Making a Dice Game Board From Aspen part 1
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Making a Dice Game Board From Aspen part 1

well that (gibberish cause I’m tongue tied) (more gibberish then intro music) Hello and welcome to Donald Vlogsify’s woodshop I’m gonna attempt to make a dice board. Dice game?… dice board. You know the game. Ya know where ya shoot the dice.. and it’s dice but is poker but it’s dice. Anyway, the first thing I’m gonna do… I’ve got this one by six actually is three-quarters by
five-and-a-half piece of aspen and i’m gonna cut 3 – 16 1/2″ lengths out of it. Then I’m gonna rip those down the middle. Then I’m gonna glue it together. So let’s get busy with it. Make sure this end here is square. not quite so… that’s somethin you always need to check I’m off. lol …Which according to some, is not surprising. I’ve been off for years…..(music) and now we’re square Just for the record, I really dislike hot weather. Okay Now I’m gonna cut three lengths 16 1/2″ long. (music..when I speed up..there’s always music. 🙂 ) and that is one of the joys of pre-milled lumber. But we gonna get her fixed! I forgot to turn the camera on when I uhhh.. squared that little edge up. But they should all be square now. Least pert near it. Well… I still got to run em through the jointer. But should all be about the same thickness. And they is. And now I’m gonna rip these boards in half. I need my safety equipment. Now that we got it jointed. We gonna try and glue this thing up. Did I mention, I got a new best.. favorite tool. I like the jointer. 🙂 …..(music) I……. cut the dice out of a piece of poplar I had left… from making that marking gauge the other day. Now I’m just sanding them down. These dice ARE NOT perfect. They will not pass as regulation. Trust me. ….. (more music) Now I’m gonna seal em. I got some high spots I’m gonna try and plane down. (music) (more music) (and music) (yup, still music) Ok I wanna make is shorter this way… and its a little off square anyway… so I’m gonna mark it and cut it on the table saw. (music again) Now we should be square. I say.. we shou we we shshsould ba Sqwaure. (I was just being silly) At least on that side. Hey… somebody loosened mah square! Oh yes…. I love it when a plan comes together….. Ayyyee Karumba! That’s it for this one. Thank you for watching. Please come back next time for part 2. I’m trying to keep these videos shorter so…. this maybe 2… maybe 3 parts depends on… it just depends. 🙂 In the meantime… please give me a thumbs up. Please share. Please subscribe if you haven’t already.
Enjoy life. Make it a good life. Life is short. And again please come back for
part two and maybe part 3. Which I’ll be gettin up and soon as I get that part done and filmed. And maybe after this burrito quits kickin….phhhheeewwww. (music) (music)


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