Journal Flip-Through! [#8] (CC)
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Journal Flip-Through! [#8] (CC)

Hello, I’m not dead! I’m back with another
journal flip through. Let’s keep this intro short and just get to it. So for
the first time ever, I purchased a journal that is moleskin brand. It says
moleskine, you probably can’t see that. But these are $20 and I got an unlined
one, so I was like “this is gonna be so aesthetic and so good.” Uhh, you can decide for yourself. But I’m just gonna jump right in.
I feel like this is now a beauty video. Let’s jump in everyone! Keep watching if
you want to– okay I’m done. So on the first page, it always has this thing
that’s like “if lost, please return to…” So I put my address there then put a
sticky note over it so you can’t see it but these sticky notes are pretty
see-through so did it work? Not really. A lot of this is magazine clippings so we
just start out with some nice collages that really have no meaning. I was truly
in a Les Miserables mood whenever I did these pages so here’s a quote from Stars.
I kind of freehanded a bridge, used some scrapbooking paper with star-looking
stuff, and then did the lyrics to Who Am I, one of my favorite songs from the
musical. On this page i’m talking about getting a new journal, yada yada yada.
Since it is sort of an unlined art journal I was like “I’ll try and do some art!” but
these legs look hyper-extended and broken so I gave up. But then I did
something else, then I drew this and I think it’s pretty good. I need some
blending practice but you know, it looks like what it was supposed to be, so
it’s fine. And then on this page I did my TBR which is pretty outdated. I have so
many new books and so many books I’ve read, so I did a little key down here and
highlighted some stuff. This is from February so this journal clearly took me
a while to finish, but this is about Valentine’s Day and all the stuff I got
and just being thankful for my friends, and I got a bouquet of flowers so I
saved a little flower. Can you see it? Another collage of just, like, girl power.
Kate Winslet, my babe. I did another little artsy thing right here and then
stamped the date. On this page I just put a quote from a song I really like and
then it kind of goes along with the picture, color scheme-wise. Sorta maybe.
Yeah? And since it was Valentine’s Day, I did Happy Valentine’s Day,
clearly made out of pizzas because Pizza Hut was doing a pizza special for all of
them single people. Me. And then more art stuff. I tried to make this as artsy as
possible just because I knew I wanted to branch into that, I didn’t really have
anything to talk about words-wise. So here’s another. I usually get my
reference pictures from Tumblr. So this is from Tumblr. I promise the picture is a
lot better than how I made him look. I’m sorry baby, you’re so beautiful. And then
this is sort of just like a little museum thing. I don’t know. These are
lyrics from “Alright” by Keaton Henson which is one of my favorite songs but I
was in a certain mood when I wrote these out, so that’s why they’re not pretty and I’m
just scribbling. And then more ranting and that was all the same day. This page,
it is a reference to the song– it’s another Keaton Henson song, it’s called
“No Witnesses,” and one of the lyrics has to do with this. I don’t know, it’s
meaningful to me. And then on this page, I talk about I went book shopping while
I was home. Using more magazine clippings– sorry the glare is really bad–but this
is like a night sky and then I did a quote from an essay that I had to read
for class and then over here I have these bracelets that I wear. They say warnette on them. If you’re here for journaling, you probably don’t know
what warnette is. It’s meaningful to me because it’s from my favorite book and
so I wear these 24 hours of the day, never take them off, and this is my third
one. This one broke so I glued it into here, so I will tape it in here then
write a list of all the things that happened while I was wearing this
bracelet, just as sort of a momentum or memento, what? moment–mentos, those are the breath mints. I don’t know. Just to make sure I remember all the things that
occurred in my life while I was wearing it because it’s something that I used to
sort of mark progression of my life. This is more lyrics from that song I did
earlier. It’s just so fun. Some vertical writing to make it interesting and fun.
This is around the time that I didn’t enter for a long time and my deal is I
would never repurchase a moleskin. If I as a gift, then I’d probably use it, but
it’s just, I always say never feel like you’re not good enough to write in a
journal. Like, buy the expensive journal you want. Use whatever journal you want
and don’t feel pressured to make it look pretty just because it’s expensive or
looks pretty. But I felt so much pressure writing in this journal like I didn’t
want to just sit down and write like this and have it not look cute cuz I was
like “that’s not worth the money I paid for this.” So just because I kept thinking
that, I probably would never repurchase one of these because I’d rather be
honest with myself and write about what I’m feeling rather than avoiding it
because I don’t think it’s pretty enough, you know? That’s my rant of the day. I
only buy journals that are like five dollars or less. This is when I went to
North Texas Teen Book Fest. I intended on having everyone sign this page that I
met but– shocker, I forgot that I had my journal with me that day, so I got a
couple of booktubers and people that I met up with, and then I forgot to have
anyone else sign it. This is sort of an inside joke if you watch my Snapchat
or if you’re friends with me. My roommate got super drunk and just was being an
idiot and she put a bunch of makeup on her face and then wiped it off and I had to
keep it cuz it was just a priceless college memory. I was the secretary of my
English honor society, so it was my responsibility to like read the stuff at
the meeting. So I kept that in there just to remind myself that I did a good job
reading and then I made this page to be like “hey I’m gonna write today!” then I
didn’t. That’s my life! This page I’m just talking about frustration and yeah. I
used to think this page was super ugly but now I actually like it, like this
collage style. So I’m not as mad. And then I just put a quote that one of my
friends tweeted. I thought it would look so cool in sharpie but it just looks
like a five-year-old wrote it. This page I did some collaging with magazine pages,
once again, then I did a quote from Alice in Wonderland, which is a book that we’d
read for one of my classes. Over here, this is actually really creepy, I was
skyping my friend and he fell asleep so I drew him. Is that weird? It’s super
weird. I don’t care. This is when Tahereh announced Restore Me! So I wrote about it, I did it in calligraphy, then I glued in the
actual news article that I saw when I woke up in the morning. And then that
night I went to a one-act play that my friend was in, so I just put the little
book–what, thingy–these have a name I just don’t know what they’re called.
Playbook? This is a sort of inside joke that Caylan and I had on our door. We
were packing up to move out so we were all just being really emo. Once again I’m
talking about feeling guilty for not entering because I went a whole month
without doing anything in here and I remember that summer I just was so uninspired
to do anything so I kind of slowly crawled back into it. On this page
there’s a letter that my German professor wrote me because I graduated–
“graduated” from her German class. So here’s a conversation with my mom,
yada yada yada, we don’t need to talk about this. Talking about feeling down
lately. Honestly why am I only entering when I’m
sad? But I used a pretty background so it’s not that bad, right? Here’s a
playlist I did over the things that I was obsessed with during the summer, so
that’s just what was on repeat basically the entire time.
Here’s quotes–or some lyrics–from one of the songs, Dynamite, which was a good
song. I did a list of TV shows that I want to eventually get to, which is a lot
more than I thought so that’s probably never gonna happen. Over here I tried to do
some more collaging, get it all pretty again, and then I talked about some
feelings. We had visitors at our house. I was getting anxious, just the normal
things. This is one of the sheets that we have it worked and we were all just
talking on it so I was talking about work. I don’t know what I’m talking about
over here, probably me complaining about something. This is whenever Because You
Love to Hate Me got on the New York Times so I wrote about that and my dad
printed this out so I just put it in here.
Me being super fake philosophical being like “is the phrase ‘life is short’
accurate?” I don’t know, it’s just something that was on my mind. It’s been
a hot minute. I would always just like do lists of stuff that happened because I
always forgot to enter, clearly. Here’s the story of how I got bit by a dog at
work and then this is the card that has like my stuff on it. So that’s why I got
bit by a dog. Fun stuff! Over here’s an envelope full of dog pictures that I
stole from work so we always have days where we take pictures of them that we give
back to their owners and these are just some of my babies! There’s Luka! Isn’t he so
cute? That’s my boy. It’s Kylie Funk, Spike. Okay so, they’re just my babies. I have
all their names written on the back and yeah. I have these in here so that in
like 20 years I can be like “oh I remember those dogs.
They’re probably dead.” That was morbid. I’m so sorry. I went book shopping
again, so here’s a little collage page about stuff I got. And then on this page, I
went to the pharmacy by myself! I’m flipping my hair but you can’t see. So I
just wrote some stuff about that on the inside of here I wrote a little note
about what it was like but I don’t feel like opening this up. Then I did a little
head which looks like an Easter Island head–it’s not very anatomically correct,
but it’s fine– with 21 Pilot quotes, and then just talking about my life,
anxiety. I went to a coffee shop down the road for the first time. Landon was
my server, he was super hot. Landon if you’re watching this, hit me up.
I bought a lemonade for five dollars which wasn’t worth it but you know. I was
getting anxious about going back to school so I did “self care is:” This is
one of my favorite songs at the moment called Neptune and I just did the lyrics
to that. I wrote all the way down the page and then highlighted my favorite quotes
from it. This I stole off Tumblr. I didn’t steal it, I like, used it as a reference
picture. And then underneath it are a quote from Turning Page by Sleeping At Last. It
looks so good. The only creative pages in my journal are whenever I’m doing song
lyrics. Here I’m talking about move-in day but I didn’t move in the day that we
were designated to, I was gonna move in like a week later but I was talking
about like, I’m just imagining the freshmen on campus right now, how nervous
they must be like I was, and just kind of reminiscing. Did a packing list that I–I
wrote this down in my journal but later I was looking for it and I thought it was
in my phone. So sometimes I’ll do that. That’s just–it’s stupid, okay. But I found it. This is just some random writing. I’m too lazy to skim read this
and tell you what I was talking about but anxiety is the word I see, so that’s
probably 90% of what I write about. Someone sent me a picture of their cat
and it was everything to me so I wrote a little bit about my cat. And then a
“series to finish.” These are all book series.
I’m never gonna glance at this for reference, I just wanted to put down what I
was currently in the middle of at the time. Here’s a page that has a bunch of
drama about money, and then here’s move in. Fun stuff! So now you know what room I’m in, yikes!
I traced my key, I talked about what move in was like, and if you’ve seen
previous flip-throughs of mine, you know that anytime a major life change occurs, I
like to write about it extensively just so I remember that time of my life. So
move-ins are always something I really document
heavily so that I remember them. yada yada yada yada yada, move in move in move in. It was kind of traumatic because I
forgot my phone in my mom’s purse so I had to somehow get a hold of her so that
she could give me my phone back, which was traumatizing.
But yeah drama drama drama, and then I woke up with a panic attack the next day
so this is all me being like “ha ha ha life is miserable And then thankfully we ran out of room. So
the only things I had left were like two pages. I went back to the Counseling
Center the day that I woke up with really bad anxiety and I was crying her
and she was like “You need to go home and make a list of things that aren’t real
that your anxiety is, like, lying to you.” So I did a list of things that are not
real. I feel like Peeta Mellark but I wrote
down a thing–oh I just realized I never finished this. But yeah, then I did some
calligraphy over here which is a song I love by Ollie Mn. And then that’s the
last page and I just stuck some pages in the back here that are from my RA. Then
there’s a pocket that has just like random stuff I accumulated while I was
completing this journal. Just, like, some some scrap paper, a sticker,
me and a cat, some tags, a movie ticket, stuff from work, so yeah. That’s all just,
like, I was too lazy to stick it or glue it in there so I’m just gonna keep it
back there as little keepsakes. And that was everything! So thank you for sticking
with me even though it took a while to get a new flip through up. I hope you all
enjoyed, hope you got some inspiration, let me know if you have any journal
flip-throughs you’d like me to check out, and until next time, hope you are having a
wonderful life! K, bye.


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