• Joe Cunningham

    I am so tired of these youtubers saying chiefs need to be middle of the road defense. What's wrong with being a top 10 defense? That's what the Chiefs need to be. Dominate the D. That's what we do.

  • Don Pena

    Hey man great stuff as usual. Real quick on the hill thing. If you remember I commented on your video that I didn't think that audio was 100% legit, and now we know she recorded that to try and get him to say certain things to use against in a custody battle. And for any Jack ass's wanting to say the chiefs have women beaters and criminals well Ray Lewis shot a guy and is in the hall of fame, and peyton manning was investigated in college for sexual assault but people seem to forget that shit.

  • Kenneth Cadwell

    Sorry missed the live chat as been a little busy this week. I am very excited about the draft being here in 2023…..

    I believe our defense is going to be alot better than people are expecting…..

    Chief's 12-4 again and could see 13-3….

  • rickbuddy

    RE: Jamaal Charles and HOF>
    Gale Sayers and Dick Butkis were spectacular, played for a shit team (the Chicago Bears at the same time) and both were 1st ballot HOFers. Sayers career was cut short by knee injury just like Charles. Charles was the equivalent of Sayers in his time and deserves the HOF.

    BTW I live in Omaha NE where Sayers graduated from Omaha Central HS. I love Sayers and just hope the HOF voters give Charles the same respect.

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