If Your Hand and Tools Switched Places – Minecraft
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If Your Hand and Tools Switched Places – Minecraft

music played music playing yay! diamonds! … tool breaking sound confused still confused tool breaking sound …wowo ow! the next day this is so annoying… My tools just keep breaking! what if you could use items later.. PLEASE JEB!! WILL YOU DO IT?! ill give you an ink sac no! are you crazy? then what about 2! 2 so what if theres 2? there useless HOW ABOUT 3! 3 … YES! BEST DEAL made by orepros hey! me realy good! lol the only thing you can chop is deadbush get out of here! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA yeah leave noob!!!!!!!!!!!! you will never learn to chop down trees you’re too ugly for this job! Later… what! OMG TEACH US PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! meanwhile… YAY BEST UPDATE wooho! im gonna cry! meanwhile… Yay! lets mine! nice and quiet here! yay! diamonds!!! 😀 wait… NO WAY!!! its real! i cant BELIVE it! finally to play minecraft! … why a hand can be stronger! meanwhile… in mojangteam hey jeb WE LOVE THE UPDATE!!!!!! This Is my favorite game! your right seems every likes the update… the next day to mojangteam again everyone will be a tool :d thanks for watching!


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