Kammebornia Podcast 12/2019
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Kammebornia Podcast 12/2019

Hi! And a warm welcome to a new episode of the Kammebornia Podcast! Here I am, once again, sitting by the fire and wanting to show and tell you about nice and exciting things I am having tea and it is a herbal tea I have received as a gift from my friend Susanne in Germany She is working as a gardener at this amazing and exciting place where they grow healing herbs I am really interested in medicinal plants As a child, I liked to be with my grand mother as she picked flowers and leaves and herbs for tea I remember picking birch leaves and cowslip and rowan leaves and others, and we lay them to dry on the dining table, so there was sometimes a problem to find space when we were having dinner I have always likes to make my own tea, but I have not done it in a larger scale It was so lovely to visit Susanne at her work this past autumn, where they make many herbal tea blends It is a place called Artemisia in the German Alps, close to where she lives I was there to visit in October and it was such a lovely adventure with hiking and other things So, now I have these flowers and herbs in my teacup, and they warm me in several ways, both body and mind You could say that the tea carries my memories and warms my heart as well as my body I just saw on the label that it said something like: Better to prevent than to heal I guess that is about a healthy balance that could be applied to many things in life Somewhere, I have heard that in Eastern medicine, you can say if a doctor is successful based upon how many patients he or she has that is not ill. If the patients are healthy, the doctor is successful and has done a good job preventing bad health and sickness Healthcare instead of treating illness (the Swedish word for healthcare is sickness care) It is an interesting and important holistic perspective. But of course, sometimes you get sick anyway and you need healing and care. Today I am wearing a blue sweater that my mother knitted for me when I was perhaps 12-13 years old So it is more than 35 years old. I know that I have showed it before in an early episode of the podcast. It is still a favorite sweater and I use it a lot. It is also in good shape. I like that it is blue, and today I will show you more blue things. And more old things. Soon we will have winter holiday here (when the kids have a break from school) My son Viggo is coming home and it is as lovely as always. We have already decided, upon his request, that we will be working on his recipe folder. I want to pass my recipes on to the children when they grow older and move away from home. There are so many memories from their years growing up, connected to recipes, so I want to give them each a folder where they can collect their favorite recipes and keep on writing their own recipes down They are all interested in this, perhaps some of them more than others, but they like this idea. Maybe I can show some of this later on! Anyway, I am also cleaning and sorting old stuff out here at home and I find a lot of things. When you are a creative person, it often gets messy and when I complain about this messiness, people tend to tell me as comfort that it is because I am creative, that it is a creative chaos I find it hard to get comfort in that as the messiness can kill my creativity. So it is as usual important with balance. Then there is this thing that I keep old stuff, that I have a hard time getting rid of stuff I like to use my things for a long time, like this sweater, I like to med things and to upcycle things I keep things that can come in handy and so on. But this means that it gets messy. So it is an ongoing process to learn how to cope with these things. But it is so much fun to find old things that I love. This pat summer, Viggo and I were talking in this podcast about his childhood knitting memories. He was talking about a hat that he knitted when he was maybe 6 years old. I found it the other day and here it is. I will show this to him when he comes home. I have an old picture of him, wearing this, when sitting in the woods crocheting. This hat is still wearable, so I will keep it in drawer. This is another old hat, that I have knitted when I was maybe 18. I think I might have showed it before. I made this in a very tight gauge. I love the motif and the colors but I can not use it. It has never fitted my head. But now I have come up with some ideas! I have recently showed you this sweater that I knitted for my son Arvid many years ago. You gave me so many great ideas what to make of it. I do not want to keep it in a drawer all worn out and not use it. So, now I have decided to make a bag out of it. And this is also what I will do with this hat. I can use this fabric that I have knitted and make a bag from it. When I want to organize all this stuff that I keep everywhere, it is a good thing to have many bags. Sometimes I am afraid that I am turning into a crazy bag lady. Ihave bags everywhere and I am not always sure what is in which bag. But it looks so much better with nice bags here and there than it does with knitting projects and other stuff in every corner. And perhaps I do not have to throw the bags in all the corners, I can organize them better. I have some really nice project bags from Gil, @bertieandpoppet, handmade in the UK I have ordered them through Etsy. I have a smaller one and a larger one. In this, I keep the cardigan I am knitting for my trip to Norway. I have not made so much progress on this since the last time, so it can stay in the bag for now. Here I have a sock project that I will show you soon Well, Ialways need a small bag for my head phones, another one for my glasses and so on. Sometimes Dennis is teasing me about having a bag that contains a lot of other bags. I tell myself it is ok to be this crazy, and I know that I am not alone. Now I want to show you what I have been working on. I am soon going to Trondheim in Norway. I am going by train, which feels exciting. The whole trip is so exciting! And all the meetings, I am meeting up with so many lovely people, for example Gill who has made this bag! I have not met her before in this so called reality. I am meeting both old and new friends. It is so fantastic to get to meet so many friends in this world through knitting. So many joyful, giving and rewarding contacts and relations, I am so grateful! So, I am going on a train for 10 hours and I have this naive and childish expectation that it will be like like the Hogwarts express or the Orient express, even though I know it is a romantic fantasy I’m hoping for velvet curtains and wooden panels and so on, I guess you can imagine I know it is probably not true but I am still hoping. I also hope it will be a comfortable trip. I do not mind that it takes a while, I am looking forward to sit and knit and read and so on. Or maybe just watch the landscape pass by. It is a nice way to travel. As a knitter, I always have something to do. I guess that I will be knitting socks on the train. And maybe mittens. I have a new mitten pattern almost finished. I wanted to release it befor Christmas but did not manage to get it ready. The same thing happened in January. So it will be after my trip to Trondheim. But before I go, I’m releasing my two new Trondheim patterns. After our last trip to Trondheim, I designed a mitten, that has been so popular and I am so grateful for that Inspired by this and in my joy for this new trip, I have designed a hat and a cowl to coordinate with the mittens. Of course you can use them in different colors and as single patterns too but mine are in the same colors as the mittens. Blue seems to be the colour theme of the day Here is the hat and I have made it with different blue colors on the inner lining here, it is a ribbing I have worked a lot on this construction and I feel really satisfied. This is how it looks. It all starts with a provisional cast on and then it is knitted bottom up as an ordinary hat. Then it is turned inside out and you knit in the other direction from the cast on stitches. Then you knit Latvian braids and the houses from Trondheim Then it is turned right side out again and you pick up stitches from the folding to make a small finishing ribbing. I like the fit, it fits both women and men, it is a unisex model, a beanie. I have also designed a cowl It is really cosy and wraps around your neck twice The star pattern is the same as in the mittens There are also some decorative Latvian braids here It comes in two sizes, if you would prefer a shorter one Both sizes are described in the pattern and you can also customize your size as you prefer. The short one is sewn together like this, twisted I think I will be making this cosy cowl in more colourways I am really looking forward to my trip to Norway All the lovely people I am about to meet and all the beautiful places and things I will be a part of AND, I’m also looking forward to share this adventure with you I will be filming, which is new to me. I am a photographer but for the podcast, it is mostly Dennis that does the filming I am not as experienced in filming as I am in taking pictures. But I like to do it and this past autumn when I was in Germany, I filmed a lot and when I came home Dennis helped by doing the editing So this is how we will do it this time too so that I can share it with you I will be meeting Britt Arnhild, who is an Instagram friend And we will be making plans together because in April, we are going to Tuscany in Italy together to host a retreat Britt Arnhild is a deacon (I am not sure if it is the correct term?) in Nidaros, Trondheim And this is all so much to look forward to I have had a dream about going to Italy since I was a child, I am so grateful for this opportunity Imagine where the yarn and he stitches can lead you to I am also meeting my friend Sarah, Fibertrek, who came and visited us last spring and we have also met in Edinburgh We will also be making plans for another adventure In August, at the end of the summer, I will be going to Maine in the US, to be at her Wool Scout Retreat There you can experience both nature and wildlife and woolly adventures at the same time, among nice people I will be teaching workshops and also have a talk about knitting and wool and Gotland knitting traditions There are so many exciting adventures ahead this year There will be links to interesting things I am talking about here below in the show notes Except from all the Trondheim patterns I have been knitting, I have also been knitting socks I think I have not done that in about a year When going to Edinburgh last spring, Istarted to knit a pair of Pebbles and Pathway socks by my friend Marce @heybrownberry had just released her sock pattern with garter stitch and braids, I just love them! They are so beautiful! But they are knitted toe up I am used to knit socks top down. I try now and then to knit toe up because I like to do things in different ways and I do not want to stay put in one place and only be able to do things in one certain way so at least I can say that I have knitted a few pair of socks this way But honestly, it is not for me, I do not feel comfortable with it and to me it is so important that my knitting is pleasurable and joyful. And even though I love the socks, the yarn and Marce, I never finished them. And I guess I do things in terms or periods and now it is time for a new period of sock knitting for me I am wearing my socks every day. Well, I have a few pairs of wool socks that I have bought too I wear wool socks or I am bare feet, I do not like cotton socks, I only get cold and feel trapped So, I have knitted many pair of socks that I am using every day, but now I felt like I needed some new pairs So I have knitted a new pair of my own pattern Longing for Gotland, it was my first pattern You could say they started this whole yarn adventure in this amplitude, I could never have imagined that This sock has given me friends around the world and I am so grateful for all the adventures and experiences I never get tired of this pattern, inspired by the old traditional Gotland rose pattern and with all the stripes This pair is knitted in Rauma Gammelserie, which is 100% wool but tightly spun and therefor more durable It is the same yarn as I have in my Trondheim patterns Iam a bit worried about wearing them as much as I usually do, but it will also be interesting to find out how durable they will be, I will have to try They turn out a bit larger in this yarn as it is not the same yardage as ordinary sock yarn but I think it is cosy Well, after this pair, I was already into my new sock knitting mojo and I discovered an upcoming pattern by Charlotte Stone, who is also coming to Trondheim and I love all her sock patterns I just could not resist this pair and I volunteered as a test knitter She made them in the colors of her cat but I wanted to make Aslan socks So I went to my treasure chamber and found left over sock yarn in the appropriate Aslan colour and I could also use a skein of hand dyed sock yarn from Fingerborg, a favorite yarn shop in Stockholm The blue yarn has been waiting for its moment to shine and here it is This pattern was so nice to knit that I could simply not do anything else, I just knitted cat socks even though I had so many other things to attend to At least I have new socks for my trip and my sock knitting mojo was a fact So now I have decided to knit Marce’s Pebbles and Pathways but I will do it my way I think it is ok for you Marce, that I will be this mischievous, I really want to wear your beautiful socks Well, now I have said it, I do not like to knit toe up, I like it much better top down, so why not stick to that? I will knit them in a light grey from Rauma Gammelserie and I bet they will be cosy to wear Ok, so I found another pair of socks on Instagram that I could not resist They are called Hopesocks and the designer is Catharina Duden @ducathi1 I made the legs parallel, one at a time but both legs first on different sets of needles I love to get use of my left over yarns from the treasure chamber and colour work socks are so pleasurable to knit, I just count meditative 3, 3, 2 or whatever the pattern says It is almost s if I do not see what I am creating, I do not see the pattern until I lift the eye and discover the beauty and then I am like Wow! Look, what I have done! Almost like it is being done through me, like I am just a vessel for a higher force or power, it is interesting! Like a kind of magic I have discovered such a smart thing. I just said that I like to knit my socks top down. I also like to knit on dpn’s I sometimes try magic loop for the same reasons that I try toe up, but I do not like it as much as dpn’s It is simply not my thing. I do not think it is beautiful, it looks much better with dpn’s, I like my project to be beautiful I also like to work with dpn’s and I like the shorter ones but when I put my knitting down, sometimes the stitches fall off Then this fantastic thing is so good! It keeps the stitches on the needles. It is almost like a small bag that I put into another bag… as the crazy bag lady I am turning into I almost forgot… this Hopesock, just take a look on Instagram or Ravelry! Under the heel, on the sole, there is a pattern with Hope, Faith and Love, I am not there yet on my socks, but soon! I love hidden messages containing good vibes, it is empowering Like hidden embroideries on the wrong side of a garment or like in this case a knitted message under the foot, Hope, Faith and Love Maybe I will finish them on the Hogwartsexpress on my way to Trondheim, who knows? During this spring, I will update the pattern for Longing for Gotland, as it was my first pattern Our son kindly helped me to make the pdf but all my other patterns have a graphic profile that I like and that Gabriella Axelsson, my friend and also colleague, helps me with. She is a talented graphic designer. This pattern is very popular, and I am glad it is of course, so I want to make it better So, I will be knitting up a new pair for the pictures in the updated pattern and I will be doing that in a lovely sock yarn from moodsofcolors.com. It is called True Corridale and it is not super wash, but it contains nylon for the durability If you have bought the pattern, you will automatically get an update with the new pattern as soon as it is finished. This will not be until later this spring, but the process has started True corridale from @moodsofcolors is a really great yarn, Brittish wool, spun in the UK and hand dyed by Gro Lilja at moodsofcolors.com She is now dyeing up yarn for my socks, I’m looking forward to that! My pattern, the Trondheim mitten, that I designed 2 years ago, after my last visit to Trondheim I do not have them here, so we have to show you an old picture, my pair is already in Norway They are at Patricia because she has had them as samples to show on different festivals and exhibitions Anyway, this mitten has been on TV now, a couple of weeks ago, I received so many messages about this, all my inboxes were full During Handball EM, the Trondheim mittens were handed out as a special gift to one player every day So every day, during the championships, someone received a pair of Trondheim mittens. I knew nothing about this, until I got all the messages from my followers and viewers I got pictures and films on Instagram, Ravelry, Facebook and in my email. I can not say that I am known for watching sports I love to move my body and to exercise out in the nature, but I do not do sports All the respect to those who like sports, but it is certainly not my thing, I do not even understand it So, I got to hear jokes here at home about this. Like – I’m (not me, but my mittens) on television every day but when I am, it is in about sports! How typical and funny! Even funnier is that when I (not I but my design) am on a TV sports program, it is with my knitting I think that is both funny and lovely, like two separate worlds that meet I know that there are people interested in both sports and knitting but I think it is often two separate worlds I just wanted to share this anecdote Thank you to all of you who sent me information and pictures from this event! I never watch sports but now I was suddenly interested in handball, at least a tiny bit When I am going through old boxes of stuff I find so many lovely thing I want to show you Like these two dolls that I made for my children when they were small, many years ago I remember how interesting it was to make this hair This is Viggo’s Calle doll, we talked about him when Viggo was on the podcast with me this past summer. I always knitted and sew the same clothes for Calle as for Viggo. So I made trousers and a sweater for both Viggo and Calle in this fabric that you can see in the hat, I could not find it mow so this is a mix of different outfits. Viggo had a knitted sweater just like this for example. This is Ella’s doll and both dolls are messy and loved and a bit dirty I have crocheted this dress I loved to knit, sew and crochet hats and cardigans and dresses, even underwear for the dolls Well, here I am, with the dolls and the grown up kids are in different places, studying But I see them as much as I can, Ella was here last weekend, knitting with me and now Viggo will soon be here on a winter break from school. We will have a nice time together, cooking and writing down recipes and much more We’ll see if he remembers the clothes that I found for his Calle doll This was all that I wanted to show and tell about today, but you will also come with me out in the February sun Sometimes I think about knowledge. It is mostly a good thing. Sometimes knowledge it not an easy burden to carry, even if we often say so. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions because you have knowledge about something. And sometimes you wish you never knew somethings that you have learned to know. But you can not erase knowledge. But the knowledge of handicraft, like knitting for example, what a great thing this is! I tried to learn how to needle bind for many years but I never got the hang of it until I took a class and learned from someone with the skills of needle binding It was several years ago now, on the medieval week here on Gotland. Dennis surprised me by registering me without my knowledge I was so glad that he thought of me and did this, he knew how much I wanted to learn needle binding but at the same time I was so worried that it was too expensive and that we could not afford it But afterwards, when I was sitting there, needle binding, I was thinking of what a great gift it was He did not just give me a course, I did not just take a class – I had learned a skill, a handicraft I would never like to give that knowledge back, even if it was possible, which it isn’t, I would never want to say: Give me the money back and I will return this knowledge! Because, now I have this knowledge in me! And it is the same with my knitting, even if I have done that for over 40 year, so it has integrated in me and developed for a long time Through practice and with time, this knowledge grows stronger and it is so amazing. I love to let the threads run through my hands and become warm, soft and beautiful garments to wear. And the handicraft knowledge is a very light load, it is not heavy at all to carry. A warm and heartfelt thank you to all of you, supporting the Kammebornia podcast! You make it possible for us to keep on going! Thank you to all our generous patrons! If you are curious about what it means to be a patron, you can find more information on patreon.com/Kammebornia We also have sponsors that we want to thank and warmly recommend! YlloTyll is a lovely yarn store in Uppsala but it can also be found on yllotyll.com Ullcentrum is located on Öland and they carry Swedish wool yarn in lots of lovely colours! You can find them at ullcentrum.com Yarnesty, Anna Friberg, is a knit wear designer as well as tech editor You can find more information at knitway.se


  • beate schade

    Was für wunderschöne Strickereien ,bin immer wieder begeistert ,kann man die Wolle auf Euer Insel kaufen ? Mein Mann und ich werden dieses Jahr auf Gohtland Ein paar Tage sein und dann würde ich mir gerne Wolle kaufen LG

  • Marie Strickliesel

    Danke für das schöne Video. Ich bin begeistert. Sooo schöne Muster und Wolle. Habe immer wieder deine Videos angeschaut obwohl ich die Sprache nicht verstehe. Alles Gute und LG

  • Cheryl Carlson

    Thanks for the beach video , the sound track is exactly what I am feeling, the ending was so hopeful. In the 80's took the train through Denmark, Sweden and into Norway. The Danish trains were most like Harry Potter on the lines I rode. Wish could have gone again with my son. May I suggest you take spare needles and a bit of yarn, bet someone will ask if you can teach them. hugs

  • Marit Johanne

    Takk for en fin podcast! Jeg er glad for å høre at også andre foretrekker å strikke sokker ovenfra. Jeg har også strikket tå opp, men liker det ikke. Og jeg har ikke blitt fornøyd med det ferdige resulatet . Da har jeg tenkt som deg at strikkingen skal være til glede, og da gjør jeg det slik jeg liker det. Longing for Gotland er favorittsokkene mine! Jeg har strikket et par, men har tenkt å strikke flere. Trondheimsmønstrene er også veldig fine. Min svigerdatter er fra Trondheim, så jeg må nok strikke noe av det 🙂 God tur til Trondheim!

  • Vegetables Matter

    Happy February! Thanks for this lovely episode. Your train romance remind me of traveling to the Czech Republic when I was 14. It was to visit my uncle and cousin there and it was my first time outside of the U.S. We then all traveled together to Hungary to see a total solar eclipse (1999). We took a train, and it was my idea to take a sleeper train–the romance of traveling that way was so tempting! We did, and it was fantastic! We all had our sleeper berths and it was so fun. I have to admit to being bugged that on both sides of each border we crossed we were woken up for officials to look at our passports, but now I treasure that memory (and we got lots of stamps in our passports!). Enjoy the lovely train ride. With knitting and book in hand as the landscape whizzes by, you won't be disappointed.

  • Kelly Keep

    Your old tree hat is gorgeous. A couple of days ago I took a colour work hat that I made too small and am making it into a tea cosy (I really needed one as my beloved teapot is enamel and so gets cold very quickly). It is a special hat too as I was my first colour work hat. To this day I have only knitted 3 colour work items as I have only been knitting for a couple of years. I am so happy to find a special use for this hat and really enjoyed cutting it and refashioning it with contrasting trim. I am in love with it again😀

  • Kelly Keep

    Wow, that was absolutely incredible footage at the end. And the music too. It moved me so much, my heart just cracked open. Absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for that. It reinforces in me my feeling of connection through my yarn to the beautiful sheep, to our beautiful world, to the sacred. Thank you so much Dennis and Sophia✨🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Shirley Beard

    Thank you for a beautiful podcast. I just bought your Trondheim patterns and now will knit them for our dear friend from Trondheim who will be celebrating her 50th birthday when we visit her in September of this year.
    Have a wonderful time on your travels.

  • Anne Skøyen

    Hei! Koselig podcast!
    Sokker i Raumas Gammelserie er dessverre ikke veldig slitesterke. Men strikker man inn en tynn tråd spælsaugarn i hæl og tå blir de betydelig mer holdbare. Anbefales! Det blir veldig gode sokker.
    (Raumas 1-tråds spælsaugarn får du sikkert kjøpt på Husfliden i Trondheim når du skal dit. 👍)

  • Arsinoe

    Again as always, very happy to discover your new Podcast : your new creations (a real gem your last version of Trondheim hat !), your thoughts full of meaning and depth, and the inspiring filmed images of Dennis. Thank you very much for your postcats which accompanied me, especially in a period where knitting was for me a form of therapy.

  • Carina Forselius

    härligt med alla blåa stickningar. blir så fint när man matchar sina stickningar. Själv försöker jag att börja välja färger som matchar min övriga garderob och inte köpa garn bara för häftiga färger, som inte passar in att använda sen.

  • Susan Mckee-Nugent

    Oh Sofia what a lovely Podcast. You are the Bag Lady of my Heart! Your trip to Norway is very exciting, especially by train. Brilliant hat and design and what fun that your mittens were STARS on a TV Sports show. Just the BEST! Take care and have FUN. Love, Me

  • Margretes Hobbykrok

    Trondheimoppskriftene ligger i køen min, de er så fine! Det blir koselig å treffes igjen på Orkanger på søndag 😊

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