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welcome 2wd choice wow guys is great to see you again New JURASSIC WORLD VELOCIRAPTOR CHARLIE DINOSAUR FIGURE 2015 or can have awesome shot today today we
have blasts rap to Charlie from Jurassic world this is made by
Hasbro yes of some 20 min I’ll for hacer hacer while let’s go ahead and take a look at this it looks really core and I like the boxes they come in
like a half box much is really cool says laura’s velociraptor Charlie clever as
ever jurassic world-class Raptors blue
Charlie Delta and echo are masterful hunters and now they’re
teaming up too hot the all-time predator ultimate
predator are all who is there I wonder while let’s take a closer look at this
guy this guy has like the classic green-collar with black stripes and he
looks really call one thing at don’t lie is mostly
these plots the Raptors they’d all let the mop opening close it all seems
like it’s more proposing but but the weird part is you know their
arms or move quite a bit like this one has 360 d green movement
in his arms and his legs will also move so mad at a know why they didn’t let you
move his mile he would look a lot cooler if you moved
his mom okay let’s take a look at his leg so he’s got full range of movement with
his leg 360-degree movement let’s check out the
other one on the other ones really step but summer
these are really step when you first start now when you play with their little bit
and opens up so yeah his other leg its 360-degree
movement to you so that’s cool then I he has like this likes you could make him have like
slashing action because his arms a move like a good range the one thing I don’t
like is Adam all these only Blosser active
blue here right there see he’s got that third claw the slashing one their
regular ones I mean they didn’t put the slashing claw which is I mean de som big part above lhasa
Raptors so that’s now that really takes away from the
authenticity the toy and then on the black you got the dark green you got the black
stripes here they did a really good job with the coloring on this one the other velociraptor I reviewed date
date left out there was a couple yellow spots onto the
body which I mean eight you really takes away
from it if you wanna use it for like possibility
but they did a great job with the head of this I mean if you look at it with the collaring in every damn day
where a little bit out on the teeth other than dat I mean it
looks great a mi Eisele awesome take a look at that high they made it look like really evil
looking and then the time I mean the tongues
pretty much the same as the other loss thereafter toys which is minutes
it’s not the greatest but they did an awesome job on the head
I mean thats that’s where I mean said that’s really the most
important part 2 something these guys I mean playability its alright to play with its kinda and a
little mediocre but pose ability these guys and really good proposing
like if you own oppose them up on your shelf for something do like in a taxi now minutes awesome one thing is that I mean this guy has a
hard time standing up I mean I can’t really find it painful where he seems to stand on has on I mean you might have to put some types were baser something this
seems like his head as a little heavy and it makes the body
wanna fall forward but I mean other than that I mean he’s a really fun toy if you do
have more than 10 then see here his claws resting on top but
the other one so I mean it almost looks like they’re
running together and then the possibility aspect is really awesome and remember the box said they’re
teaming up to hot the ultimate predator I wonder who that
is and pack from past so this time he brought his friends
along too hot and guess who it is yes I I if you get the end dominates racks you guessed
correctly a la his two friends are attacking from
the prior the for the other ones get tak from the rear I p cuz jumping in here I don’t know where any
chump some on the neck boy he’s hanging on in da mist miss rex
is so angry is challenging both the day’s yep and this hook why he’s Dallas
distracting him this Sun runs then bites him on the neck and then he
slashes in with his third claw Hall hallway they’re really taking
effect on the end up but this guy is decaying poop led the third one attacks his head while he’s better over wow boy they get taken down I think it’d take
down the king at the John law on I’ll away what is this he shakes them off in axis so in Downey grabbed him by the
tally throws him over his head then he goes
any finishes him off then the other two have
come in after have now it’s only two and all have 3 advantage attack him
anymore that this Sun jumping be ha jumps up
from grab him right out here any shops dont
have any he’d throw the ball over here to save
for breakfast for his babies later then there’s still
one but instead running these guys rather
persistent they don’t like to lose a battle and they are hungry so this guy it
attacks in the tries to jump on his head but at the end I miss rex shakes a lot of then finishes them off wall he took down all three Raptors boy he really is that Kenya the jungle
you any any you pay are not he’s come in after us I audio his anger at us now Wow guys that was a battle pp theorist four of them with a win against the
n-terminus Rex what do you think leave me the answer in the comments down below up
boy he really is king at the jungle even with four I think they would have
hard time August if you enjoy the show make sure
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jurassic world in Plano videos Barbie and millions why I love Dominion’s well guys if you enjoy
the show I hope to see you soon


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