• Dwight Clark

    Abram land of UR, …1.Moses Nile House of Pharoh, 2. Red Sea 3. Gold in the Water…David after celebrating form of this is the god that delivered from Philistia 3 now 1st. Gold to Bathsheba, Child born ( ref. Moses throwing gold in the water compelling them to drink of it.) Greece Rome Europe (2?) New World. 2 now second Then Marshall 1958, Europeans spying out the land. But may not have generation capacity to affillate as America. Next 1 now 3rd Moses Nile House of Pharoh- Hushenying Tiger gods army and Hu Lin the King of Dynasty of China. Abram not assigned number in Land of Ur called out.. An Ki 1957 Andrian of Alaska 2 bridges down tsunami Pacific Ocean, Ellill Ninlill 1957 tornado season Lloyd Valmer Joyce Dalmer Hadad….Yahweh blessing curse seem to work properly in Hadad realm- Canadian PM, but in China affluence Wa peace and Harmony Weh, the entity here of america where it ought not to be finds this to be a threat to its applied confusuon noise calling bitter sweet..and has presumed to target Huawei accordingly. The jews keep yahweh from becomming peace and harmony, w enhanced form of one after Moses to consider? Christianity presumes to compete w Last shall be first, First shall be Last? Never the less this is possible rationale of how War (Elohim) God Yahweh became WA oriented. This position is now being threatened? We see how easy w 5 g emphasis that severe time disadvantage could be realized to those that disrespect. Inspector of the Cosmos, Dinger

  • Holy Poverty

    Plus google has absolutely destroyed the trust of the customers time and again, such a dumb stradegy. Ss soon as an alternative comes around people will be leaving google services in droves. I can't wait.

  • VK HAM

    Chinese Baidu provides a lot of the same services online as Google, QQ is a messenger platform, etc
    Google is the most dangerous spying corporation.

  • Moon Watch

    Climate Emergency = nah. Environmental Emergency = nopes. Chinese telecomms tech being used = somehow an emergency. Is it that they can't tell the truth that cellphones generally are very bad for health?

  • tan august

    Be glad its not the ability of people without freedom of speech. But sure the globalist are doing there best to stop people from knowing anything.

  • Dwight Clark

    Alot of 7s w name Yahweh, Huawei with 70 subsiduraies included, He thinks to change times laws and Seasons, the ancient dilima. Now tiger jumps out of the balka..Hushenying 30 million of USSR died in defence of thier country, WW2, how is it otherwise possible for such a country to so challenge the other victor with tit for tat, weapons, politics, technology..unless you are Hushenying, Tiger gods army against in god we trust army? Chernobyle Noble House Warren County, behind the scences slight of hand, that which continues your continium w reasignments, w your collaspe in place of Christian, and Put in w Judo- let me awaken you, this country is applying tiger gods army against you, you complain we just talked w pompeo, but we realize such non reciprocity w Nord Stream after. Not to mention Mrs. Merkle who was less insulted then what compromised Put in w pompeo w 2016 sanctions in hand, she would not talk w him. Its like put in required the sanctions in order to discuss matters- seriously! Recover yourselfs! Yahweh in and affillated w Chineese Dynasty Wa japaneese for peace and harmony, Weh, our designer knows to what extend that is needed in the electronic age today, singled out by That which ought to live dies and That which ought to die lives and is actually stregthened-america where it ought not to be. Hadad of Storm Menghut, system noticed happy orientals on bus, canada ordered to arrest Miss Meng, England- its alright to use Huawei but left Hadad difficulted on bus w imbeciles thereafter, Yahweh held pm acct. W numerous difficulties there after, Huawei (Wa), I have access to its other natures in time of need, EMIT, Timelessness to the enemies that impose sanctions against Huawei of Jinping Dynasty of China. Storm Dinger Hadad supports actions of Hushenying Tiger gods army and Hu Lin the king, and beseches favor of Father in another sense accordingly.

  • Drackkor

    Long overdue the Chinese are thief's. I bet they have stolen a lot of Russian technology as well. Especially Russian military technology. All nations need to watch China they say one thing then do something else.

  • Dwight Clark

    The threat to national security is to offend Jinping Dynasty, especially Huawei, (Yeweh, ref. Tetragrammaton Greece, now Wa Wey. Hushenying tiger gods army and Hu Lin the king of the Jinping Dynasty- Timelessness to those that apply sanctions against Huawei of the Jinping Dynasty of China.

  • Dark Shield

    The great fire wall of russia. Evil Russian government is trying to take away the freedom of her people. Trying to silence the many millions who hate the nation and the government. China and Russia deserve each other. Evil countries.

  • yfelwulf

    And once Jewmerica is out Russia, China and others should refuse to allow them into their systems meaning as time progresses the JEW SA will eventually be cut out of all markets with no way back in. Just like the cancellation of the NPT Nuclear non proliferation treaty. Now their technology is behind Jewmerica wants a new treaty. THE ANSWER IS NEVER AGAIN make them live in fear of imminent destruction.

  • William B

    I believe it to be an equal action if Russia halts the export to America, of Russia's reserves of Titanium.
    There is no reason that all other countries cannot examine their agreements to supply products to America if only to realize that they are not beholden to their manufactured products nor the continuation of each country's trade agreement.
    America is effectively a bankrupt country, an audit of America's international debts also one could add to those numbers America's own national debt, that appears locked in forever as is imposed upon the broad reach of each person resident in America.
    America's National currency is little other than printed paper unsupported by any tangible securities. How about each country cancels any and all defense equipment purchases?
    The rest of the World can get by playing just by employing their own rules rather than the rules of America.

  • will engel

    Huawei will suffer short term pain. google will lose advertisement revenue for years to come. Microsoft will lose preloaded os for every tablets sold. chip makers will lose the world's largest consumer market. make America great again. LOL

  • p ace

    Russia, china, iran and their allies can use Huawei with their own Google…. Because many countries don't want nsa spying on them either through iphone or Google or the others…. At least, Russia, China, iran and their allies will be safe and can have 5G (the fastest internet in the world) ….

  • KAMPILAN VijayaBloodLine

    What do you Think?
    USA wants control over all snapdragon chipset ( american made) and could use it to spy on other world.
    Huawei does not use snapdragon, making USA can't spy on them.
    (Let's Ban Them Because We Cant Spy and Cant Control Them)

    Huawei sales are increasing and
    USA Defense "Advisors" Fear/Very Afraid people changing to Huawei phone will result in them loosing the leverage of spying through the chipset.

    Watching Via Mate20PRO

    TRUTH is HighDefinition
    'Never Forget The Wars Started and Deaths of Those People and

    the Weapons Of Mass Destruction in A Barren Desert

    What do you Think?

  • John Hadleigh


  • wize oldfart

    HaHaHa. The sane world should without delay launch their own operating system and make it incompatible with Android and iOS. Then no American can call anyone outside the US. That will truly screw them.

  • Esteban Dido

    I can't wait until Huawei turn on they system. And bye bye Android. Two systems are now from usa. Aurora from Russia should be available every where. Soon who's care about Android an iPhone.


    Thank you. Very informative. Riding the Trump train – a Slavic Canadian.
    PS: Cannot believe that my chief engineer will derail the train?

  • Abraham Maruti

    When America collapses Europe will collapse because EU countries are weak when it comes to standing up for their Sovereignty. They depend on their alliance with US on so many things including justifying or rejecting their own intelligence information

  • ησяϯн кαяεlια

    You forgot to say that Russia has its own computer operating system Linux, Ubuntu, Alfa OS, etc.

  • adamsguy270

    So they rebranded the sailfish OS ? Which is developed from maemo, which is developed from symbian(nokia), a joint venture with finland ?

  • Kit Carr

    I look forward to HUAWEI announcing their new simpler, sleeker, easier and faster user interfaces!

    This whole scenario exists because the USA suddenly woke up and realised they are LIGHT YEARS behind in technology and infrastructure …

    And now there's way too much paranoia !!!

  • Thomas Simeon

    I'm so looking forward to the Chinese new Systems. Thank you Trump now more countries will depend less on the U.S.

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