Kathy Griffin Tries To Steal Back New Year’s Eve Thunder on Twitter, 2 Million Fans Could Care Less
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Kathy Griffin Tries To Steal Back New Year’s Eve Thunder on Twitter, 2 Million Fans Could Care Less

“Comedian” Kathy Griffin was once on top
of the New Year’s Eve world. The now-disgraced star used to host “New
Year’s Eve Live” on CNN with Anderson Cooper, and the two rang in the new year at
Times Square for years. But that tradition came to an end after Griffin
posed with the fake decapitated head of President Donald Trump in 2017. Shortly after the stunt, she lost several
sources of revenue, including the New Year’s Eve gig. Not content to let fortune deprive her of
the stardom she seemingly wants so desperately, she attempted to make waves of her own during
the most recent New Year’s celebrations. While most Americans were preparing to ring
in 2020, Griffin was busy planning a surprise wedding with boyfriend, Randy Bick. She took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce
that they’d be tying the knot shortly after midnight the following morning: While Griffin has 2.2 million followers on
the platform, this tweet didn’t take off like she may have hoped it would. The video she posted has only been “liked”
by a small fraction of her fans (less than 23,000 as of Saturday), despite being watched
more than 700,000 times. Griffin seemingly spent what should have been
the happiest day of her life on the social media platform — a site which she often
uses to insult Trump — tweeting and responding to fans who apparently still do care. If this was partially intended to be a publicity
stunt, it wouldn’t be surprising. Griffin has previously attempted to resurrect
her stardom seemingly without care for who she damages in the process. The comedian waded into the Covington Catholic
incident as the nation’s leftists piled on the innocent schoolkids who at the time
were alleged to have bullied a Native American man. Griffin attempted to expose the young men
and spread their personal information. Ultimately, the Covington Catholic kids were
proven to have done nothing wrong. Of course, Griffin didn’t seem to care much
for that, but was seemingly only intent on getting more Twitter clout. If her newest stunt proves one thing, it’s
that the nation is done with Kathy Griffin. Unfortunately for her, she only has herself
to blame.

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