Logg – Your Personal Journal
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Logg – Your Personal Journal

How can we reach to the happier
healthier and more successful life? Do we need to work more? Or, maybe we need to stop and try to remember more about ourselves. Keeping a diary helps to
remember, but it’s not enough… Because you can’t instantly access your previous
decisions, memories or mistakes. What if we make a simpler easier and better solution. To get better in life we created Logg Logg is a revolutionary
personal journal that you can record your moments in more than 500 categories. You can even create your own custom categories. Logg is all about quickly
recording your activities and remember instantly when you need. You can also set
reminders for creating a habit. Also, you get statistics about your day, week, month, or, year. Remember the details of your everyday life. Live more focused and learn more from yourself. Give better decisions be more productive. for all of
these life-changing benefits… Logg your life Begin to your personal journal

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