• Adriana Girdler

    This is a great demonstration and tutorial. I will have to check these tools out. Thanks for sharing, Stacey! Cheers!

  • Chantmagick

    Very solid point about content completion coming before research. What a relief. I've been looking for a video that spells out some essential tools without bogging me down with too much informaiton. This was just perfect.

  • stevenshow08

    My mom swears by Yoast SEO…she enjoyed the free version until we could access the paid version. Now we use that!

  • Dal Dhaliwal

    Great video Stacey, really helpful! I’m going to checkout ‘Keywords Everywhere’ not used it before. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • Dynasty Preppers

    Thanks for the good tips on keyword research. I've definitely fallen into the category of just trying to get content out and haven't focused on keywords as much as I need to. Thanks for the tips and extensions to use!

  • AliNowak

    I normally search for keywords with chrome tool keywords everywhere and then i just write as normally would and i put main keyword in my title and in first paragraph and at end of post.

  • Katarina H.

    I love Keywords Everywhere. Thanks for sharing your tips for keyword research because it stops people from posting and blogging.

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