• Greg Gottfried

    I hope this helps you avoid making this same mistake on Mailchimp! Need some AWeber tutorials? Let me know in the comments 🙂

  • Roger Marquez

    I prefer GetResponse for my autoresponder solution. They´re actually cheaper than Aweber and they just incorporated a funnel builder as their new feature and is freaking awesome! And is also affiliate friendly.


    i have a question about instagram
    do i need multiple insta accounts for multiple niches? or i can make one and put all links in bio?
    i am confused please answer!!!!!!!!!

  • Aubrey Harris

    Keep staying honest bud. I like to see a video on how to build an email sequence with Aweber step by step with no steps skipped..start from when someone signs up taking them to thank you page and then they get a sequence email thereafter.

  • abdullah alkhatib

    greg !!! someday you will be famous in this field .. Remember this well !!
    your faithfull follower abdullah alkhatib

  • GOD

    Great video as always! MailChimp is definitely not a very reliable service, but its actually great for people that are just starting out with print on demand. It's free and it notifies the people who are subscribed to the email list. Of course, it's only a considerable solution if the business is smaller and emails don't need to be on point.

  • Paulie77

    Hey Greg! Do you have any experience with selling on Etsy by connecting a Printful/Printify account (those are the only POD websites that offer such service as far as I know) to your Etsy account? I've recently filled up my Teespring store and created one on Etsy as well by using Printful. It would be great if you could make tutorial of how to optimize such strategy, and also how to optimize Etsy SEO. I've tried to find my designs, but I gave up after I reached the 100th page. I've made one sale there and God knows how the person found my store

  • Al-wafi - الوَفـيّ

    you can use wix for email compaign .. just go to marketing tool then email marketing and you can create your email with a professional template

  • Domenic Fedele

    I like that your videos don't have an intro video every time, it's just straight to the point. PS take that Mailchimp, don't piss off a YouTuber.

  • aziz wahab

    Your videos are really helpful. Your videos really motivating me to start an online business bcoz your videos are always to the point and no blufff . . . Thanks for the great videos and information.

  • Markess A. Wilder

    Once again value in the information that you provide because I'm sure a lot of people have already made this mistake and would definitely made this mistake in the future if someone didn't tell them. I know I have made this mistake with some older email programs but until this I didn't even know why I got blocked but this is probably why.

    I've been looking for a newer one to use maybe I'll try this one once you get deep into it let us know if it's worth using.

    Thank you again

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