Jurassic World Lego Game Level #20  Main Street Showdown Gameplay Walkthrough By WD Toys
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Jurassic World Lego Game Level #20 Main Street Showdown Gameplay Walkthrough By WD Toys

Jurassic World Lego Game Level #20 Main Street Showdown Gameplay Walkthrough By WD Toys the last level a jurassic world this is
gonna be totally awesome guys please proceed to the nearest emergency exit do
not stop to pet the Pteranodons oh let’s give this guy a push let’s see what
happens oops I broke it sweet oops I need the other one awesome here we go you’ll find a great
dog fat just down Bay sorry guys I’m not playing any music because uh YouTube
gets you in trouble for playing music so it’s just gonna be song where’s Henry dr. Wu works that’s not a
real dinosaur no it ain’t kid imagine that a fraction of its size intelligent
deadly able to hide from military technology easy boy work where we’re in singsong right Run
For Your Lives aah this way oh they’re hunting us I see
that pike I might be able to reach the upper level from this end of it I’m up to it here cool here we go boom
we can you suppose lose the bones sweet Lego bones nice work kid okay now what
do we do Oh she knows what to do there’s another way
out of here I guess not break it break it break it hmm
expensive whoo I’m not gonna pay for that am i I broke it where’s guys fast oh that’s not gonna be cheap go for it kid I’m through can you get
rid of whatever’s jamming the display cabinet okay what is jamming display
cabinet oh that’s not good a raptor man I do not like them here
goes nothing our paleo geneticists have improved upon natural dinosaur genetics
with a few secrets of our own here’s a hint Morty the Apatosaurus reaches full
Safi Dino Apatosaurus can’t shoot swallows of its plant food whole yeah it worked
nice work again yes torch Oh No yes we have flour a newborn human baby has a bigger brain
than most fully grown dinosaurs take a raptor only 20 minutes to run across
Isla Nublar at its widest come on let’s get going
Oh Don otherwise leave this to me I hope you like playing fetch echo come
on someone expects the control panel it’s okay I can fix it fix it break it
break it come on
you fix it by breaking it oh just find you the right hologram Oh Oh big chicken ah they’re trying to
grab the chicken let’s get out of here oh it’s blue echo Charlie Delta this is
how it is huh easy easy oh the indominus oh now we’re in trouble
190 we need more what teeth we need more teeth why are you still there
I need you to open paddock 9 quite a wet past it uh thanks go for it kid we’re going to need some more parts to
finish it okay now we’re going to use the Raptor
he’s got like a smelling talent see there it goes over there you follow it now it’s here oh he’s gone something office looks like
more pieces okay let’s go ahead and build this back up get another shot of him gray okay let’s try this guy yay oh there’s the rest of our pieces get
this thing put together that’s Oh time Oh get him good
so you have to shoot him in the mouth then you hit him with the blocks or
after and then you have to target him with the blocks Raptor to jump on his
head so let’s do this again so you hit him with the Velociraptor now
you got to target him then you jump on his head and attack him uh-oh guess who’s coming you better run
girl here comes the t-rex oh oh he is here it’s a battle to the death guys this is
it okay now we’re going to go ahead and
take control of the Raptor and follow the scent trail up tell me to go here up
here’s the next one up is a stinky pile of garbage of course he likes the stinky
pile of garbage ha ha ha up now he’s building wow I didn’t know
Raptors could build stuff oh did you hear that that sounded like the
Mosasaurus to me and now we have to target this pull it down and the Raptor
is gonna build this up for us ok let’s go for it let’s see what we got
up here and here we have a stinking pile of food once Owens got a dig in as we
found the wrench or the missing it looks like jet wire we’re sure
missing axle there go ahead and turn it up and here goes nothing I thought he is
gonna eat us and here we go down up down and it flipped though the cream really
is there’s some urgency for some reason whoa and go wait down here and up we
climb let’s see what this thing does and it’s time to break something
oh the sign oh but that shot again oh that looked painful you no echo Hey here goes Oh looks painful
oh go t-rex take this guy down show them what it
means to be the king oh that looks painful
oh that’s then no more indominus oh they can eat us
oh the t-rex ha ha they’re his friends oops I guess the guys just happy to be
alive and now they’re shopping ha he’s Kevin minibike it was awesome dude had a
minibike man guys that was a lot of fun we’re gonna have to do more of these
games I really had a lot of fun doing this with you guys
and let’s see what we ended up at Oh this is the end guys where’s Hoskins get him Vega but he left
precious doesn’t later don’t worry Oh No take care of that oh there’s the Mosasaurus what guys I
had an awesome time with you guys Oh ha ha ha ha the indominus is in his
stomach playing cards with the other guys
that is hilarious well guys I guess that’s the end let’s see if there’s
anything else oops the back to dr. grant you


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