Increase Productivity ● Blogging Tips & Mom Hacks Series DAY 1

Increase Productivity ● Blogging Tips & Mom Hacks Series DAY 1

hey everyone I'm Alison Lindstrom and you are watching my 30 day series of blogging tips and mom hacks and while I have you here don't forget to sign up for my online blogging course while the enrollment period is still open we only accept new students into the course four times a year now without further ado enjoy today's tip hey guys what's up it's day number one in this series I am totally stoked to actually get started with the filming and all the sharing of these blogging tips and mom hacks and you know what better way to start this series than with utter chaos I really wanted to give you a very authentic example of how you can fit work within your crazy life so literally I'm sure you can see here I'm painting my son's room and while this side dries I'm gonna go ahead and film my quick tip for today so running a blogging business is not easy for anybody I don't care if you are a parent or not married or not traveling or not live in this state or that state it really doesn't matter it's hard for anybody to build a blogging business but when you have those tiny little humans thrown in there it's it definitely creates a new recipe and it's a lot harder to find the time to fit in that business and to also you know juggle that that mom duty you know giving those little ones all the snuggles that they need and all the attention that they need and so today's tip is really just about helping you change your mindset so tip number one is I want you to check your family calendar honey because you're gonna have to create the time to actually fit in creating and building a blogging business so here's the deal you will not find free time on your schedule go get your schedule right now I don't care where you keep it you probably have like a family calendar somewhere with all of the soccer practices and ballet recitals and all the other miscellaneous things that you guys do as a family I'm sure you have it written somewhere on your phone or on an actual calendar and I'm gonna tell you hey go see if you can fit in you know some couple of hours every single week to create a blogging business you will come back and tell me there is no time because I've been there I know there isn't any time there is no mom out there that has a ton of extra hours on her hands where she's like you know I think I'm gonna create a blogging business yeah I'll just fit it in on Tuesday here's where the mindset tip comes in handy okay you are not going to find that spare time you're going to create it all right so we have to choose to actually make that time somewhere in our crazy schedule to actually put in you know these blogging hours figuring out where it is we actually create a blog or how to create a blog you already know that creating that time is gonna come with a lot of sacrifice but you're not a stranger to sacrifice you're a mom right so every single day we make these little sacrifices for our kids or for our family and today you're gonna make a small sacrifice for yourself so go get your family calendar if you do not have one honey you need one if you've got children you need a calendar okay and I want you to make sure you have every single solitary activity event or a little tidbit that you guys do do throughout the week not just you and the kids but also your husband or your partner or whoever else is involved in you know the raising and participation of growing your family all right so here is my calendar and honey you don't have to spend any money if you don't already have one okay my church gave me mine for free so just go get your free church calendar wherever you go to church and just start writing everything down so look here's May that was a crazy month lots of things to do and I wrote down everything so whenever my husband he plays basketball he's on the basketball team in her church I write down every single one of his practices my son does lots of different activities I read all that down sometimes we like to get together with my family we'd barbecue with them or whatever I'm writing that down those are all I think that crash was race cars but those are all little activities that we do as a family throughout the week and now that you are taking this time or that you want to take this time throughout you know the rest of this month and in the future for yourself for this blogging business you're going to have to create a space and a bubble throughout that week every single week for this vlogging business so by writing everything down all of the hubby's practices and your kids swimming lessons and soccer practices and things like that what you're doing is you're giving yourself a true snapshot of every single solitary thing that you guys do throughout the week so that when you say you know Wednesday I really want to sit down for one hour and I want to write out one blog post if I can just do that you're not blindsided by something that you forgot well Wednesday we actually have X Y Z and now it's just inconvenient and now I'm just putting extra stress on myself so go get that family calendar and write every single thing down write down when you go to church during the weekend you know make sure you just kind of plug in all the little tidbits that compose your family schedule or your your basic family schedule so that you can see if there are any empty pockets chances are they will not be there because our life is crazy and we are just busy busy busy grocery shopping cleaning all of the above right so what you're gonna do is now that you've got that huge snapshot of everything that you guys are doing you're gonna find a way to either make a sacrifice somewhere or move things around a little bit or delegate something here or shift something here or you know fit in your blogging business here or there it's not easy I don't have a magic formula for you you're gonna have to find what works for you but being able to get that calendar and write down that snapshot of everything that you guys do is going to give you a better chance of actually being able to create that time so when I started really churning out as many blog posts as I could I would look at my schedule and be like there's there's nowhere either I don't sleep at all or like my family gets neglected or I don't even know how I'm gonna do this but what I found was that I was a huge fan of Netflix so every other night or so or you know while I was doing whatever I would play like one episode I think at the time revenge was on or maybe it's still on I have no idea but it was on Netflix and I was watching that so I would watch an episode here there every couple of days and I realized boom there's my pocket that's the sacrifice I have to make I don't even know how revenge ended I have no idea I didn't finish the season didn't finish this series your guess is as good as mine but by making that sacrifice and being like I can't find that time anywhere throughout my week so I have to create that time where can I sacrifice what can I shift around so that I can put instead of an hour towards Netflix I'll put an hour towards writing a blog post and boom that's how you do it it's not the easiest formula but nothing worth doing is easy so that is my quick tip for today write down everything on your family calendar every little itsy bitsy thing including when you grocery shop and when you watch Netflix and then create the time for you and I'm gonna find any spare time to create your blogging business and other than exist you have to create that time so go out there and go find some time to start you know working on these blog posts and creating this content and researching what it is to be a blogger hey guys thanks so much for watching don't forget to hit that subscribe button and tap the little bell right next to it so we can meet again tomorrow for the next tip bye now


  • Ryan & Marsha

    I just came across this series and I am so excited to watch it all!
    I'm with you on the Netflix time, in the evening when my kiddos are in bed and I'm wanting to relax, that is when I will have that choice to make. Makes me think of this quote:
    "Success is about choosing between what you want now, and what you want most."
    – Rachel Hollis
    Thanks Allison! Looking forward to watching the rest of the videos in this series.

  • Peter A Edwards

    I have the perfect time, it is called not watching television. Unless I am making a house call then I do not know what is on television or read the papers. Too busy with life to worry about mundane activities.

    Blog like you mean it and enjoy life without distractions. Want to listen to the news, use a radio no television license needed and more money to invest in business.

  • GiOli Blog

    Amazing tips! So true, everything worth doing requires planning and a change in mindset. Life little sacrifices will lead to amazing results! I love it!

  • Shella Hablizel

    How to choose my platform? Should I get the paid platform so that I get more subscriber or just have my blog from a free platform?

  • Paddy Gsound

    I think what you say about finding time is so true. It can be hard and I'm not even a mum. You do have to create the time.
    You are awesome by the way.
    I've been blogging on Hubpages as an alternative to having to make my own site. It is a challenge but I think it will be rewarding.
    My hub is available at
    If you would like to register with hubpages, you can easily via

  • holy bell

    You are so right. During my current summer break from college, I have effectively stopped using my calendar. During school, I was so on point with my schedule and could easily fit anything. Granted, my huge laptop holds me back. But I really need to organize my schedule. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Scott Tovey

    Suggesting people give up their television addiction!?
    You're so m-e-e-e-e-e-e-ean!
    I was surprised you didn't include the baby napping time.
    It's good you gave examples because some people would look at their schedule and be completely clueless of how to proceed simply because their brain doesn't work that way.
    Good video!

  • Leesa Love

    Great suggestions for anyone making the "I can't find time" excuse as well. I've done the mom thing and Lord willing my husband and I will be blessed after his release for a later in life mom round 2. I've been given some time to create a future for us while I wait and time is definitely not an issue for me. Feeling bummed and being unproductive is. Hope you touch on these as well. I can't be the only one who just "don't wanna" sometimes.

  • Christa Coupons

    I like this video more than your other videos. I feel like you are being more yourself and getting more comfortable with the camera.

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