John Bates – TEDxWoodsHole – The Ocean as Globally Shared Art on the World Wide Web.
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John Bates – TEDxWoodsHole – The Ocean as Globally Shared Art on the World Wide Web.

Translator: Cristina Bufi-Pöcksteiner
Reviewer: Queenie Lee You probably can’t tell from that picture,
but, in 1989, people thought I was crazy. (Laughter) I had had my liminal moment
with the Internet: I met another surfer on alt.surfing. He was in South Africa, we connected. I thought it was phenomenal,
and I was telling everyone, “This Internet thing,
it’s going to be huge.” (Laughter) “You’re crazy,” they said. So, … imagine … I think I’m crazy again. Imagine with me: hundreds of millions of people
all over the world experiencing art
and entertainment together in real time. Now imagine that art and entertainment
is inspired by the ocean. Tens of thousands of creatures, each one a unique digital creation created
by an artist somewhere in the world, anywhere in the world, all brought together in a vast
online digital ocean on the web. Imagine fish swimming
from Lhasa to Los Angeles, from the iPad in your home
to classroom computers, to museums. theBlu is an art and entertainment
storytelling project that is using elements of computer games,
movies, and social media, to touch, move, and inspire people
all over the world, no matter where they live, with an emotional, entertaining,
connected experience of the ocean. We have created a platform
for content creation and collaboration, sort of like Wikipedia meets
The Human Genome Project, with Academy Award winning directors like: Louie Psihoyos of “The Cove,”
Andy Jones of “Avatar” fame. We have got Joi Ito, the director
of the MIT Media Lab on board. We are working with CMU
and USC and others to reach out to programmers,
digital artists, musicians, scientists, to bring everyone together, to create what we call “maker media,” which we will then carefully curate
and release into theBlu. This is theBlu. And we are currently
in private invite only beta, and this is your private invite code: it’s THEBLUTEDXWH. And I just want to say to you that we are very committed
to use the primal power of storytelling combined with the newly
unleashed creativity of the web to make a big difference for the ocean. And so, for that reason, it has been a particularly
special honor and privilege to be here and share this with you today
at TEDxWoodsHole. Thank you very much. (Applause)

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