Investigators call Mocospace the most dangerous social networking site for children

Investigators call Mocospace the most dangerous social networking site for children

only on seven years you're under arrest for your internet activities where there is police take down a suspected online predator accused of luring children through a new website you might not know about police describe it as a place where gang members chat and adults look for illicit sex and where more and more kids are logging on 7 News anchor Anna Cabrera shows us mocospace the place authorities call the latest danger and social networking okay we're just going to take them down as soon as he pulls in 7 News cameras rolling mm we got him as detectives move in on a man accused of asking a child for sex online you're under arrest put your hands on the small of your back and you're under arrest for your internet activity jeffco DA's detective Mike Harris with help from Gilpin county sergeant Troy Hendricks has made more than 50 similar arrests this year I'm sure you have heard a lot you've seen a lot anything that has shocked you recently uh I'm always shocked I still sit there going really you're asking this kid to do this detective Harris poses as an underage girl or boy online lately tracking sexual predators on a new social networking site called mocospace in mocospace those people aren't gathering friends there it's it's a scary place oh my goodness within seconds of logging on we found chat rooms full of offensive language conversations about drugs even solicitations for sex I mean a lot of this stuff you can't even show on TV it's not a site that's supposed to be for children yet children are finding it and the bad guys are finding them they're opportunists but they're violent opportunists a lot of them have gang affiliations or the thug mentality as I call it remember that arrest we showed you 28 year old Jason fluid is the suspect his criminal history is seven pages long everything from drug charges to assault to car theft in burglary the list goes on and on will now add internet sexual exploitation of a child an arrest affidavit shows fluid posted this message on mocospace saying quote any girls want to make some money hit me up Harris posing as an underage girl asks how much money and how fluid response 200 strip show sex and head the conversation then moves to text messaging where fluid allegedly asks for naked pictures like for reals are we being arrested over this any time someone asked to meet with a child under the age of 15 for sex they've come in at a crime asking anybody under the age of 18 for naked pictures is a crime in the state of Colorado Harris says it's happening too often more than 500 arrests in just the last eight years and he says oftentimes he learning about sites like mocospace directly from your children it's an uphill battle to stay on top of the technology as new sites potential threats pop up all the time on a Cabrera 7 News so what's a parent to do well detective Harris says keep computers out of kids bedrooms and don't let them go to bed with a cell phone in their room


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