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Lechon Manok Business Guide For Beginners – Lembest lechon

How to Start a Lechon Manok Business Number 1. You should have a capital to create the lechon manok business Number 2. Prepare the things you need for the business. The original recipe you want to sell. This can be your grandmother’s or just about anyone’s recipe as long as it taste good and appeals the public. The equipment that will be needed for you to operate and scout for the prices. The
utensils, packaging, tongs, chopping board and so on. Pricing of your menu. This is your profit to be and make sure you do this right or the business will lose and eat the capital you have worked for. Number 3. Search a perfect strategic location and observe the factors that may increase the chances of winning or losing the capital you invested. To intelligently figure this out. Look for the same business that is already operating 5 years and seriously observe the strategy of the location why it last for 5 years or more. Please take note that this idea can be in any order. This is all about your creative planning and the capability to organize this and that. I hope this helps you in searching for the financial freedom that everyone dream of.

“NO Guts NO Glory.”

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