Lightning Wordpress Publisher and BTCPay ( Bitcoin Micropayments for Blogs, News sites)

Lightning WordPress Publisher and BTCPay ( Bitcoin Micropayments for Blogs, News sites)

in the first video of BTC pen labs series we talked a little bit about the general concept of labs and how they work in BDCP now let's install our first lightning Network app and connected to our BTC pay as I already mentioned if you haven't watched the previous video you need to have full leasing and self hosted BTC paste server installed with the see lightning implementation in order to follow along with this tutorial you need to also be logged in as a server admin and go to server settings and services inside services click see information under a lightning charge server and you'll see the list of all the Lightning Network apps the first a lot what I would like to show you this video is personally my favorite it's called lightning publisher for WordPress click on that you are already aware the mass media in today's world is pretty much founded by pay per click model which means that they are paid regardless of the quality of their content so you click they get money did you not hear what they write about it is important for them that you collect and that significantly reduces the quality of the content and just pushes the mass click baited titles for users how lightning publisher can fix that well let me show you lighten publisher for WordPress offers previews of your blog post and require likely Network payment in order to show the rest of that article so let's go ahead and install of course for this tutorial you also need to have a wordpress blog but i assume you already got that from the title let's go to your wordpress blog in your wordpress blog under plugins click add new and search for lightning publisher click install and activate it when it is installed what you need to do now is configure your lightning publisher to work with your BTC pacer to do that go to your WordPress dashboard settings and click lightning publisher here you need to enter the server URL public URL and API token and this is where BTC pay make things easier it already exposes all of this stuff for you you just need to go to your server settings services Lightning chart server click on see information and go to your credentials now you need to paste first the URL that is everything you just need now to click Save so you see BTC PI server already launched note for you and exposed everything so you do not need to use command line and all these complicated stuff that non-tax have users are pretty much confused about let's now go ahead and find some of the articles I would like to show you how lighting publisher works so I'll go to my article click Edit up here you need to paste the shortcode which will lock this article and you can customize the shortcode any way you want so let's say that I want this introductory to appear in my post but everything below as you can see I want it locked so that the reader can pay in order to read the rest so I already outlined here what article we'll cover so if they are interested they can pay so let's go to text mode and now just find that gap what you now need to do is use the shortcode here on the github page they have in the readme file and the short codes and how they can be used so you can customize it any way you wish the shortcode I would like to show you is particularly this one so you copy that shortcode I will leave the links to all of this do not worry so you see here if paid and here is the amount here amount a Bitcoin show this text so this is the amount that user needs to pay and it will show text please pay to continue reading and then all right I'll pay let's say that you want to change this message so just to pay maybe so now we added the shortcode and from here text will be locked save the changes in your WordPress click update let's now preview the post so as you can see the posts here looks the same as on the background right here now we have this nicely looking warning which says please pay to continue reading this what to the readers of your blog will also see and once they click pay to unlock they will be presented with this invoice here so depending on their wallet they can scan it right away from the mobile phone or copy the invoice here and paid from their desktop but I would like to show you something which shows how BTC pay integrates all of the parts together so I'll pay this right away from my browser by using Joule Web extension if you haven't watched the video where I showed you how you can install Joule I'll leave a link in the description of this video for you to check it out but for now let's just pay this invoice I'll click pay with wallet and now you'll see that the pop up appeared right on the browser here so I just have to click confirm enter my password for jewel wallet and the invoice will be instantly confirmed you'll see that the message here will appear thank you for paying and now the reader will be able to read an entire article of course your phones will appear in your wallet on BTC pay side and let me also show you that because I want to show you how BTC pay integrates all of these tiny things together and allows you to use groundbreaking inventions and technology into single sort of a website or a dartboard or in reality it's a server go back to your BTC pay and go to server settings services and go to spark wallet and now you'll open your spark wallet from your browser and this is you can see now that the invoice has been paid a minute ago and here it is of course now you can spend from this wallet withdraw and so on and that's basically it I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any questions or faced some issues feel free to visit BTC by community and slack if you face any issues with a lightning publisher I will link to their github so you can submit an issue thank you so much for watching and I will see in the next video well we'll cover another lap bye bye

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