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Jim Gets Served | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots | Oprah Winfrey Network

Oh, hell no. Hello. Speak of the
bitch devil herself. Speak at the little penis. Well, it has
satisfied everyone who’s ever taken a ride. Except me. Oh, now. Young lady, you and
I have never had sex. Jim, now don’t pretend you
don’t remember that time when you and I got together when
David went to a conference with his brother. Veronica, that never happened. Tell him, Jim. It never happened, Veronica. Well, you have a mole
right under your belly line. It’s not too cute. And well, we did
it another time. We both got drunk,
remember that time? Didn’t happen. It’s more of a freckle. More of a freckle. Yeah. Well, you may want to have it
checked while you’re in here, because it looked a
lot like cancer to me. Hm, I happened to
be looking at cancer. Well you know, I’m an
expert on some things. And none of it was all
that exciting to me. Get out of here. No, I’m here to serve you. Serve me what? This. What the hell
is that, Veronica? This is it. Celine. I’m not touching that paper. OK, well, Celine is suing you. For what? Back child support, sexual
harassment, and a slew of other things. Veronica, why are you
taking this little bitty case? You’re above that. I’m going to win
this little bitty case. – Are you now?
– Yes, I am. The bitch won’t see a dime. Oh, she’ll see more
than a dime, dear. She’ll see lots
and lots of money. Hello, darling. How you doing? How’s your back? Are you still burned? Maybe you should have held
that bitch under the water another 30 minutes. You know you are
both trying me. Yes, we are. See, what he didn’t know,
though, is that the average, standard, run-of-the-mill
cockroach such as yourself can hold her breath
under the water for 30 minutes. Well, you know I noticed
that that little bullet didn’t miss the shoulder. And that was your own
son that did that? Yes, it was. That’s cold blooded,
Jim, cold blooded. Didn’t your son put a
knife in your, well, chest? All right, get the
hell out of here. David, do me a favor. What did you say? Pimp slap. Pimp slap that bitch one time. I would love
for you to try it. I would really love it. Try it. I’ve been served, get
the hell out of my room. I just came to serve you. Get–


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