Interns & Social Media: A Goldmine for Hackers
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Interns & Social Media: A Goldmine for Hackers

With summer on the way, a fresh crop of Gen
Z interns will soon be getting security badges and credentials at companies around the world. This new crop of interns could be a hidden
security risk. Gen Z often shares much of their lives on
social media, but when they post pictures of themselves happily working at their new
job, they can reveal information that could be used to help hackers plan their attacks. How do I know this? Because I’m one of them. My name’s Stephanie, aka Snow. Companies hire me and my team at IBM X-Force
Red to break into their buildings and their network, to find holes in their security. Social media posts can be a gold mine. Interns and even the companies themselves
are eager to share photos that show the great experience they’re having. But they may be sharing more than they realize. 75% of the time, a quick search of them reveals
the information I’m seeking in just a few hours, including things like passwords, confidential
company data, and even details on the software that the company uses, which attackers then
can use to create custom malware. Many interns and new employees post photos
of their company badge, which attackers could easily duplicate to get past security. A tendency to overshare on social media combined
with lax security training for interns is a recipe for disaster when it comes to security. So what can companies do? Make sure you don’t skip security awareness
training for interns. Temporary or not, they need to be aware of
social media guidelines and what could put the company at risk. Train your digital and social media teams
to spot risky information being shared online that shouldn’t be. Even better, create a safe space for taking
photos. You probably can’t find all the security risks
yourself. Hire a white-hat hacker to identify the weaknesses
before the bad guys do. With the right foresight, companies and interns
can have a successful yet secure experience together. Stay safe.


  • IBM Security

    Younger generations tendency to overshare on social media, combined with lax security training as part of the internship on-boarding, is a recipe for disaster when it comes to security. Couple that with the fact that interns are a blind spot in most companies’ security policies; and hackers will use that to their advantage for social engineering.

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