In The Cave #23: 5 Essential Facebook Marketing Tips
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In The Cave #23: 5 Essential Facebook Marketing Tips

Jordan: Hey guys, on today’s episode we talk
about 5 things that all businesses need to be doing on Facebook. Justin: Facebook. [Lyrics for this amazing song written by Taylor
Kerby] [with help from Snoop Dogg] Justin: You know what I hate, Jord? Jordan: What? Justin: Crappy product placement. But you know what I love? Sriracha hot sauce. Jordan: Hey guys welcome to another episode
of In The Cave. I’m Jordan Scheltgen. Justin: I’m Justin Kerby. Jordan: And today we are talking to you about… Justin: Facebook. Facebook marketing tips. 5 marketing tips for Facebook. When you say it slower, it’s more intense. Jordan: Exactly these tips will be for anybody,
from sole proprietor to big brands, things that we see businesses missing all the time,
but before that. What are we drinking? Justin: We’re drinking Ballast Point today,
it’s called Sculpin, it’s got a weird fish on the label, and it’s an India Pale Ale. Knock one of those back. Jordan: I’m not going to lie when I grabbed
this, I thought it was an orange, I had no idea it was a fish. This one didn’t explode on me though so that’s
really good. It’s crafted in San Diego. Justin: It’s pretty good. 7% alcohol. It’s not bad. I give it like a 7 out of 10. What do you think? Jordan: I think you’re right yep, 7 out of
10. Justin: For one. Jordan: For uno, uno beer. But let’s get into the topic let’s go, Facebook. Justin: Cinco Facebook marketing tips. The first one we’re going to talk about is,
well, okay. We talk a lot about how you need to shoot
video on Facebook. It’s a really great way to get in front of
more people because you jump the algorithm and blah blah blah. I don’t want to stress that too much because
I feel like we talk about it a lot, so here’s the point shoot video. What I do want to talk about is adding captions
to your videos. Facebook just announced that they’re going
to have an automated tool that makes the captions come up for you automatically. We don’t trust it. The reason we don’t trust it is because this
software is already on YouTube and it’s awful. It doesn’t work at all, it gets half the words
wrong, it’s not going to be able to be indexed in search engines when it’s choppy like that,
so you’ve got to do it yourself. Jordan: You have to. And if you’re not going to do this turn off
captions. If you’re not willing to go through and correct
it turn off captions because you look so unprofessional when the words are completely wrong. Justin: You’ve got to remember on Facebook
that those captions come up automatically if they are on. 90% of people watch video on Facebook with
the caption on without sound on, so you’ve got to get captions. Either do it yourself take the time to type
it out if you have a short video. If you have a long video then do what we do
here – we hire someone on Fiverr pay them 5 bucks to do it, they send us an SRT file
and it’s completely done. Add captions to your videos it only takes
a couple of minutes to send in that order, it costs you five bucks and it’s totally worth
it. Jordan: And if you’re on the blog post, that
will be below, we’ll put the instructions, if you’re on the YouTube video, just go down
to the blog, we’ll put a link to the blog post below where you can go and actually get
those steps. Justin: It will all be in the show notes. Next marketing tip we want to talk about is
responding to messages something that a lot of people miss out on. Jordan: Look you have to be responsive to
both messages and reviews. We work with both sole proprietors to big
brands that are doing this. Nothing is worse for customer retention than
when somebody comes, they ask a question to your business, they’re expecting a response,
and you ignore them for six months. Facebook now has taken steps to incentivize
businesses to respond. They actually show your response rate on your
page. Keep that thing up, you want to be responding
to people within an hour. There’s no excuse. Justin: And another thing to keep in mind
too is there’s actually a lot of data reflecting that the response rate is actually playing
into Facebook’s algorithm. So if you’re not responding to people you’re
less likely to get your posts shown. So respond to people as soon as those come
in. You can use the pages app like you were talking
about earlier to respond to people. Jordan: These are people who have purchased
from you. They’re going to buy again. It’s a no brainer you need to do it. Justin: It’s like not answering the phone
when people call you. Obviously, any smart business owner wouldn’t
do that, respond to your messages and do it as soon as possible. Next thing I want to talk about is adding
a call to action to your Facebook page. This is a really simple one that a lot of
businesses miss out on it wasn’t available for business page owners for a long time but
Facebook just decided, not just, but about a year ago decided to add a call to action. It’s in the bottom right-hand corner just
below your cover photo on your business page. You can put “Learn More”, “Go to Website”,
it’s a great way to get people off of your Facebook page and onto your website. The button’s right there, it’s always visible
so take the time and set that up. Jordan: 100%. Next we want to talk about guys you’ve got
to be willing to spend on Facebook, and that means boosting posts, run a like campaign,
we have people come to us all the time and they say “oh I don’t get any traction on Facebook
because I have 17 likes on my page” and they think organic is enough to carry them – it’s
not. If you rely solely on organic, on average
I think it’s you’ll get about a third of your reach, however many people like your page,
if 100 people like it, only about a third are going to see it. So to really combat that, you’ve got to pay,
you’ve got to boost posts that you think are share worthy. You’ve also got to put on a like campaign
to increase your overall audience. It’s so cheap right now compared to other
forms of marketing. Think about it like this is your first introduction,
when you’re running a like campaign, this is kind of like that first time you shake
hands with someone at a conference. It’s that first impression, they’re just getting
to know you, but now you’re able to talk to them a little more throughout the page. Justin: And a couple of other things about
this. Facebook has so many people on the platform
and they have so much information on all of us that targeting people is super easy within
Facebook. That’s one of the main bonuses. I just want to say that we’re also going to
shoot a few videos later on that you guys can reference, how much Facebook advertising
costs and what some of the other types of advertising are, because it’s not just running
like campaigns and boosted posts. There are a whole other slew of options you
can do with Facebook advertising. So stick around and watch out for those and
once those are out we’ll put those episodes in the show notes here. The last thing we want to talk about on Facebook
that people are missing out on is posting daily. We want you to post at least once a day, if
you can’t commit to that try and get at least a few out a week. We highly recommend doing one a day and the
best way to do that is by using a scheduler. Jordan: Yeah go download Hootsuite, or Buffer. They’re free for single accounts, they’re
very very cheap if you have multiple accounts or you’re a local business, spend the 10,
15, 20 dollars a month and set up scheduling so you know you have three to four posts going
out a week no matter what you do. And then sprinkle in organic stuff so you
can come and, take that photo when you’re out at an event. We see so many people that have these opportunities
that are missed whether it’s a company BBQ, people going bowling, going to a food bank
when you’re involved in something great in the community, just take your phone out, snap
a photo upload it right through the Pages app that we talked about. That’s just a great way for you to create
content. Justin: Okay guys so those are our five tips
for Facebook marketing. I want to stress that you subscribe to our
YouTube channel, so that you can stay tuned to the future episodes that we’re going to
have coming out on more Facebook marketing stuff. A bunch of new stuff so hit the subscribe
button. If you have any questions for us just use
the hashtag #AskCave on Twitter, on Facebook, in the YouTube comments, and we’ll answer
those questions on the show. For now, I’m Justin. Jordan: I’m Jordan. Justin: Thanks for tuning in guys, we’ll talk
to you soon.


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