Inspirational Quotes on Social Media: Amazing or Annoying?
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Inspirational Quotes on Social Media: Amazing or Annoying?

Lena recently broke up with her boyfriend
of five years, Jack, and seems to be going through the inspirational
Instagram phase of the break up.>>[LAUGH]
>>Lena reposted a meme from #mindbodygram that says, starting over is the beautiful
moment where you chose yourself.>>I like that.>>Yes.
>>Well, while many there might be able to relate to what Lina’s going through,
others hate seen their timeline flooded with post,
after post, after post, after post.>>[LAUGH]
>>Of thoughtful loving in quotes.>>Okay.>>So, ladies, do you think people who
post a lot of inspirational quotes, I’m leaving you out of this, Tam-
>>Okay. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>Cuz you already know.>>Are they amazing or annoying? [SOUND] Bless you.>>[LAUGH]
>>Sorry.>>I think when somebody posts
a lot of amazing quotes, okay, it can seem fabricated, but
when somebody in the public eye is going through some stuff, we go to
their social media to find out if it looks like it’s reflecting the same
type of thing, you know? I don’t know what she’s going through but
I can say for me, going through a break-up, a divorce,
you go through a lot of shame, you go through guilt,
you go through a lot. And I want to live exactly what you
see on social media is Jeannie Mai. I may like, arch my back a little bit
more, I may edit a picture to make sure, but I want to show that I
feel good about what I post, cuz who you see there is
the Jeannie Mai that you see here. So in doing that, I’d like quotes like
this, cuz it helps you get through it, it helps you actually-
>>I got you, you know, I don’t care about the inspirational
quotes, I don’t, I can overlook those, and if you’re going through something I
give you two or three months like okay, she going through something. [LAUGH]
>>Okay, yes.>>She’s going through something.>>Yeah, she’s going through something. The moon is the light,
she going through something.>>Okay, we get it
>>[CROSSTALK] And extra deep for a reason [CROSSTALK]
>>Yeah, everything is about love.>>[INAUDIBLE] so
when do you feel like it’s getting cheesy?>>Okay, this is what I think, I think
there’s a difference between inspirational quotes and corny emo, let me like you
know I’m going through something, subliminal, Instagram, that is so corny! Don’t you have a friend you can call and
say these things to?>>No, I don’t!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>I am putting in out there.>>Yes.>>No, because they want him-
>>They want him to see it.>>To see it, that’s why they’re doing it. Like I don’t need nobody ever in my life! Yes you do.>>Yes!
Or when people put song quotes,
like they’ll put quotes from like a song.>>I do that. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>No, you do something, who’s that man you always put that on
your Instagram page, just to annoy me?>>Who?
>>Who’s the guy?>>Yeah, McCrae.>>My lord those videos. George McCrae is an old singer,
he’s a great singer, fabulous singer, and
he did a song called Rock Me Baby, and I found an old video, and
this is my dedication to Tamara. Is that, cuz he like dances
a little bit and everything?>>How many of you guys
know who this McCrae is?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You gotta go to my Instagram to get it.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>And his fort is the love of you.>>No but the shake you throw is actually
really funny, she’ll be putting some crazy people on there and be like Jeannie,
you ready to date yet? I got you.>>[LAUGH]
>>Just a complete and total mess.>>Well, I do my Instagram for my friends.>>Yes.
>>It’s all done in love.>>Yeah, I do.
>>[CROSSTALK]>>I do it in love, and I love you ladies.


  • Belinda Joy

    Inspirational quotes are a form of motivation. I live by them and swear to them. Sometimes you don't want to say things that are intimate to you, to your friends.

  • Sharese Gathers

    I post inspirational quotes because I get tired of seeing everyone else's negative. I'm just trying to balance the scales. Lol

  • Marlon Leocádio

    What's wrong with wanting to inspire others? Sometimes people share their feelings on social media because they do NOT have a real friend to talk to or maybe they wish to reach others feeling the same way.
    It doesn't bother me. The world is sick so, they way I see it, a little motivation ain't gon' kill nobody

  • Diamonique

    I don't even caption my pictures, it just makes no sense to me. Like if I take selfie I'm not gonna be like "The sun shines brighter after a storm" like what?

  • Ghita

    I’ve realized this a quite few times that the hosts always use the word meme instead of a picture, the thing is a “meme” is more of a comedic picture it’s not just any regular picture.

  • Lalalalala!

    I like sassy quotes. Inspirational quotes are a little annoying to me. I also don't think other ppl should stop posting them, just because i think it is a little annoying, if the quotes help them or whatever

  • CayennePepper86

    I find it annoying when I see people post positive, inspirational quotes on one post and then post negative, ignorant, ratchet things on their next post 🤣. I also can't stand seeing Bible Verses and inspirational quotes under sexy pictures 🤷🏽‍♀️😆.

  • Liv

    i want these girls to be my best friends, no joke, their so real and supportive and understanding, they dont judge or critizize, the world needs more people like this

  • Christina Diem

    Adrienne been getting on my nerves lately. She’s such a hypocrite. Really… Adrienne 😑 you’re the prime suspect for this topic, not only you post “picture quotes” but you always have some kind of “quote caption” for all your pics. Smh… FAKE af.

  • innsaei

    When it's the same old boring recycled basic quotes, then it's annoying. It's even more annoying when the person posting the quotes is the total opposite of what the quote is. To me those people just do it to come across as enlightened, positive, spiritual, free etc, when they're not.

  • Blonde Con

    I love inspirational quotes we need more positivity in the world and the positive quote and moments with yourself is a good place to start but i can do without the nusic lyrics on fb n when u call people out on the lyrics they hide behind thst sad excuse "oh its a song"

  • Justin Mitchell

    Loni sounds so tired lol ik they get up super early for the show but girl you can do it… getchu a mocha latte and keep it pushing!

  • Mallow07 M

    That’s why I don’t follow my sister on any social meeting. She’s hella annoying with her stupid feelings. Adriennes right. Don’t these peopl3 have friends they can talk to???

  • Ruth Buh

    When it comes to social media I unfollow anyone that posts excessively about any topic period (yes even if it’s something that I’m interested in). I’m as geeky as they come yet I don’t like to see my timeline flooded with pictures of Biochemical Lap experiments!

  • Danni M

    Don't know what happened to Adrienne but her attitude is stank and she needs to get over herself. Like she just so seems so judgemental and stuck up these days, I don't find her funny or real anymore :/

  • A. T.

    annoying. shut the f**k up and live your truth rather than saying it. hate being flooded by these and it's the reason i block certain people on social media. We all saw that shade Adrienne. Don't worry that will be you in a couple of years once you realize Israel HOEton is a fraud. Hopefully you'll realize it before being another one of his baby's mamas.

  • TheJoshaShow

    Dear you who are reading this,
    I hope you have an super awsome day! If you don’t think you did, just remember that there is always something to be happy about. It’s the simplest things that can easily make us happy. Don’t think about things in too complicated ways. Be nice and help each other. If you are feeling sad, remember that ther's always hope. You are awesome, and you are worth it. Be happy, laugh, smile!

    I know some people won't like this type of comments and will hate, but i just want more people to be happy. I'm not doing this for myself, i want to spread the joy to everyone. Maybe I did make some grammer mistakes and spelled something wrong, but I’m just a kid. I’m writing this to make everyone one happy. I simply just want to make you all happy.

    Be happy, laugh, smile:)

  • Nicollette S

    Omg, why are they reposting old clips? This clip is so many months old what the hell. You know I unsubscribed a while ago because the show was getting boring and they would only post 1 min clips, but I keep coming back because I'm kinda attached this show and rooting for you guys (plus the videos keep showing up in my recommended lol). But this is ridiculous now yall need to be more professional than this and fire whoever is handling this channel and hire whoever was doing it a few seasons back.

  • JoAnna Love

    I agree with A I have a friend who is always posting about her haters, and the negativity is nerve wracking. Nothing is ever uplifting!

  • Arbn

    Adrienne is so mean, I believe Naturi from 3LW when she explained what happened to her. This girl is so disrespectful plus she is always putting song quotes or basic quotes on her instagram !

  • Thr 33

    I have to say this show is so f**** fake as f*** and Adrienne Bailon if a queen a fake as f**. With that being said I don't watch a show on TV I just watch the Clips online but I guess it's interesting because I still watch. I have the feeling really feeling that Adrienne Bailon did is when she broke down and she started crying and she told the world that she doesn't sing anymore because she believe that her voice is like a child. And then she did a Christmas she dropped the Christmas album last year that was in Spanish and she was on the Latin charts but Adrianne know the music thing ain't anymore. And in all honesty she don't even need to thing anymore especially when she has his cushy job on the real where she could just be fake as f***. Then she has people like me online that support her being fake as f** and call her out every time that she is fake as f***. Honestly the real is like a hit or miss sometimes they have good moments and then sometimes they have moments that you just like what

  • Lady Yuni

    Loni pretends to be so "unemotional"…and I think it is a front.  If anyone is "tired" of inspirational quotes…"keep it moving", no one has to read everything that is posted…smh!  With children killing themselves over being cyber-bullied, cyber-inspirational quotes is the last thing we need to complain about, (not to mention people shooting up schools).There are so many people living on the "edge" for many reasons…and on a regular basis.  We have the power "with our words, and even our posts" to pull them back or push them over it.  That is what it is all about.

  • LinaWrites

    Everyone is not seeking attention. I know I am not. I hid my depression 5 years before I was diagnosed all because of the "Posting on social media is attention seeking." I didn't need the attention, I have enough being a community leader. Now I tell my story by posting quotes, pictures, and stories. Being prejudice will not solve a damn thing. People being silent is the creation of self indulged turmoil.

  • G J

    I noticed Adrienne hitting and pushing on Loni a lot. What's that all about? I couldn't be Loni, because me and little Adrienne would be knucking it out on national Tv.

  • Sheila Nankunda

    I think if someone is going through sth, as long as they're genuine in their posts and not mean or trying to get attention, let them post whatever they want. if you can't deal with it, unfollow them. let people feel things and express themselves the best way they can.

  • Migster

    Yall talk so much hate about Adrienne's personality but I think her attitude is fine. She makes the group complete. Its just one eye roll guys XD.

  • Dymon

    How come when someone interrupts Jeannie, you all defend Jeannie but when Jeannie interrupts someone else, you guys question why they get upset.

  • Gultakin Garadaghli

    Adrienne was sooooo rude here. Loved her point though.
    And I hate how Tamera looks at Jeannie when she’s talking, in general.

  • Yulissa Salcedo Caraballo

    Am I the only one that doesn’t care nor have the time to be all up in people’s business like that? Lol

    I only think that they’re going through something whenever they actually post their business like that.

  • gapeach14

    People think quotes are validation and attention seeking I think the people who have I problem with what you post are the real attention seekers and use their dislike of your post as a easy method to get some clout; comments and likes.

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