Importing mbox files from Google Takeout

Importing mbox files from Google Takeout

so the question was asked once I've downloaded my content how do I import all of my content into my new gmail account inside my downloaded takeout folder I have just a few files I only made a small archive just for this example my documents are showing up as documents which can easily be uploaded to my new Drive account the question is regarding mail which opens as the dot MBO X Google created a great archive for your data but they really didn't create a way to import that data anywhere else so we have to use a third-party tool if there's still a lot of email that you want to be able to access now if it's only a handful of emails a small folder you may just be better off forwarding those emails to your personal account Mozilla creates a third party software called Thunderbird which is one of the easier ways and it's free that you can still access those inbox files from your gmail account just start with the free download once thunderbird is installed it'll prompt you to set up your new email address I already have a personal gmail account so I'm going to click skip this and use my existing so it's going to ask me for that email address make sure the IMAP is selected then we'll hit done that will sign in we'll allow it to integrate with our email our next step will be to use the add-ons page that's available through Thunderbird to install the import exports tools so so inside of Thunderbird we'll drag this into will see Install Now restart now let us Settings tools import export tools which is the add-on that we just installed and then we'll import inbox file import directly one or more ok now we have to file it and find it documents in our downloads takeout mail data center open so now we can see the data center file is here and here are the emails and so we'll just click on one and there is the email


  • Eileek

    Good guide. Easy to follow your steps. Maybe add a not that you need to have selected "local folders" when going to tools after you restart. Otherwise (atleast I) get the error message "Impossible to import in this folder(imap or newsgroup type)" 🙂 Keep up the good work

  • Andrew Meneses

    i keep getting configuration not found – username or password wrong. I double checked my password so idk whats wrong.

  • giota xan

    Hello, it´s a really helpful video! But I have a problem. I did imported my mbox files, but i the case of two with more than 350, aproximately 60 mails are missing. What could I do? Thanks.

  • SerenityGamesToo

    I had to archive some emails for a specific reason. Put them on the drive because OLD instructions said they would d/l as a pdf. So now I'm stuck with this mbox file…where I can open it in an email program. Now what kind of sense does that make? I'm trying to get a file like pdf that I can have all the emails on one file, not look at my emails in an email file…Google has some of the dumbest people working for them.

  • Tevfik Denizhan Müftüoğlu

    Thanks Mr. Harper.

    I don't know whether you have any connection with the Mozilla (Thunderbird) or not, but you have the best explanation.

    I was very tired reading all useless answers which are given by Mozilla people from their official website.

    1st place is taken by Microsoft team. Their answers don't solve any problem, just giving links links links more links, and you lose yourself.

    2nd place is taken by Mozilla team. Same thing.

    There was a simple thing (that imap or newsletter thing) but none of them are able to answer clearly, but you.

    Thanks again.

  • juan encalada

    hello! does this works with the youtube data? do to security issues i had to create a new gmail and i need to migrate all the info in my new gmail, the contacts part is done, but what about the youtube data? also does your video works with mac users?

  • Peter Clain

    …and if you need to upload those email to your gmail account, just drag them from the local folder to the inbox or any label tag you want 🙂

  • Manuel Bellido

    hi bro how i can put back the messages on the mailbox to view it on the webmail
    this method is only for view the mails in a local folder ? thank for the aport !!!

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