Instagram Blogger Girl Video Calls Vladimir Putin, Raises Ecology And Waste Management Issue
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Instagram Blogger Girl Video Calls Vladimir Putin, Raises Ecology And Waste Management Issue

One more flashpoint, the so-called trash reform: rates, landfill sites and processing. Tatyana Remezova, go ahead please. Thank you, colleagues. This year trash-related issues have literally skyrocketed into the top three most frequently asked questions. I will now ask our director to show on the big screen several photos that were sent by viewers. Some photos came from the village of Pokrovskoye in the Rostov Region. Kseniya Bobyatinskaya writes: “What is happening with the trash reform? We are drowning in trash. Nobody takes it away from the streets for weeks.” Yes, you have just seen these photos. Alexander Repin from the Nizhny Novgorod Region: “The trash reform has been going on for over five months but people have hardly noticed any changes for the better containers are the same, full of holes, and trash pickup is irregular. Verkhnyaya Salda, Sverdlovsk Region: “The trash reform is not working. This is what a clean city district has turned into in six months.” It is clear from the questionaries that all these photos were sent by young people under 35. Blogger Katya Adushkina has just got through to us. We will try to connect her. She is a popular instablogger and has run her blog since she was 10. She is 15 now and has over 8 million followers. Here is Katya. Apart from her vlog, Katya records musical clips and has tens of thousands of clicks across various internet platforms. Hello, Katya, we are listening to you. Your question, please. Good afternoon, Mr President. My name is Katya Adushkina. I am 15 and a video blogger. I am also a fan of music and dance. Like all school kids in the world I am very concerned that the environmental problems are getting worse. Now containers for separating trash have started to appear in Russia but people complain online that ultimately all the trash goes into one heap. How will you deal with this problem and do you have any plans to solve it? This is a huge problem for us. It did not emerge yesterday We have spoken about it and returned to it many times. By the way, we started discussing and dealing with it literally two or three years ago. Strange as it may seem, it was all sparked by Direct Line one year. I recall people from Balashikha complained about their predicament. After that I sent a signal to my colleagues in the regions and the Government. They began talking about it and made it a subject of discussion and attention for all levels of government. It became clear that trash, waste products, had been piling up for decades and nobody ever tackled this problem seriously. I want to point out (experts know this, but ordinary people may not) that we generate 70 million tonnes of waste each year, 70 million. There is, in fact, no industrial recycling of this waste. This is a huge problem, considering that landfill sites have been growing since the Soviet era. The situation is complicated by the fact that our society has largely become a society of consumption, despite the fact that real wages had been going down in the past years but are rising now. Nevertheless, our society is based on consumption, generally speaking. New packaging is used now; in addition to paper and cardboard, a lot of plastic is used for packaging, too. There are entire islands of trash as big as an average European country in the Pacific Ocean. The lens effect is already impacting the climate of the entire planet. It is a big problem for us, and this is why we will work on this, of course. What was shown just now is horrible. We must see in which districts or Russian regions this is happening. Trash pickup tariffs are growing. As you noted, yesterday, I looked through the questions for today’s Direct Line. There are many questions about growing tariffs. Perhaps it is inevitable to some extent, because at least some starter money is necessary to carry out system-wide work. Of course, people should see results, and this is not a case where we must wait for 20 years. These are the results people should feel right now. Recently we made a decision; I have agreed to let governors choose who will work at these container yards: managing companies in charge of a corresponding residential building or neighborhood, or so-called regional operators. Some people believe that regional operators will not be able to reach these yards, and others think it would be better to place all the responsibility in one set of hands. To tell the truth, it makes no difference to me, but many governors believe that it would be better to use regional operators. They are free to. Of course, we must examine these pictures and find out where they came from. There are many things like this. I hope that we will manage to do this and clean up there soon. And of course, I will keep an eye on this, even if trash is not exactly the most glamorous topic.


  • Only truth

    Only Putin speaks wuth people direct.
    King of Holland is calvenist which crypto jew, so he hate non jews and he is racist and is afraid to faces people

  • klass freudman

    Wam wsem nado eto ubirat, netolko Putin budet eto delat, mussornaja problem eto problema TeX ljudej kotorye Tam schiwut

  • James Truslow

    If you look on google maps, you can see the muddy warmer water from the tsar bomba has created a muddy dirty water that is travelling south still today, also many radioactive particles still linger in the atmosphere and on the top soil to add to all the poisonous carbon monoxide and other harmful substances are a worldwide issue now a days.

  • Joe Momma

    Are all the comments in this thread trolls or are you REALLY so sucking stupid that you can't see this whole goddamn thing is scripted and is complete b.s.?? I mean she plugged her fucking instagram before she even asked a damn question for fucks sake. Wtf is the matter with you people? Are you all stupid in Russia? I mean this shit makes CNN look like an award winning documentary and even us Americans know they're fake as shit.

  • rock ok

    indeed trash is a big issue.. if plastic can be recycled easily then its ok but alas its not. plastic is equal to economic growth. you can see that in every store all over the world. if we reject plastic means we reject progress.. oh what irony.

  • Beryl Ackermann

    Food waste should be buried, returned to the soil and plastic, metals, as such like should be recycled, and if possible done away with. Like plastic bags. (Material (one will use far less) and paper bags are biodegradable). Certain types of garbage can be burned like paper, cardboard if they cannot be recycled that do not cause pollution. (An incinerator) Ash is good for the soil. (As long as it does not have chemicals in them). Throwing it into the sea should never be an option. Not enough is done and will also gives jobs to the jobless. There would be far less waste.

  • Boby Berry

    In Russia, you have to bribe a local official just to have your garbage removed.
    "Putin is the greatest" and "Putin is best!"
    Haha, Russia still a 3rd world country 👊👊

  • Leon Erin

    The piles of waste the size of a small European country in our oceans is a concern for us all in every nation .

  • Obber

    To look at the comments cheering it on is fine but did Putin answer the girls question? No he did not, Putin you MUST introduce recycling plants like the west and reduce plastic packaging on consumer purchases.Also you MUST educate the general public and ram the message home! ok fuck it give me this task I’ll sort it out. Ok world I’ll give you a stunning new idea that will make someone £Zillions idea: combine plastic bags for carrying shopping home then can be used as a bin liner. So world off you go design it, make it, claim it….

  • Jaka Planinc

    V.Putin Novi Kremeljski Car, NASTOPAČ,SNOB,Narcis,Ljubitelj Parad, NASTOPAŠTVA,PARADIRANJE Njegove MEGALOMANSKE Vojaške Mašinerije,ki Je NAJVEČJA GROŽNJA Svetovnemu Miru in Grožnja Sosednjim Državam zaradi OKUPACIJE,NASILJA nad Ukrajinci, Tatari in OKUPACIJE Polotoka Krima in Vshodne Ukrajine.!

  • Darker74

    My question is, if you have nonrecycable waist like many forms of plastic,why not to use that as a lego building blocks for dams, chanells and other infrastructures?

  • Anna Amato

    I don't think the new generations have any idea what pollution is, they live on the web, on social media and in nightclubs, loving avengers films …
    It has become a fashion for them, today the theme of climate is in the hands of the big multinationals that are making a business of it! and this little girl should just thank you for having a president like Putin!
    Globalism needs inexperienced kids to use as puppets, Greta model …
    today the climate is a business, perhaps the most remunerative in the world … ALARM!

  • Kermit

    I hate hearing this trash island in the ocean thing being mentioned by country’s that have nothing to do with it. Yet don’t point out who does. 90% of all plastic in the oceans come from 10 rivers. 8 from Asia abs 2 from Africa. Not 1 from N/S America or Europe or Russia. Yet these countries voluntarily take responsibility for it anyway somehow.

  • Jim French

    @Sergey Svetlakov : Russia and America have a very wonderful history of friendship.When the future belongs to the intelligent cooperation necessary to advance into Space together,then we have to work it out down here first.When the Russian that uses 100% of his brain visits me the day before he set the Worlds Record for Blindfold Chess..(48 opponents simultaneously..) that speaks volumes for Russia and America
    and the great future for cooperation between us.When the Chinese delegation visited me..we discussed many important issues and guess what..we agreed and learned many things.They laughed and truly enjoyed
    my Ben Franklin Dance..

  • Евгений Филимон

    Так блять люди из Балашихи оказывается виноваты, что тарифы взвентили мама негорюй? О как!

  • Евгений Филимон

    Хуясе, 10 лет жили в гоне и не знали, что можно больше стрич бабла, а ну ка включим эфект линзы и отпиздячим у крестьян посдеднее

  • Boyd Gilbreath

    As long as I remember supermarkets have had dedicated bins to return the disposable plastic bags that are literally killing the sea. There was never any significant effort anywhere to recycle these bags. They bins were a lie, and they are still there. Several restaurants have been outed for having bins for recyclables that all go in the same dumpster. And the public in the USA continues to pay for separate pickup of recyclable matter even though the recycling rate is less than ten per cent now. Mostly metals and glass, some paper. All else so expensively removed is trash. The government wants to bring back incinerators that make electricity!

  • Moon Watch

    Trash and over-consumption, indeed a big problem everywhere really. The world is already Idiocracy – generates loads of waste, waters its crops with poisons, uses water for sewage. A lot of the problem is cause of the throwaway society – guess where that came from. People used to cherish ANYTHING that was made, it's abhorrent to have anything to throw out.

  • Nuke Dropper

    If you have been discussing it for three or four years, maybe it’s time to stop running your mouth and fix the problem.

  • Maksimilion Eldredge

    If I was putin i'd be all in them young guts, busting all kinds of nuts. But I guess he has morals dat I don't have. btw i'm 17 ready and hungry 😅

  • DStri pem

    Finally a man that see what it really means " to follow a kings path" . And im happy that the russian counsil accepted that inteview with that young lady. At least they know what it means to listen and not act like 3 monkeys. (CLosed eyes, mouth shut, ears blocked). Maybe one day earth will be in co-operation. But hey, a native can dream too. And for the waste why haven't anyone thought of using hemp for packaging. Its biodegradable and can be use as fertilizer or other products. They want change, this is the easiest and cost friendly for the earth. Or any gouvernmentals residence of earth. I would start that if i had the right budget for it. And i dont mean having a high salary but a helping hand. I dont mind being a C.E.O and only having 80000$ a year if its to help our only home

  • Dan theman

    we have the same issue with recycling when China stopped buying our plastic, i do remember a guy who made a plastic melting machine that changers plastic into oil then diesel and then into petrol if we used plastic in our own home and convert into a fuel we are all ahead, Great question by that young girl, Waves from Australia XD

  • Jackie Pierce

    Imagine if the world would quit spending money trying to figure out a way to destroy one another or rip each other off

  • CBM 215

    This was a set up question. Putin knew she was calling in and had a prearranged answer. Remember what Stalin said, do not have an election until you know how it will turn out, and also that old good one. I don't care who votes as long as I am in charge of counting the votes. He said that to Churchill and Roosevelt when discussing who will vote in Easter Europe after WW2.

  • Umair Butt

    Very Good mode of getting questions by the president, would request English subtitles # Respects from Pakistan

  • Μιχ Λαζ

    Another example of how a girl with followers is more proud and feel self accomplishment than a real big president.Btw the girl spoke good but the stance is wierd.

  • Hasan A.Türk

    Sad thats half of the world is brainwashed by Pro Western Media to hate this man…..
    Love and Peace from Turkey🇹🇷


    He's saying all of thia. But all i hear is…you spoke about this to your people…over a year ago.! And nothing's been done still.! Wth

  • Pantelis Lazarou

    It is a huge problem to tackle, a good start will be by start making plastic and paper from the hemp plant, we can also use the oil for powering cars, but most important is that the plastic from the hemp plant is biodegradable.

  • Ghost Erik

    Someone has to grow the balls to say no to these SJW using "environment" as an excuse as they catfish for attention. Women empowerment written all over their foreheads.

  • Nekid Snek9000

    Very large and wide country with people scattered everywhere would make it alot harder. I imagine they don't have councils everywhere sadly but surely Russia has been getting better since the soviet Union and put in would be trying to change this he speaks so honestly compared to our western English two faced snakes

  • Kaela Creighton

    we should put it on an asteroid or some space warehouse because that stuff will be needed in the future. Get it off of Earth though, and put it where it will be contained. Like oil, we aren't going to stop making massive amounts of trash any time soon.

  • Kaela Creighton

    We should also talk about all that stuff orbiting Earth. We have some kooks out there. It is time for spac e janitors. I like how you won't address me. Why the harsh reaction to me? There are reasons I do the things I do. I'm just a little retard going about business. They won't fix me, and we must chase and torture me…

  • Kaela Creighton

    As far as Patriot Missiles go, I was struggling with schizophrenia and fighting the usuals. I wanted to be arrested to serve their egos. They never stop. In the future, Marilyn Manson has claimed me, the killer of the young and unexperienced. Being retarded is quite dangerous. You managed to surprise me because I cared. Dammit.

  • iya

    Rare instance of Putin not really having an answer to the question. He doesn't know how to handle the waste issue. In other responses, I've heard him admit that he doesn't know the answer, but here he doesn't, unless it was left out of the edited video. He makes a reference to the "unfortunate situation of our society being consumption oriented". This is the crux of the issue I feel. Recycling & other methods simply encourage the consumption of goods. We need to move away somehow from this thinking.

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