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welcome to WGME toys to see you again
I’m still glad you came back today we’re gonna have another drastic world toy
opening this is one i’ve been waiting New BASHERS & BITERS VELOCIRAPTOR BLUE JURASSIC WORLD FIGURE UNBOXING, REVIEW BY WD TOYS for for a long time this is the
Velociraptor blue chomping action this is the one that has the video camera
built on to him he has a harness here where he carries some type of like
bazooka firing net on wow looks really cool and he has chomping action let’s
check out the back says lhasa rafter blew a ferocious fight for survival got chomping action in a long-term
project file looks awesome let’s open it up and have some fun ok let’s see what was in the box okay
you’ve got blue with this harness in-camera the bazooka and the firing
projectile Wow let’s have some fun with this guy let’s take a closer look at this guy
this guy looks just like the one that from the movie toward the end they had the video camera
on him and they’ve got the bazooka I’m not sure unless you have to have the
bazooka projectile I don’t think so but they do the video camera and the harness
closer look at the sky looks really cool I’m did some really good job with the
detailing you can see his eyes and his teeth his teeth are one piece but i mean
they look really nice did a good job with this team they’re going down there
you can see the harness fits right on his back and it does fall right off just
if you just want the classic look with the wound over here ok continuing on you’ve got the Jurassic
world logo there and they finally got this guy right because the third cloth
which is like the ripping cloth over here and then continuing on here is his
tail and let’s check out the other side of this site this guy screws believe two
screws on it removes the harness so you get a better look at them three screws
and he does stand up by himself as you see there you could put him in different
poses lot of the Philosoraptor ones I mean it’s hard to put them in different
poses because over the top of him the hardest around his head is the camera and then let’s go ahead and put his
bazooka has a lot of I can now be here just got let go hold their so you just
take it right in there and then he’s got his own firing and let’s see the project
priority tried it goes pretty good so you don’t want to shoot anybody space
here at school and has loads very easily push it right in here but it’s big
enough to easily grab and push it in really quick loaded firing toys I mean they don’t
they don’t allow you to do it there quickly so that nice I really like
teacher and I don’t know if we took a look at it but there is the actual
camera there on his head I think this guy’s really cool let’s check out his
chomping action so if you push down on his tail here like turns his head turns
out his mouth opens you can see his head turned some good pro-life if you’re like
playing like different battles and stuff feature and let’s check out his arms he’s got a nice long armed with 360
degree of movement and his legs up a lot of these velociraptor one’s legs are
very stiff but these they seem to have fixed their problem I mean this moves
nice as smoothly like I said they got the third claw their check out the one
on this side decides a little stiffer but it does have very good movement also
I mean you get almost 360 degree moved me wow that guy’s cool pics lot of the problems of the earlier
velociraptors and I like the fact that the included the third claw and this
guy’s got chomping action so this is a really fun toy and he is very detailed
looking i mean day I’m not seeing any overruns of the color as you can see
like his eyes i mean this is really cool on the digital great job on him today
I’m hunting tenuous words today I’m trained to take down to T rex join me Channel videos and pepper


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