Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook senate hearing: Six awkward moments
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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook senate hearing: Six awkward moments

Senator Senator Yes, senator Senator Senator You will rightfully have some hard
questions for me to answer. I say this gently Your user agreement sucks The purpose of that user agreement is to cover Facebook’s rear end. How do you sustain a business model
in which users don’t pay for your service? Senator, we run ads. What about the part that people are
worried about—not the fun part? Well What’s that? Mr. Zuckerberg would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel
you stayed in last night? Um. Uh…no. Who’s your biggest competitor? Senator we have a lot of competitors. Who’s your biggest? The other tech platforms, so:
Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft The average American uses eight different apps to communicate with their friends and
stay in touch with people ranging from text apps to email— Which is the same service you provide? Well, we provide a number of different services. Is Twitter the same as what you do? It overlaps with a portion of what we do. You don’t think you have a monopoly It certainly doesn’t feel like that to me. Are you willing to go back and work on giving me a greater right to erase my data? Senator, you can already delete any of the data that’s there or delete all of your data. Are you going to work on expanding that? Senator, I think we already do what you’re referring to. Are you willing to expand my right to
prohibit you from sharing my data? Senator, again I believe that you
already have that control.


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