Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 W 2015 Indominus Rex  Unboxing, Review By WD Toys
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Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 W 2015 Indominus Rex Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

welcome 2wd choice wow guys it’s great to see you again New Lego Jurassic World Pteranodon Capture 75915 W 2015 Indominus Rex And Raptors regatta have also showed today we got a
new Lego set this is llego jurassic we’re all this is
it tearing down capture a 174 pieces any includes two exclusive many figures which are sign man %uh siren my shoe Ronnie and did ACU guy and asset containment
unit K while let’s check out the back that looks cool looks like it’s a modern rise possibly wall awesome let’s open this up and have some fun
prepared before reopening it let’s ask Barbie how much it cost K
shell cue here big 20 LA okay let’s check out p 3 LA and me I’ll said how much you like all we’re gonna pay my credit the wow what’s open it up capsule fun okay let’s see all those in the box Swan bag play does speed bag okay two big bags the LEGO pieces one good size instruction book now this looks like the other characters he could buy and then as
census takers and this is look sick part so the tear-down talk a lot let’s put this together you guys to take a closer look at this
set they did a really good job with tear
down me if you look at it I really like the
collaring it’s like is is like a softer wing is
god-like gray red coloring its I act like I said I
really like how they blended degree in the red looks really cool I mean the whole its whole head moves up and down which
is a nice feature so has like good biting action there she doesn’t have any teeth there
anything inside which is a little disappointing is Isaac all was gonna little here and
there the wings do fall all the way up and down three kiss
and good no flying plane the action with this guy pounds reminders empty becoming of some p its legs don’t fold your ego is pretty cool lookin and and for the
figures guess I’m in less runny he is all dressed in a suit he’s gonna as little goatee his hat NC he does have different this is more faces this is this was more
nervous smirk and this sounds like a scared look I I must be when he sees the dinosaurs
come in for him and then here you get an ECU guy is in full battle armor he’s got his
little helmet on everything his face shield he’s got like a hour believe this is it tranquilizer gun
because they don’t want to hurt the dinosaurs because the dinosaurs are
their assets okay let’s take a look at the helicopter
the helicopters really call the bill I really like the job they did with the
helicopter slow here is the cockpit in the controls little guy I’ll fit
right in there was remember if it in there and the heat he could grab the controls Lake he’s Lee
and then the cockpit will close over the top and then here
you have a net like a if know what you’d call this is
like fires the net our by its is something that you use
basically have to pack tonight in there and then just push it fast enough for
the net to fire all and then the net flies on to the Teradyne you capture him then the door does open here see you could put many figure in their
da the key in inner whatever you call it
really it does look really cool and I like the fact that folds up and
down in here you got jurassic world sticker on the back
you’ve got until role here says jurassic world 001 on the PL then the rotor on top they did a really good good job with
rotor on top a million books really cool then you got little controls on top the helicopter their news check
out the other side yet the Jurassic world logo here too in here you have shows like it turned on in his shows like a firing action here
and then this falls down actually and you have like a i believe it’s a
tranquilizing little missile launcher here see if you’d like put like the ACU guy
up here have to fire missiles listing actually it’s it’s a little green missile but it
actually does fire which I was surprised if fired actually
pretty good so for such a small thing it does a good job firing in and because
that dates you guys up here like firing down with that Teradyne so the fly above it to throw the net added the cannon armed to the terror Don had fallen to
the tear down his wings would be wrapped up here crashing to the ground the node
land the shoot him with the with the stun gun to capture him 10 for $10 for were right behind the chair down go ahead fire the net all we got the net on a tear to my eye and i
think is going to crash wow let’s go down to see what happened
to him pay what was there I’ll look to wrap their he jumped up a
one-sided the helicopter boy the way to vet is really making a
wall the other ap third jumped on the other side we’re going
downtown for $10 for her up we’re going down somebody please send
now all now what’s gonna happen to these
guys that Raptor not happy your day what was there not slimmed down in his
tracks he’s gone for the Rapture velociraptor
in got em home boy it’s a battle the other
one tax him well he’s not very scared for
himself busy why Liska if it’s right up there the his attack in AM guys could offer my up call for backup her day boy there Raptors gonna be in trouble but the helicopter guys are in trouble
now because the dominance rex is headed
right for them girl you well here is in here the jeep with the
muscles firemen so why on fire missiles good ol to direct its own and ominous wrecks but
he still going boy he’s headed right for the Jeep the to accept the whole Jeep many flips
it over backwards are now what’s gonna happen now up here comes the little guy on a TV that’s not a good move an open vehicle
like that are he got him before he can do anything what what hope hope hope hope hope hope well Lakers another helicopter baby
Ambani I fired both miss alls while ford direct
hits from the endowment’s racks he started to feel the effects of all he goes over her knees down he’s
down Wow now was a lot of work to take that
guy down why balkanized work benno you guys enjoy this episode issue subscribe to my channel gonna be
low fell below the video click like leave me comments which part have
jurassic world was your paper if you eat a video is also amanpour yeeee lot of fun videos with dinosaurs Plato Peppa Pig morrow will have so much fun
together hope to see you soon


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