Mango Kulfi Recipe | Mango Malai Kulfi | Mango Kulfi With Milk And Fresh Cream
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Mango Kulfi Recipe | Mango Malai Kulfi | Mango Kulfi With Milk And Fresh Cream

we are preparing a rich and creamy mango kulfi, the ultimate summer dessert here are the ingredients we need. these are listed in the description box along with their quantities 1 liter full fat-milk 500 grams mango pulp 100 grams sugar. we will add more later, if needed, as mangoes differ in sweetness 200 grams malai/fresh cream 1/2 tsp cardamom powder we will boil the milk first keep a kadhai on full heat. add the milk and fresh cream and stir it well let the milk come to a boil and keep stirring frequently keep scraping the cream which collects on the sides of the kadhai it into the milk while stirring the milk has started to boil, reduce the heat a little and boil the milk until it has reduced by about half. keep stirring more often now the milk has reduced by about half. put in the sugar and cardamom powder and mix well now on keep stirring the milk continuously otherwise the milk may burn easily because it is getting thicker and has sugar as well let the milk thicken until it is thick and creamy as you will see in a few moments the milk is now quite thick and creamy and has got a nice golden color as well. it is about 40% of the original quantity this took about 35-40 minutes you can see grains of cream on the ladle. this is the essential difference between a kulfi, and ice cream, which is absolutely smooth this is the right time to take it off the heat remove it and let it cool down completely while the kulfi mixture is cooling blend the mango pulp to a fine puree the mango puree is ready and the kulfi mixture has cooled down. add the puree to the kulfi mixture stir until they combine well the mango kulfi mixture is ready. put in kulfi molds no extra sugar was needed. you may check the sweetness at this point and add if needed then put in the molds fill all the mold similarly and keep them in the deep freezer for freezing the kulfi overnight or for 10-12 hours here are 2 of the kulfi molds after overnight freezing. we will remove the kulfi now swirl the kulfi mold in a little water for a few seconds now roll the mold back and forth between the palms and run a thin knife around the inside of the mold to free the kulfi then slide it out so here is our mango kulfi ready to be served. do try it and give your feedback if you like the recipe please share the video & subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get our new video notifications. thanks for watching

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