Jesco White - News Article - 1994

Jesco White – News Article – 1994

1 what do you get when you cross a hillbilly Elvis impersonator with a second-generation Mountain tag dancer a celebrity following if you look at the story of Jessica White stormy Warren will try to explain the latest underground cult craze Jesco mania is so original he's good dancers I might just seem hot the heck American art form he is the best banker yes he is the best dancer that's it this time I'd like to bring on the one and only you make your welcome just go some call it a Cinderella story others consider it a bizarre phenomenon but whatever the case Jessica White has become a cult legend it all began in 1991 with this 30-minute documentary dance an outlaw it's one in a series of specials produced by public television station W NPV called a different drummer originally the show was to focus on Jessica's father mountain then Revere a white a local hero among West Virginians but it was soon discovered DeRay had been killed in 1989 this is my father's grave right here he was the king of tap dancing and I've seen a lot of people Danes but not like him I could never out thank him around things he's gone but not forgotten the show's focus then switched to deer a son Jessica White a man determined to escape a life of drug abuse by literally following in his father's footsteps I want to dedicate this first song and the dance I mean its first guitar playing and dance to my father Donna Rae why the name of it's called the Wildwood blur full of humor and true life portrait the backcountry life the documentary soon was the talk of the southeast bootleg copies were passed among lawyers and doctors entertainers and businessmen Jesco became a star mr. tango now Jessica and his trusty side man John Ross are finding themselves in high demand hobnobbing with the Stars and playing to sold-out crowds across the kits a lot of fun and stuff and I got a lot of fans that's unbelievable I mean and you know it scares me and makes me a little nervous and I'm shocked then in a way I know they liked what I got but on the other hand I just don't want to know to get carried away his talents have even gone so far as to land of a cameo role on the hit sitcom Roseanne what do you think it is about your style of entertainment that's attracting such an audience well I think it's a comic I went away and I think it's honesty because I want to do what I have to do for myself you know to keep drug-free you know she got dancing to do you get good exercise you don't have to worry about drugs a natural high Jess goes trip to LA to take the Roseanne show resulted in a sequel to the dancing outlaw documentary Jesco go to Hollywood now copies can be purchased through Debbie npb in Morgantown West Virginia you


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