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If you missed the news, a Live Action of Jojo’s Bizarre adventure was released last August 2017 This week let’s talk about this incredible movie ORAORAORAORAORA Jojo’s LA is an adaptation from Hirohiko Araki’s manga, published long ago It’s worth mentioning the manga is split in several arcs, and the movie “Diamond is unbreakable” is the 4th of the original series. And it covers only 2 volumes of said arc I personally mainly know Part 3, like pretty much everyone else and the video game, which was adapted from Part 3 anyway Actor-wise, we have a pretty selection my children starting with the lead, Josuke, played by Kento Yamazaki And as main characters, we have Mackenyu Arata who’s absolutely amazing in this role, and Masaki Okada, a nice discovery for the season I found Keicho to be charming AF Hey, you! If you have no idea what Jojo is about, you need to know that in each arc the hero’s name and surname can be can be shortened to JoJo The main family is called Joestar, the names vary but you’ll always have the JoJo nickname If we take the hero of “Diamond is Unbreakable”, Josuke Higashikata, the second kanji is in his name that reads “suke” can also be read “jo” Basically the guy’s name is Jojo Higashikata Remember Josuke’s the 4th Jojo of the series, so before him we had Who’s also guesting in the LA but also Joseph Joestar, and before him Jonathan Joestar Jojo is very colourful universe, quite crazy be it in terms of outfits, chara design and color palette The style of drawing reminds me a bit of Hokuto no Ken, with flamboyant muscular characters and characters that just get crazier and crazier So the movie’s theme will mix action and super natural as the hero is a Stand user, that’s what allow them to fight and develop super powers Why “stand”? Well, because they…er, stand beside you Literally like the verb “to stand” so yeah they’re Stands Can’t get easier than this The movie could have a sequel as I believe the poster’s title even said “chapter 1” Come on Chapter 2, I’m asking for it! BUT I’m not a Jojo Expert, but I know a Jojo expert This week’s Expert’s opinion is featuring my favourite bubu Panzer aka “that fucking otaku who knows all the mangas by heart” Do you want to say hi to the camera? (Hi) No, you’re waving at me right now! That’s the camera (Hi) What did you think of the adaptation? Was it good? Yep, it was awesome, very satisfying Very good Artistic direction The actors were missing muscled to match the Jojo type but still were pretty good Some of the poses are like the manga, it’s the same For example, the encounter between Jotaro and Jousuke, you can compare to the manga, it matches What was done successfully and what did you like? Aesthetically, I really like the mix between LA normal shot and animation of the Stands in CGI It was clean , the Stand is slightly transparent it looks amazing it doesn’t look fake and overdone The 3 main actors were pretty good, meaning Jousuke, Koichi and Okuyasu who was the greatest for me The stupidest badass, he was perfect in the role Played by Macken I was only disappointed with Jotaro, he need more muscles Do we talk about his cap, changing style on every shot? With the badges once on the left and next on the right Even if it looks tacky, I love that they replicated the funky hairstyles it fits the ambience On the contrary what was missed in this movie? What was badly done or changed? Not a lot, really I mean except Jotaro, you know Too skinny, right Some of the details are not explained, like where are the bow and arrow coming from We know that it comes from Part 3 where Dio gets his powers But it’s not explained at all, they only say taht if you get shot either you get a stand or you die whereas you learn about it on the 10th page of the manga Something that is missing, which is a bit of a shame After the battle with Angelo, you can see Angelo’s stone and there’s a touristic sign next to it. “Angelo’s stone, favourite spot for lovebirds, if you listen closely you can hear a soft mumble” And you have landmark points like this all across the city after each of their fight because they’re altering the landscape with the fights signs are popping out everywhere So we’re missing this detail Then it’s a bit delicate to talk without spoiling on the storyline if I want to tell about some Easter eggs Ha, no spoil! Wait, no come on, who cares? Just do it! Spoiler Alert, we’re moving on to Easter eggs I mentioned Angelo’s stone, which you can see at the end but you can actually already see it when Jotaro and Jousuke first meet It appears in the background When Koichi cleans his room, you can see a set of mangas, which I thought were the volumes from Diamond is Unbreakable It’s actually from a mangaka in Jojo, called Rohan Kishibe so they made the volumes of Rohan’s manga in the movie and that’s what he puts on the shelf A manga inside the manga In the manga, they say it very clearly that it takes place in 1999 In the movie we had a “ha, he’s making a call on his iPhone” moment That’s not very 1997 indeed Maybe they put a date somewhere or they made a mistake, not sure That’s a shame The last easter egg I noticed, just before the fight with Angelo, Jousuke’s mum says she’s going out In the manga, she just goes to visit her family, but in the movie she says she’s going to an italian restaurant owns by Chef Trussardi who’s actually also a Stand owner that will appear later in the storyline Cute name drop here How much would you rate the movie? I’d give it a good 8/10 Fingers crossed they make a part 2! That’d be great! Voila, I hope you enjoyed this video Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen the movie, if you know Jojo If you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up and share it around you Always available on social media, TW, FB, IG all links are in the description below If you missed last week’s video, it’s right here Go check it and let me know your thoughts And if it’s not done yet, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s video! That’s it for me this week, see you soon!


  • Wendy Lobry

    J'avoue, je connais pas du tout xD Du coup bah je vais sans doute essayer de le trouver et de regarder, why not après tout :')

  • melxrockz

    I've never get interest in JoJo's until I see this was coming (I haven't watch it, I'm on finals and work it's killing me ;-;) but I'm agree, Kento it's so skiny for that character, but also I can't imagine him with all that muscles XD but, I don't doubt of his acting skills (I'm so surprise since I watch him on orange, death note and todome no kiss which was superb), Macken it's growing up so well in every sense 7u7 on bokutachi ga yarimashita was a pretty good yankee so he being the bad guy I would totally buy it! I'm hoping to find the time to watch it!

  • Jess

    +opinions of a jojo fan/opinion d'une fan de jojo

    "sheer heart attack" (the name of the bomb) randomly coming in at the end was really surprising because 1- why would Kira (the owner of the stand) know about the Nijimura's place and 2 Kira wants to live a normal life so why would he attack and get the arrow? I'm curious towards what this is going to lead us too, because originally it's not sheer heart attack that kills Keicho. Guess we'll have to wait for chapter 2!! (((also the scenes at the end hinting to Kira i love)))
    "Sheer heart attack" (le nom de la bombe) qui arrive à la fin était vraiment surprenante parce que 1- Kira (le propriétaire du stand) ne connaissait pas place des Nijimura et 2 Kira voulait vivre une vie normale alors pourquoi attaquerait-il et pourquoi prendrait-il la flèche? Je suis curieuse de savoir ce que cela va nous mener , car originalement ce n'est pas sheer heart attack qui tue Keicho. j'imagine que nous devons attendre le chapitre 2 !! (((aussi les scenes a la fin qui "hint" a Kira j'adore))))

  • PrinceKenai

    I legit just ran and watched the movie after seeing this video, and I gotta say I really enjoyed it! I'm not familiar with the whole jojo world since i have never seen the anime or anything so i didn't really know what to expect but i was pleasantly surprised. The whole stand thing was so cool! and how they filmed it was awesome! i might have to get into this lol also i wasn't expecting to see kamiki ryunosuke! 😀

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