Maddi & Tilly Show You Simple and Fun Custom CRICUT Easy Press Iron On T-Shirts with Heat Guide
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Maddi & Tilly Show You Simple and Fun Custom CRICUT Easy Press Iron On T-Shirts with Heat Guide

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow I’ve
got the girls back with me and we’re going making it some fun designs with
the cricut easy press so I grab some iron-on design so these are kind of the
predecessors to in fusible ink they’re a really simple and easy way to make some
fun kids crafts or some custom t-shirts they come pre done there’s tons and tons
of designs as always we’ll have links in the video description for you
we’ll add either you know the shopping shop online pick up in store you can do
the Michaels shop online and free shipping at 49 or there’s the Cricut
links I’ll add some coupons there for you that you can use or if your Cricut
access member you can get 10% off to I did set my easy press going so it could
preheat yep Marama not to touch it’s super hot and I also use the Cricut easy
press heat transfer guide so this is a really great thing again I’ll add a link
in the description you can tell it whether using the easy press 2 or the
quickie easy press we are using the 2 here so I selected iron-on designs with
a hundred percent cotton which is what my t-shirts are I’m using the Cricut
easy press matte which I have so it says here 340 degrees Fahrenheit for 50
seconds firm pressure cold peel you can change to Celsius if you need to and
then it tells you suppliers preparation application care it also tells you
exactly what your savages so you’ve got the mat on the bottom then your t-shirt
then your design and then your easy press by preheat for 5 seconds it means
preheat the t-shirt for 5 seconds you can do that I find I don’t do that
because my sticker sticks and then I don’t get to maneuver it about I’ve
never had any issues is from the cricut recommends but I just thought I’d throw
that out there so let me just get rid of my iPad okay so Mady chose adventure
awaits I’m just gonna move this easy press over there to give Maddie some
room here’s your easy press map there’s your
design and they statistics you want to lay your t-shirt out over there and
position it where you want it till you and I’m gonna work on these over here
I’m also going to move this easy press until he doesn’t catch on it all right
we have two designs here – which one do you want to do first
murmee now you do not normally need to use a butcher paper I made a boo-boo
using infusible ink the other day so I just have a piece of butcher paper to
protect the back of my t-shirt this was the smallest t-shirt I could find it’s
gonna be a bit big for her but she can use it like a dress or we can use it
like a nice dress because one of them I love you to the moon and back silly
every night we have to do a moon check and if the moon is up and a week we have
to wake up so thank you so we’re gonna position her design on the front just
like that yep just pop it on the front like this now one thing we can do it’s the unicorn of the sea at the
narwhal is you can use your easy fusible ink heat transfer tape to position this
again you don’t want to put your tape over your image but this is heat-stable
tapes you’ve never been able to use tape for this before you can now take down
your image you want to tape it down just in case yeah we didn’t yours yours it’s
taped down okay so mind up because this is gonna be
super hot so can you take a step that way for me
thank you okay so all you’re going to do is you’re going to lift up your easy
press and you’re going to have to do yours in two because you’ve got a big
design so pop it down and you want to hold it down and press clicker yep Tilly’s I’m gonna take my big one I’m
gonna take it in that direction and hold it down and then when Maddie’s gonna do
hers in two pieces I suggest to not know because it’s super hot honey
so with moving it I suggest lift and put down if you slide you tend to get a
little bit of movement in my experience so this is going a to countdown for me
it’s lost a little bit of heat but it’ll come back up so I’ll keep it on for a
few extra seconds but again never had any issues with that before now we gonna
do one with the moon on it we’ll take the plastic off afterwards so lift and
then move up yeah yeah write it down and now do it again just leave it on for
a few extra seconds is this how it’s pressed to it quite nice yeah okay mind
out Teddy I need to lift the iron okay so I’m gonna just hold this up for a
second put this over here we’re gonna grab your father t-shirt because we
design you just gone you unicorn Yin yeah so we’re also gonna do I love you
to the moon amok you’re gonna grab some tape thank you do you need some help mm okay so you want it to cool down for
a second okay just take your mat away like this just checking so it does tell you in the
app whether it’s a cold peel or a warm peel it tells them so this is a cold
peel so you do want to let it yeah I’ll take you another piece you can put it
so you put it up here for me to hold it down thank you okay mind out so I’m
gonna use the iron it’s really hot see it’s a cold peel so just pop it – sorry
if you have one of something like the tonic glass Matt’s popping it onto one
of those will help you remove the heat super quickly how’s it going Matt it’s
still quite long so Daisy thank you gonna take mommy’s mapped out now I do
have a video on what easy press sizes I recommend for people as well you can
check that out in the top right hand corner so I went through kind of
different sizes what works best and if you want to buy multiple sizes generally
I recommend just buying the map size for the largest easier price you have I have
all three sizes and I should stress also that I have bought everything in these
videos Cricut hasn’t sent me anything I’m everything we have we have bought
okay so our first one is definitely ready are we all fixed with our normal
and yeah we will link everything that we have used in the beginning who wants to
go first good yep go on then Maddy so then all
you do is you just kind of slowly peel I would start in one corner and then if
you have any issues we can always just reheat it so pull slowly so we can see
it so you’re going to go first alright so we’re just gonna slowly peel cool all right so now it’s Maddie’s turn
that’s cool this has always liked that moment of
hazard stuck that’s you wretches with the two-shot do I aim my tummy good job
honey you leave my tummy so I would so as
you’re peeling I always tend to hold and just get closer and closer to it just
puts a little less stress on the item isn’t that cool all right we’re going to do Tilly’s
other one to go on so we’re gonna do it slowly so there we go let’s hold up our
t-shirts so we have a moon we have mermaid and we have adventure away it’s
super easy now you saw how quickly we did those they literally took 58 seconds
to make and the difference between these is they do have a seam eventually they
kind of crack and peel but does take a long time whereas Maddie’s actually
wearing her in fusible ink t-shirt that that has no scene so it completely like
stretches with the fabric there’s no scenes that’s never gonna
crack it’s completely different so that’s the difference between a fusible
ink and using something like these patterns or a heat transfer vinyl but
these are really quick really easy it’s so much fun and a great kids craft to do
and you can see you can do it kids of any ages of course you just have to
handle the iron for them so thank you so much for joining us here today at
Hedgehog hollow don’t forget to check out the links in the description and all
of the coupon codes hit that subscribe button ring the bell and of course click
the join button to be part of the Hedgehog Hollow community lots and lots
of reasons to join do we have fun today Tilly yeah tilt Maddy yes great and give
us a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching this video as well I’ll see you again
tomorrow tomorrow even with another tip trick tutorial or maybe it’s something
else in the meantime happy crafting and have a great day


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