Mail Merge Excel Data to Word

Mail Merge Excel Data to Word

okay I'm gonna do a mail merge with data from an Excel spreadsheet and here's the spreadsheet right here and the first thing I have to do is just adjust the columns I've already done this a little bit the column BC and all I'm going to put in here is my name oh wait the field names the field name is going to be last name and then first name and then email address and then cell phone and you notice the cell phone doesn't fit quite so you can just drag up in the gray area I can widen out the columns okay so these are your field names right here and word will identify the field names in the first column I'll show you how that works so I'm going to put Gil here Bob Bob at Gil calm and 6:05 – two – two – forty – fifty nine and then I'm going to go to a second data item I'm going to put Severin Joe and he's Joe at KELOLAND comm so I'm just putting in the data here 6:05 and you put in hundreds of many data items as you want 6:05 – 2 8 0 61 94 oops and you know – in there and then I'm going to put in shell Kraft and Bill and Bill Scheldt Kraft at state not SD you got us 605 – two – two – 45 78 so I have three data items here and you can put as many data items as you want and you can add to them later on – and resave it and it will pull in the other data items so here's my shell right here and I'm going to do a save as now when I save and I have to remember where I put it and where I'm going to put it on go browse and I'm going to go to Dropbox and it's going to go into CSC I made a folder already before and I screwed up but it's gonna go into CSC mail merge data and it's going to be called 2018 Excel data and I've already done this once before so that's where it's located and I try to find it and I couldn't find it so I have to start over so the data is done so now I'm going to pull up Microsoft Word and I'm going to open up a document here and all I have to do instead of doing all of this stuff here and all that step-by-step you just have to the recipients are in a Excel spreadsheet so all you got to do is go get that existing list and the first time I forgot where it was that's why I had to start over but it's in Dropbox CSC 205 merge data and here's the data and it's in sheet 1 and I just say and it says look at this here first row of data contains column header headings and it does so I just say ok now it has linked up with that Excel spreadsheet so all I have to do as I say dear mr. and then I can insert the field name last name der mr. Gil gamma I notice that you have a new email address the address and any whoop scuse me a new email address the address is is now in sort of field yard current email address I hit enter there okay I did that so I wouldn't go outside of the thing I will call you at and see how it knows that Excel spreadsheet because I linked them up I will call you at cell phone to discuss this further and Jo Jo Buckner okay so now when you preview the results right here this will show you that it has been merged I preview dear mr. guilt he is Bob Gale your current email address I'll call you at this number I go to a recipient number – Jo Severn is Joe at Kellan your current email I'll call you here and three is going to be Bill shell crap is that your current email address I'll call you at this number so all of them are merged together and it's so simple to just build this the spreadsheet write the letter use insert merge fields and then if you don't want to see the results you just take it off and it goes back to this preview it take it off preview take it off and then you can finish and merge finishing and merge will send a individual letter to all three people so okay I hope that made sense I'm going to show you with an Access database also but this is using a Excel spreadsheet here's your data I saved it you just have to remember where you save the data and then you go back to word and you link up that data bias going to mailings select recipients and use an existing list that we created and it's an Excel spreadsheet okay all right I hope you give this a try it so it's really a lot of fun all right signing up


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