• большой самурай

    I stop using social media 2 days ago.I only use Line (to keep in touch with my friends in Japan) and what s app to chat with my friends.

  • Abigail Oyadiran

    I hate going to SNS on socail media the reason why I don't like going to socail media is because I want to meet my favorite people on YouTube so I text them on integram because I have integram but when I text them on intergram like I love your shows on youtube or having a question about the activities. They not don't awnser you back from the text and I don't like that that make me feel sad inside.😔 That Why I don't use social media that much unless I was in the events taking 📷.

  • Dave Mustard Stain

    I deleted Facebook and Twitter recently and I feel a lot better. I think the only sns I still enjoy is YouTube, but that's only because there is nothing that interests me on TV these days.

  • el malan malan

    people need to be more open to socialize in real person.
    social media is just a fake way of to interact with other people.

  • Lea Alarde

    I stopped using Twitter since a lot of people use it to express what they really feel. It's good for the person himself/herself but when you are struggling from depression or anxiety, seeing more negative things makes you feel worst. It feeds your mind. And that reality that even you are not using your SNS, you are thinking what you are going to post later and such. Which I thought is not a good sign.

  • 「 」

    I totally understand them. The only SNS I ever had was Facebook. (Yes, I never had Twitter, Snapchat, Insta etc.) I quit Facebook years ago. Too much of a hassle scrolling through the timeline, seeing people portrait a "perfect life", people being narcissistic and the constant overload of information. I honestly couldn't be fvcked. I don't care what other people are up to. If they wanna let me know, talk to me in person.

  • madichelp0

    A lot of people globally are waking up to how bad social media is. That's why facebook is dropping in popularity.

  • SoCali

    I don't even understand why people are on social media in the first place. It doesn't seem interesting or fun at all to me.

  • Petoyusa-dono

    I'm very SNS tsukare.
    I prefer to meet the people in person so they can show us all the nice things directly.

  • Imperatrice1

    FB is my digital adress so I can reconnect with people since we are in different countries~ IG is my personal photo album and 'bookmark' for restaurants~ SNS is not really a problem, it's how you use it~

  • chrisgorg

    SNS are just so time consuming and they literally offer nothing… It's only natural for people to get tired. Everyone is trying so hard to prove how great their lives are by posting the best pictures/stories/statuses on their page. That's not the reality at all, but some people fall into the trap and feel like their lives are worthless. It is better to waste the time you spend on SNS on something else, more creative and funnier! 🙂

  • Chriswinter

    Seriously. Why didn't this YT channel get like a million subscribers? This channel is awesome! It tells us what japanese think an expect of us so we can go there prepared! I really love this! The people (especially cathy cat & the cameramen) are all so hardworking!! 😊😍 THANK YOU!!

  • ChoosinUsername

    The trick is to be on social media just until it feels good. When it doesn't, log off.
    Also, switch off your phone for 15 mins or so. It's a device that needs a rest too.

  • Moussa SUWWAN

    I used Face Book for one year only, to be able to communicate with my nieces and nephews, in Jerusalem.

    I closed the page. once and for all, when I discovered that who call themselves your friends are false friends, many of them work for special services.

    I have never used twitter, and have no Instagram.

    I read newspapers, especially on medicine subjects, in English, French and Arabic, and I watch NHK World, CNN, BBC, and Euro news.

    Cartons? Particularly Tom and Jerry. I love them, the manga, in Japanese, even though I do not understand every thing. I can guess from their actions.

    You Tube is my favourite channel of communication.

    Some people are odd, and their comments are so superficial, yet, no body is perfect.

    I like Cathy Cat’s videos, and her way of asking questions.

    Have a nice day.

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