and today I’ll take four capsules in the morning
which I already took my four and then four at night so I’m on my second day
thank you good to see you purple 77 so I was
looking how are you feeling so far I feel good girl got plenty of energy got
up today I cycled for our I cycled for yesterday I mean for an hour yesterday
so I got a lot of energy anyone heard of the PDX cleanse no but I can check it
out and I haven’t heard that though our tender catering
O’Neil TV was good with you I’m so happy for you I’m happy for you too so how are
you feeling you’re inside he come back yet or you know you know I’m saying I
shouldn’t say yet but you know anxiety come comes and goes
Jessica Jackson do you watermelon every smell the next day after you juice it
you said do you watermelon every smell the next day after you juice it what is
that what are you saying I’m Jessica Jackson sweetie nope I
wouldn’t be interested in here let me see hi master chief oh hi master chief
O’Neill chill any just getting home okay O’Neill I would like to try it but I
need reviews from regular a real purchases right right that’s what you
need to do do you watermelon juice every I don’t know what that that SME ll
Jessica I don’t know what that means by that I’m trying to fall you missed the
live last night s oh I know I went to sleep around 7:30 but I was up around
2:00 in the morning when you go to sleep too early you get up early you know
O’Neill no I don’t at all Jessica my body is really detoxed out from a few
years of detox and I have a detox and lifestyle so no no old is why do you
have any jessica jackson i watch half of your live this morning O’Neill I wanted
to comment so bad on action but it was replay I know that it’s when you go to a
lot you think it’s live but it’s not it was already I’m live and it’s
pre-recorded now yes is that live was mess they did
so oh that’s what yeah that’s what I well that’s what I’m in here to talk
about let me say something to you that right there should let you guys know
right how are you going to expect a pregnant woman to jump in the water like
that says the juice smell this morning when I went to drink it that means
something was wrong with it then Jessica Jackson that means that it was probably
getting um you know um spoiled how are you gonna expect a pregnant woman to
jump in the water a woman knows you know at this stage in the game that they’re
carrying a baby and that might not be the safest thing for her or the baby
he’s been he’s been cool with sunny the whole time never had no problems with
her now you’re gonna put her on social media threatening to put her out because
she didn’t jump in a waterfall pregnant yeah and then you know what I don’t like
mermaid then they’re gonna sit up there and one by one let everybody in
carbonation talk how they feel about her not jumping into waterfalls
I heard she baguette up there I want to say Sheba be quiet you should be the
last one to be talking about somebody he didn’t have a problem with her allegedly
no he’s been at a problem with her because if because for him for him to
put her out for something as foolish as that that’s a problem in itself you know
how SLE my cell sure buzz knows absolutely nothing and the funny farm
doesn’t think for exactly murmee say yes that was horrible yeah that’s crazy may
he be switching i told you you got that bipolar there’s 22 people in here please
get the likes up please for the ones that have just joined in the chat XO
said that’s what i said that sprays he he’d been had a problem with her he
wanted to get rid of her he’s just trying to use the waterfall to
get rid of her when did the requirements for carbonation say you have to do
things you don’t want to do exactly that’s what I’m saying but his true
colors are coming out tender catering his true colors are coming out
I think they saw my video of Sonny uh yeah but that’s the O’Neal wouldn’t have
nothing to do with her jumping up you know in the waterfall she’s pregnant
XO said when he said you have to have his money yeah okay well she didn’t have
his mind last night cuz she didn’t jump in that waterfall then they try to blame
it on velvet they try to he tried to say he’s basically trying to save velvet put
a curse on carbonation because of her fear of just doing stuff I think she
didn’t want to jump on the waterfalls either and he’s trying to say he
basically said we can’t have this weakness within the community but she’s
pregnant real talks that he’s mad because she
with another man probably so you never know with him murmee said they said if
chief gives an order you’re supposed to do it but he says he’s not the yeah
right director yeah okay murmee he made it apparent that if he gives directions
they’re supposed to do it and if they don’t do it he’ll put him out like he’s
trying to put a pregnant woman out while she’s pregnant plus she wouldn’t jump
why why did you get kicked out of our combination cuz I wouldn’t drop jumping
a waterfall the real issue was he was mad cuz she didn’t support him when he
was in jail and he assaulted about it so purple 77 what was she supposed to
support him with he had he had velvet at the time I can’t believe that he will he
want to get rid of her because she didn’t jump I know I can’t either
welcome to the trap chat Tracy 920 yeah that’s crazy but he’s going to catch her
off guard and have her to do it again yeah you already know
that I did another video on Sonya I mean um you Sonya or Sonny O’Neal they
borrow her being pregnant but what okay I seen it this morning he’s mad because
she chooses to be with that tiny guy he hates being tuned down that’s that’s
that’s that’s all true real talk he wants to be the center of
all the attention oh he definitely is his in his feelings about that real talk
yep purple 77 you already know first of all isn’t that Sonny’s girl
Pisces woman yup Tracy 920 Jake in my head that yep and pie Cola silly self
sitting up there allowing him to do this Susan yeah no you notice how he was he
was like far away from her when he was sitting next to her he was like kind of
far away from her tender catering almost like he was signing in with the groom
like they’re too scared to defend their arm partner he should have he should
have defended her to Nature Boy saying listen she’s pregnant
no he just sits there that’s what they all do they act like they’re too scared
to speak I don’t understand it why would she grab a rope and she slipped right
exactly and have a miscarriage or something that I know I wouldn’t have
jumped only a fool would have jumped he’s creating more single moms than a
little bit yep cuz every time a woman gets pregnant over there and he puts
them out there they’re going home to take care of children by themselves and
they don’t have no resources because they have been taught not to work it
says all of this is just sad it is Little Mermaid said he was like
you in here smooching off my food don’t nobody look like they eat no no I
know right you can definitely go over there and lose some weight
he said she had to go if she was in lower self oh that’s it Louis all
jumping off of a hay supreme third eye what’s going on with you hey baby girl I
didn’t see it but I heard about it yeah I seen it I seen it earlier this morning
he told you already though he has to be the center of the universe exactly
purple 77 thank you for watching a live please make sure to leave a like on this
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welcome let me read this hey supreme let’s put some hearts up in the chat
thank you for that light thank you let’s put them hots up in the chat show
everybody some love but that’s a very sad situation and I’m gonna tell you
something you know if she would have jumped in you know anything can happen
when you’re pregnant you gotta be really careful and what would have been the
story if she would have hurt herself because she jumped in the waterfall if
his following doesn’t drop I don’t know what it will take I know right my man he
really don’t care about her life nor the baby as long as it’s his way or no way
at all you’re right that you were right okay supreme thank you for stopping
through baby girl my seeing you I know I wouldn’t have jumped in the
waterfall see O’Neal that’s why I’m not going to carbonation I decided that
they’re gonna if they’re gonna let Sonny go they I’m not going over carbonation
I’m not going over the carbonation this man is doing people still going where
he’s at shaking my head he would have blamed her saying that was her choice
listen if everybody thinks that I should go to carbonation still put a Y in the
chat if you don’t think I should go to carbonation put it in in the chat hey
Keystone leave for carbonation in two weeks just not to jump right right
Keystone earth me I just tuned in that thumbnail is hilarious thank you
earth me I try to put a little bit of fun in you know fun in the game when so
so do you guys want me to go to combination put a Y in the chat if you
don’t want me to go to combination put an end in the chat it’s up to you guys
when he was in the mirror the other night he bet crazy right that was crazy
right tender catering then rod tried to defend her but took her words back he
snatched that phone from her so quick I know yep mermaid don’t nobody need to go
there Tracey says I am going going to name a video of me joining excel how
dare you I almost got my plane ticket purple 77
right right yeah I’m bet mrs. Davis going to spy
so that means y’all don’t want me to go I don’t see no wives in the chat if you
want me to go so put a why if you don’t want me to go put a no-spin up the chat
with a wider and no hey Sakina hey one man what you doing oh no sir you not
going cuz I’m choking the hell out of you okay I won’t go
alright one man no okay I got one no when he was doing all that in the mirror
he was facing himself to see if he was sweet
in the boys sweet still Wu Chao I don’t know what he was doing in that mirror
but I know it was a hot mess for the people just joining into the live please
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said you you’re not going to the crazy house Tracey said save yourself we
should all link up and go Keystone said we should all link up and go this is her
cue and warning to get out now that’s right Pink Panther that is too funny
please don’t go okay so keen I won’t go alright I made a decision I’m not gonna
go I see the live on O’Neill TV man they
guilt-trip her yet it was guilt tripping a one man you already know right exactly
man listen we’ll go over there close it shut it down Tracey nine to zero we
should all go and beat the hell up you know what you know what we we’re gonna
take that non-violence man non-violence it sounds like a plan no one man but we
don’t want nothing used against us okay sexy I won’t sexy J M yeah and pass out
some brains while with it hi ZX no no but did you hear him say I’m tired
of you mooch it off me he’s tired of taking care of her taking care her house
he hits with her Social Security check that I’m quite sure she gets once a
month Yeah right
nobody they taking care him with the money that he gets it says when Alicia
was smoking that sage that took the case yeah yeah that vet yeah he didn’t lost
his whole mind I missed them McLean some STD test the up ZZZ Z X is in the
building that’s what I’m saying man listen he’s living off them people’s
checks come on now he’s living off them people’s checks for the people just
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in here you mean to tell me that almost all the all haters he don’t want nobody
to be happy yeah that’s that is true Sakina yeah purple 77 he claims that um
purple 77 that they the woman eat as much as they want now but who what man
was sense would not know that a woman should eat when she’s hungry cuz she’s
feeding herself and the baby I wish my my son’s father would have told me I
only gonna eat one meal a day yeah okay then he was like we gotta get a lockdown
on the community he was calling the girl cowards and everything why mermaid see I
didn’t hear all that I can only take my so much of that dude before I just be
like I’m good have y’all notice how he’s staying the
same size but the yeah you have you noticed how he’s not skinny Tracy and
they are they all took shot at yeah they was trying no actually one man he was
trying to blame velvet for the fear in the women like he made us seem like
of it left like a bad omen over there I’m like you need to leave velvet out of
that she ain’t got none to do only one that has a bad omen overhears you Thank
You vet that you feel me oh now you feel me Thank You Sakina a purple 77 said sure
they do and I’m The Lion King he’s crazy why do you want to go over
there I don’t know sexy J Jam Tracey said
velvet said he his energy vent yeah he drains the energy I believed that all
day long I believe that all day long he’s a Iza
of vampire he drains the energy out of people Velvets out there living and sleeping
next to her new men maybe she is one man I don’t think she moved on all that
quickly though one man I think she’s just trying to get her life in order to
be honest with you I just got in what happened no we were talking about the
pregnant girl mr. mcclain that didn’t jump off the waterfalls yesterday he’s
threatening to put her out because um he’s mad that she didn’t jump but the
thing is is when a woman’s pregnant she shouldn’t be jumping off a know high
cliffs and stuff like that where do they do that at like who like who would even
suggest for a pregnant woman to do that somebody that doesn’t have common sense
thank you for the ones watching if you’re just joining us welcome welcome
welcome please make sure to leave a like on the video thank you
Sakina said hey stayed the same side I mean hey stay the same size because he
snacks on nuts all day yeah he snacks on nuts and fruit real talk
said they look sick real sick he keeps
talking about velvet and trying to get a reaction from her yeah is but I think
velvet is burnt out she’s not trying to go to it with him like that she’s had
enough of him well I want to give master shoe wait a minute
purple 77 said well I want to give master shoes bus a sedative in a nice
enema cuz maybe he he’s constipated no you didn’t he need more than that man
real talk I don’t know about that one I don’t
think I don’t think he’s worth that real talk for a real that dude that lost his whole
mind real talk I had to put this link in there let me
do it now let me do it now oh I’m gonna have to watch this
afterwards all right hold on one second guys cuz I’m in another tab I don’t want
y’all to think I’m ignoring you but I’m in another tab I’m trying to get over to
my channel real quick so I can go do some hold on guys hold on I said wait a
minute let me put some pimpin in it oh damn I
missed the whole bunch velvet doesn’t kiss she is completely indifferent now
yeah she’s different she’s not trying to go back to that nonsense s oh stop it he
ain’t had no whole mind right exactly tender catering speaking on her behalf
right vet master short bus just needs some special care he need a whole bunch
of special care purple 77 jor was like she was scared my
whole pregnancy telling me not to reach and etc yeah but the thing is is he
should know that you can’t have them girls jumping off no waterfalls and
stuff with a baby and she could pull something and have a miscarriage or
something my new name for him is immortal crusty oh boy Sakina said my
new name for him is mortal crusty immortal crusty Shortbus for real for
real her intuition kicked in he want you know what let me tell you
something real talk let me tell you what kicked in if you are a woman and you’re
carrying a baby you know at what point what kind of physical
activities you can do when you get to a certain pregnancy you know saying when
you’re getting more far along you ain’t jumping off in the waterfalls when
you’re pregnant at a certain point you might when you’re maybe one or two
months but not even then I don’t recommend you do it nobody’s jumping off
of waterfalls unless something’s wrong with them he don’t give a kid that’s
true Traci it’s not him exactly you feel me my man he don’t care only a crazy
person would tell somebody to jump off of a waterfall pregnant where do they do
that at Juan Zetas he doesn’t care about any of those women all their babies
because his relationship field he wants this to feel awesome and I’ve been said
that to you right on a hundred percent with that one
he doesn’t misery likes company and I’ve been saying that hurt people hurt people
and I’ve been saying that when do men make women do things they’re in fear of
if I was to be scared my husband would come you know comfort me that’s right
exactly exactly that’s what he’s supposed to do but he I don’t know he be
trying to make Velva jealous but she ignores him you already know sexy Jam if
he would kid he should know better when he right Tracy anything can happen exactly when you’re
jumping up in the air like that vent that’s right the cord can wrap around
the baby’s neck he don’t even make no sense you know what he was trying to do
with that move trying to call horse a pregnant woman to jump off a waterfall
you know what he was trying to do yeah you exactly it right and that could have
been a horrible come mr. McLain I know exactly what he’s
trying to do but I ain’t gonna say it but I know where you’re going with it
he admitted he don’t care about her being pregnant exactly how you gonna
tell somebody you jump off a waterfall and you’re pregnant
come on where they do that at you can’t even get a roller coaster or you can’t
exactly Naomi exactly you can’t even get on a roller
coaster or a plane at a certain month exactly he’s telling her to jump off a
waterfall like where they do that at come on man he could try me and I would
windmill the mess out of him I ain’t heard that saying in a minute windmill
the mess out of him 10 Decatur and shame on him for date daring that girl to jump
off a cliff 5 months for I can’t even believe it Judy welcome to the line make
sure y’all leave a like on this video dislike our welcome for the ones that
are just coming in here make sure to leave a like on the video thank you yeah
that’s when you know people don’t care about your well-being when they start
doing foolishness like that and you know it is what it is but I don’t know that’s
a bad hit and stuff you know he is just like he just doesn’t have any concern
about the well-being or none of them in there that’s what it seems like to me
but what a beau joy jumping off she had he ain’t gonna ain’t gonna tell ten
Decatur he ain’t gonna tell our joy to jump off of nowhere she’ll probably tell
him to jump off somewhere that ain’t gonna happen
joy look at him like he got a hundred heads joy is not
ain’t happening pitch it out that ain’t happening
he gonna mess with joy anyways cuz he needs joy he needs joy so he ain’t doing
that to her hold on guys I’m in another screen
stream I can’t even talk screen I’m acting slow trying to put something in
my um thing he told you he told joy to jump off um what is this
he told joy to jump off a cliff you might be hearing her going back to arm
to America for real for real all right I got that in there all right
let me go back up cuz I’m hey Tiffany how are you sweetie says everybody turned their back on her
including her man he couldn’t touch me after that let me tell you something
Tiffany that’s what I was saying every time something pops off in carbonation
he makes all the other members turn on whoever he’s mad at he used to do it
with velvet all the time now he’s doing it to the to the pregnant girl are Sonny
over there he does that every time he gets mad at one one member he makes the
other members turn against that one person it’s like elementary school it’s
like come on now the girl is pregnant why would you have her jumping off a
waterfall we do they do that at but you’ll get like a dozen people trying to
defend that Nature Boy wasn’t in the wrong for asking a pregnant lady to jump
off a cliff come on now nobody in the right mind would do that your service is
gonna fall man I wouldn’t do it you already know mermaid through the
coochie that’s crazy no she was jumping I heard I don’t know
about that I know I wouldn’t do it 10 Decatur and we talking about the funny
farm after all you right see anything goes and people calling and kissing up
to him makes me sick and I don’t like that either 210 decayed in the a can all
star-struck cuz they’re on the like because they were on the phone with
would Nature Boy and then if you say the wrong word he’s ready to hang up on you
so I mean what do you get out of that the caller were not having at this time
that is why also when you’re talking about when the call is called in real
talk they was on sunny side that she shouldn’t be jumping while she’s
pregnant everybody can’t always be on his side
especially when you sitting up there trying to tell somebody to do something
that’s not good for the health of the baby that’s just plain foolishness and
I’m glad that she didn’t do nothing yes these women have to have children their
age this crazy he was trying to make a excuse why he didn’t want her there
but after the chat went crazy he let her stay yep but you know what i’ma taste
something sexy JME now he turned on her that girl’s gonna never look at him the
same way again trust and belief she ain’t gonna never feel comfortable and
she’s gonna have a miserable if not already a miserable pregnancy because of
what he did you don’t need to be stressed out when you’re pregnant
no woman needs to be stressed out when they having a baby he started blocking
everyone and going crazy yep I can believe it and he’s not done with
her I know he’s not tender catering hey Cynthia Cynthia said she needs to get
out of this she does because it ain’t gonna never be the same Cynthia she’s
not even gonna feel comfortable here after he copped he compromised her in
her health and with the child hey Austin you feel me sexy JM I shake I’ll never
feel the same after he did that to her and then he humiliated her on live like
that shame of him you also you already know Austin now he’s going to really
mistreat her going to do something else to get yep his revenge like you’re gonna
force her out of there by doing something stupid so that she’ll want to
leave to T yes my mother is a retired nurse and can tell him in graphic
details that could have happened yup purple 77 yeah that’s her saying I just
can’t imagine a man in all my years being on this earth
never seen a man unless he was just a slimeball tell a pregnant woman to do
something that would jeopardize her in the child that’s when you know that all
his lights are not on thank you for the ones watching the ones
that are just joining the live could you make sure to please leave a like on this
video thank you I bet she’s scared you already know sexy JM he’s not trying to
make it comfortable for her Alston’s in the house
he knows this will turn her against her mate he you know why because he sat
there Tiffany you should have seen him when they put the camera on him it was
almost like he wasn’t even sitting close to her like he didn’t want him nothing
to do with that she wouldn’t be there now if the voice of the people that
follow him didn’t get in him get on him he is a slimeball for real no question
real talk and I would go live and show him I was gone English would be a
colorful life I know it would be purple 77 jump off a cliff and hurt the baby up
that’s what he said jump off a waterfall he was scared too he probably was new
being turned on joy for chief too though yeah he yep you’re right mommy because
when I’m Ruby and enjoy had to fall out just before she went back to the states
yeah he we did turn on her and joy went right back if anything happens to her
baby he’s the cause of it from here on uh if you already know that the baby
dead should be a speaking up he’s scared that that little dude ain’t gonna bust a
grape in a fruit fight that’s why he didn’t say anything a real man would
have spoke up that’s his child but nope he didn’t say not he was sitting here
looking like follow the drip follow the drip follow the drip he wasn’t going to
say nothing and he didn’t say nothing that said that is sad all right let me get back up to these
comments here it says but they blamed it on her yeah they did for me he accused
her of mute mooching off of him eating his food I’m sure she contributed she
let me tell you something 2d that girl’s not over there for free I don’t care
what he says on life she must have a monthly check or some type of residual
she would have been gone if that girl didn’t have any money coming in so how
was he taking off – um taking care of her and how is she eating off of him
she’s eating because of whatever she gets in a check monthly every two weeks
whatever she’s getting she’s giving she’s putting that in the pot trust and
believe he’s not letting nobody just only one that was over there and her
father said this was velvet velvet came over there with $13,000 she gave that
all that money to him and he’s been taking care of her ever since for the
whole three years she’s been there Velvets the only one that did not come
over there with a residual so Nature Boy was taking care of velvet but he is not
taking care of no other combination members that are over there if they’re
over there they get a check trust and belief that’s why he makes them say one
mind he is conditioning them to say what he says exactly real talk they loved him
more than the woman exactly Tiffany that’s right miss day you already know
that ain’t old people ain’t over there and he’s taking care of him with his
money huh how could he take care all them people if they don’t don’t have
like a residual income coming in that’s how you know you caught you catch him in
lies all the time yup joy is big time I wouldn’t yeah but
you’re right Nubia did switch up on her she went right back over there and so I
just told my mother her reaction was priceless yeah she was probably shocked
she probably didn’t even believe purple 77 that she was telling her that some
man was trying get a pregnant woman to jump off a
waterfall I would have cuts everybody out and let oh my I’m trying to tell you
I would have left on my own to look not gonna put me an old jeopardy like that I
I’m with you on that Tiffany he’s a bully
hands down he’s to beat up on because velvet is not right he’s gonna take and
I knew that was gonna happen 210 Decatur I knew he was gonna start
taking it out on other members eventually I knew that was gonna happen and true wants to be him so bad and it’s
not gonna happen at all tender catering Oh exactly one Maine a year in undergrad
thank you for the people watching please make sure for the ones that are just
joining the live that you remember to put a like on this video it is free to
like the video there’s 60 people watching sooner or later they will
conspire against him yep that’s what I said oh oh my let me tell you something
on mr. mcclain I said the same thing I said watch watch that stuff that they’re
holding inside and they’re not they’re not saying nothing to him watch they
turn on him cuz that’s what people do after a while when they get good and
tire to you that’s what they do they conspire against you true makes me
cringe I can’t stand looking at him me neither
I did a couple of videos on him I don’t have him anymore I got rid of the videos
but I stay on true true makes me cool let me see it says joy says she wants to
she went to the hospital because she was scared isn’t scared and fear the same
thing yes it is Fifi yes it is welcome to the chat sweetie
vet says so once they leave there no no coming back he said they shouldn’t have
well you know what the hell that only applies
to certain people hey China how are you today hey sweetie he’s gonna
say he same thing hey Golson velvet in you already know
Golson hey Jones how are you sweetie hi just Kim makes me show for the ones that
are coming in here in the chat make sure y’all leave a like on this video Thank
You sweeties hey Ora how are you today sweetie
hey angel and he said serenity is coming I know 10 Decatur and I was saying that
and alive yesterday people were shocked when I told him he said that serenity is
coming back he sure did say it I said I can’t believe this he didn’t say mention
nothing about Rambo coming back but he did say serenity he’s supposed to be
coming back he sure did say in his livestream China said I’ve been out of
the loop with all this back of you know back in school here in New York I know
that’s right you got to focus on your business first girl getting your
education none of this messy nonsense China real talks that I love that you
read the comments thank you yep cuz when you do large streams that
you’re supposed to interact with your arm with your viewers the people that
support you so that’s why I always make sure that I read the comments because
I’m here to talk with you guys it’s about you when I come on these live
streams as the ball is about my community so that’s why I do that yeah
me see John sent in you I’m doing good Jones I’m doing good
she’s a fool if she does I’m trying to tell you tender catering yup
Tiffany serenity yep what I said – I said what I said she’s
coming back but yep she’s coming back that’s what he said in alive do you know
how he’d be switching up though Tiffany he said that I what was it two days ago
I would have to find alive in an arm maybe half O’Neill played on his on his
channel because you know I don’t put people’s big well I don’t I try not to
put other people’s both nature boys videos on my channel
surrender committed a spirit oath though Nature Boy oh now that velvet is gone
she’s ready to come back and help him establish his so-called nation yeah but
she still was in love with him – mr. MacLean Hey peace to you afar II did I
say that right fre AF a our amino acid e AF a RI isn’t this fear that velvet will
get in another relationship and another men around his daughter yeah Fifi you
would think that he would have that fear but who knows how he’s thinking serenity
is in love with him and I am on the same page with you with that – mate one man
and then again he probably is lying though the feathers of that hat
yay hey ro how you doing sweetie yeah rule here’s a nick that won’t cut you said
here’s a nick that won’t cut Thank You mr. McClean thank you sweetie let’s put
some hearts up in the chat for mr. MacLean and I can’t stomach nature it says hey
y’all I’ve been noticing lately that I can’t stomach Nature Boy raiding ranting
he’s not mentally abusive Colin yeah you’re right
I don’t put up with no cuss words up in the chat but yeah Nicole I’m on the same
page as you baby girl I can’t stomach him for long either girl no I was just
playing affari it was just a joke that’s all he a farmer said you’re going
to carbonation no that’s okay Nicole don’t worry about a baby girl don’t
worry about it I’m great thanks everyone yeah that’s good rule I was just joking
it was hard to watch it with sunny I know she’s sitting here looking all sad
and stuff and embarrassed because you know he embarrassed her
Pisces didn’t even stand up for her no he was he act like he didn’t even want
to sit next to her it says nature will also lied about buying the ticket for
velvet so I yeah everybody figured that one out keel the artist it says so I
have to see serenity there to believe it me too hey grandma hello everyone I
found it hard to watch now she knows exactly how they are truly feel exactly
now she knows how they truly feel about it Cynthia said I knew you going to
carbonation was a joke yeah I was messing around just trying to break the
ice I was wondering why I was scared for you Oh fari said I was scared for you I
would be scared for me – I’m glad you’re just joking yeah was sexy JM he’s all on
there telling her how to dress man to sit on down thank you for the ones
that are just coming into the lie please make sure to leave a like on this video
thank you let me see he made the new girl say
something – yeah he’s always making somebody do something hold on you okay I’m back how’d it go do something
real quick s oh did you see my raffle on my page
for 10 all proceeds going towards my event this Saturday no I didn’t see it I
gotta go check it out on your I G page I’ll go check it out
it says the new girls seem to so fake she ain’t been there long enough to have
an opinion I’ll go check it out tender catering yeah well she’s gonna so see to
Tiffany it ain’t all roses over there honey but hey if you like it I love it it’s
how I look at it ain’t that some Nature Boy keep messin over feed me up you keep
doing it and they keep coming over there cuz there’s three over there right now
as we speak three new girls I think that he’s trying
to get rid of Sonny because I had already told you guys a few months ago
that I believe that he’s going to get all-new new people over there I think
he’s trying to even get rid of the men I think he wants a whole new community I
don’t think he wants none of them over there yeah there’s three new girls
mermaid I’m sexy said she’s gonna see real quick yup I don’t
I’m the new woman like him that much Real Talk probably not time will tell
yeah I’ll go check it out tender catering that new sassy girl they’re going to get
her to probably so.2d they all get it they all get it at one
time or another nobody nobody is safe over there trust me
Eli’s Joe said that sunny is too quiet that’s why Nature Boy is not going to be
satisfied until he hurts or kills and you’re right that could happen well let
me get that word about it yep you’re right just Kim hey Kendra how
are you sweetie what about the one that left her babies she’s still over there
tender catering trying to make Sonny jump in the river pregnant he’s sick
yeah because what I mean who tell somebody to do that
this old bipolar you know something is going to go wrong wind yup exactly
Nicole flip-flopping they flip that’s why they call it lovin in flip flop but
he back he brought back those real blank-blank moments he’s doing those now
I wouldn’t put past it if he tried to sleep with Sonny and he said no and she
said yep and that could be another reason why she gotta go Tiffany that
makes a lot of sense Ricks max TV news hi what is the channel
about it’s about discussions we have discussions on different topics
what is your channel about nature boy hates you Nature Boy hates you beautiful
women with the passion he wants to destroy all women yeah that’s what it
seems like mr. mcclain giving him a week something is about to happen to him
again you think so you must have a feeling affari just Kim said she needs
to go home she doesn’t look well at all none of them do just Kim Velva said all
the girl get some yeah they all get it see it was
Velvets turn for the longest time they was messing with that poor girl and when
they’ll be get tired of it she got out of there now he’s got to find somebody
else to pick on but I’m gonna tell you something I believe has nothing to do
with her not jumping off that waterfall he doesn’t want sunny there she’s like
dead weight to him and he doesn’t wanted it said it said him just saying it’s not
working out you being here I’m getting new girls coming to the camp and I don’t
want you here he’s you know he’s doing dumb stuff doing stuff that’s gonna put
her health and in the health of the child in jeopardy that’s crazy I think
that baby might be his not parole child I said maybe
so he said poor Sonny wasn’t facing her fears but the minute he sees a bug he
seems he screams and caught all he’s scared of bugs Kendra all the women were pretty before they
got there now they look like bones yeah cuz they only eat that one meal a day
and that solar meal doesn’t work for everybody that might work for Nature Boy
but that’s not working for everyone that’s over there in nature in nature
boys are community it’s not working for everybody you know it’s not he’s a
college like yeah he’s it’s just not working for everybody he’s not
understanding that everybody can’t some people can do one meal a day Solar meal
at solar noon or whatever and eat fruits and nuts all day but some people’s
metabolisms are different or how they process foods and some people need to
have you know meals throughout the day I don’t know but that’s not working for
that whole camp over there but he’s doing it the way he wants to do it yeah I know you I have two videos up
refer yes I do I don’t know her personally like that has the hidden
stash of food yeah D cry I heard about that D he wants to break up happy homes
because his is broken you already know only SC how you doing welcome to the
chat welcome to the attack chat D I can’t even talk and also TV news welcome
to the chat yeah I did I did to our videos on that Santa ray the weight loss
would be a deal-breaker for me it would be a deal-breaker if you needed to lose
weight Tiffany but what you couldn’t stay over there for a long period of
time because you would be underweight that’s what happens hash expression and
I said expression Empress I said expression a man did a 30-day fast and
died in South Africa when was that let me get that word D outta there cuz I
don’t want you know you don’t do you know how YouTube is when was that
Empress when did that happen Real Talk said great hearing you thank
you for coming joining the live Real Talk he’s the only
one that I always see eating he’s always eating Cynthia always eating eat don’t
eat one meal a day he’s munching all day he eats all day every time he’s on live
you see I’m putting something in his mouth he was a pastor Wow and he was
fasting off of water Empress Wow so this happened recently do you
know Warren in balm cherry just subbed to your channel you said you just sub to
my channel TV news now I don’t know who these people are
that you’re asking about though they all this says they are all his Jess men make
me sick and I was laughing when that Carla told him velvet was doing better
now that she was gone yeah exactly Kendra and she is okay thank you TV news
I’ll go check your channel out as well you called him Instagram yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah okay I called you Instagram but you changed your name your
arm hey SL hey TMG s oh can you do an update on using black seed oil after
this or whatever yes I can for you I definitely can do our video on black
seed oil okay thank you only SC thank you a new subscriber let’s put some
hearts up in the chat hey hold on I messed up here Don hi Diane oh we were
talking about the pregnant girl over in carbonation Nature Boy was threatening
to put her out because she didn’t jump off the waterfalls sweetie hey max you
wouldn’t last a week before you would be done cuz major Boyle and his crew you
already know you already know max yeah he did Diane even lost his whole
mind dummy trying to guilt trip her right a pregnant woman that’s crazy
I said where did they do that at hey Bros what’s going on with you baby girl
hey lollipop kid what’s going on with you he just gonna have to put me out
because I keep he says she said cuz I can’t swim
interested cuz I can’t swim I know that’s right thank you for the
ones that are just joining the live if you have not yet left a like on this
video please do so thank you the pic of you with the headdress on got a smile on
my face thank you decoy Thank You D yes as ebony
Ingram Ingram Thank You Diane Tabitha’s in the building hey baby girl
last week he said he feared being alone now it’s wrong for somebody else to have
fear right he’s a hypocrite exactly purple 77 said master Shortbus couldn’t
ever eat my daughter she don’t stand no mess I know that’s right purple 77
I got a lifeguard license and I ain’t jumping off a street curb I know that’s
right TMG shoe I can swim but I’m still not jumping off no cliff I don’t can I
swim good I swim like a fish but you ain’t getting me pregnant to jump off no
Club no waterfall you got to be out your mind
John said they was going to call CPS on joy if she didn’t get the shots for her
baby yeah because they need them especially when they’re over the end of
third world countries babies can get sick like that he is making deadbeat man
and woman out there yeah you already know on me who was he on the phone what
calling each of his baby was that joy I have no idea please
pray that I find an affordable juicer so I can juice some watermelon take the
seeds out is annoying soil no you don’t have to take the seeds all you do is you
cut up the watermelon impress impress cut up the flesh the red flesh cut it up
when you juice it when you’re done you’re supposed to strain it in a nut
bag and no no seeds will be in that juice you don’t have to take the seeds
out when you put it through the juicer it’ll separate it with the pulp the
seeds and if there’s any seeds that get caught in the juice you’re supposed to
strain the juice anyways with a nut bag imprison I have 0 pulp in my juices my
juices are the texture of juice that you get out of the supermarket but the only
thing different is that my juices are raw juices because I use raw fruits and
vegetables to make my juice yeah you’re not gonna take you’re not gonna have the
seeds in there in a what bag it’s called a nut bag and you know what I said slow it says where is the sisterhood they
tuned on they talked on a fast exactly Tabitha they’re two-faced it y’all are
watching a classic narcissist get wise and learn these people so you the
kool-aid exactly TM gt1 man you playing around but at this point you should know
what bags I’m talking about for juicing so did she leave or nah she didn’t leave
IIIi didn’t hear that he put her on the plane yet she hasn’t left yet I think
that was a threat threat for her to leave because she didn’t listen to him
to jump in that waterfall don’t get the nut bag mixed up with master short buzz
purple 77 said I wouldn’t want to say after that
Tabitha I’m with you on that because they did telling you exactly how they
feel about you by doing that I’m going to they call them le nut bags I’ll give
you the name of them now in the chat and you can look them up on Amazon put them
through Amazon search just put these it’s called le nut bags those are the
ones that I use just put them through Amazon and it’ll it’ll it’ll tell you
that’s where I buy my nut bags at Nature Boy will make her jump next time rose
little I hope she does not jump off no waterfall so she has that baby only se
there was plenty of time to ax her to jump when she wasn’t for exactly that’s
my whole point Kendra said so because Sony axes
questions about her pregnancy that is equivalent to her having fear right
exactly she’s supposed to ask questions that’s the only way you’re gonna have a
healthy baby you said I can get those free at the Fresh Market bulk okay yeah
but they gotta be nut nut bags you can get some free when I say free you know
it’s the strain the pulp but just still I’m impressive still go on to Amazon so
you can see what bags I’m talking about cuz you might be talking about a
different kind of bag and that might not be for straining juice it says no cliff
shaking my rolls I wouldn’t do it either crazy boy doesn’t give a damn about none
of them you already know that one man yeah it’s a strength to tie them yeah
but I’m saying does it say is it for straining juices out impress
the Bible that he likes to quote so much speaks about you need to ask questions
that’s right purple 77 if you don’t you crazy hey Queen Courtney how are you
sweetie how are you today so I’ve been on here for over an hour
so listen put spam up the chat with some hearts if you have not left a like on
this video please do so thank you for my mods for I’m being here as always
holding me down and um like I said if you have not left a like on the video
please do so if you have not left the like and y’all stay blessed thank you
thank you thank you for being here with me today


  • Mindy March

    Wow sunny was beautiful before she went to carbonation look what he did to her omg he turns beautiful young ladies into weird looking malnutritioned skeletons omg do they go look at the pictures of themselves it's stunning

  • Starr 64

    Sunnie, has basically told the concerned public to mind their business
    and to stop offering donations to help her get home. Never said anything about her concern for her unborn child. I believe shes under stress and has no one to help her if she gets put out or has to leave.
    Yes S.L. Davis, I think you should go and shut Carbonation down, if anyone can do it you can.๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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    Wow the father of child was there??? What a weak beta father…I cant even call him father…sperm donar…they so pathetic all of them

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