May 2017 Creator Updates: Google I/O, YouTube Partners, Hangouts Toolbox, AdSense Policy Center
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May 2017 Creator Updates: Google I/O, YouTube Partners, Hangouts Toolbox, AdSense Policy Center

Hello YouTubers, Plussers and Bloggers. I’m Peggy K, and I’m going to take a quick
look at the updates for Creators in the Googleverse in May. There are some nice updates for Google Photos
users, YouTubers, Live Streamers, AdSense Publishers and Google+ Community owners. The big event last month was Google I/O – Google’s
big developer conference – where new features and products are announced. In the keynote address Google CEO Sundar Pichai
pointed to seven of Google’s “most important” products, each with more than a billion monthly
active users. YouTube not only has over a billion users,
but also every single day people watch more than a billion hours of video. And Google Photos, introduced at Google I/O
in just 2015, already has over 500 million users. But the big take home message is that
Google is moving from a mobile first to artificial intelligence first approach. They are incorporating machine learning and
AI to solve user problems in pretty much all of their products. In all there were 101 announcements. I’m going to mention a few of them, but
you can follow the link in the description to see the full list. I’m going to start with Google Photos. Using facial recognition and machine learning,
Google Photos will now make sharing suggestions. Plus they are implementing shared photo libraries. If you are in the US, you can create a physical
photo book. You can use Google Photos’ clever search
to easily find photos with particular people, locations or objects, or even colors
to create your book. And, of course, the most important holiday
in May was Mother’s Day. To celebrate, Google Photos offered the option
to create a special Mother’s Day movie, where you pick a mom and kids from the people
in your photos, and Photos selects images and uses them to create a short video. And I know you’re all thinking “Mother’s
day was two weeks ago, why is she mentioning this?” And the answer is that as of today the option
is still there in my account, and it’s probably there in your account, so this is an opportunity
to create a movie that will make any mom in your life smile. Also at Google I/O there were a couple of
neat YouTube announcements. It’s going to be possible to watch and control
360-degree videos and live streams right on your TV. And, as one of the many Virtual Reality-related
announcements, you’ll be able to watch and discuss YouTube videos with other people in
VR. There is also a new feature that will be coming
to Super Chat. Super Chat currently lets live stream viewers
purchase highlighted chat messages. The Super Chat API will soon be able to trigger
actions in the real world too, such as turning off the lights in the live streamer’s apartment
or pelting creators with water balloons. OK maybe not that last one, but it sounds
like it could be fun. YouTube also has rolled out mobile live streaming
to more creators. Even if you don’t have 1000 subscribers
yet, check the YouTube mobile app to see if live streaming is available for your channel. There is also good news for those of you who
live broadcast with Hangouts on Air. The Hangouts Toolbox app is available again. You can use the Hangouts Toolbox Lower Third
option to put a banner with your name and other information below you while you are
live broadcasting. Note that Hangouts Toolbox and the other remaining
Hangouts video call apps are only available to accounts with a Google+ Profile or Page. The other announcement for live broadcasters
is that Sponsorships and Custom Emojis will be coming to YouTube Gaming later this year. Check out the link in the description to apply
to be a Custom Emoji beta tester. There is also an update for YouTube Partners. YouTube is now taking a “tougher stance”
on Hateful content, Incendiary and demeaning content, and Inappropriate use of family entertainment
characters. And yes, that likely includes your “Spiderman
and Elsa make a porno” video. To help Partners better understand the policies,
there is also a new free YouTube Creator Academy course to learn about making advertiser-friendly
content. Ok switching gears
AdSense also made several updates this month for publishers placing ads on their own website
or blog. The biggest change is the new page-level enforcement
of policy violations. Instead of disabling ads on an entire website,
ads will be restricted or disabled on individual pages that violate the AdSense Program Policies. You can review any page level violations on
your websites in the new Policy Center in your AdSense account. Once you have fixed any violations, you can
request a review. AdSense also announced that they will no longer
disallow the 300×250 ad unit from being placed above the fold on mobile web pages. And if you are using the “Ad Balance”
option, unfilled ad units will now automatically collapse, rather than leaving a gap on your
website. So those are the AdSense updates. Moving on to Google+, it’s now easier to
have people join your Community using the new invite by link option. When the “invite people with a link” option
is enabled, you can provide a link that lets people join your Community directly. You don’t have to invite individuals by
name and the invitees do not need to ask to join. Also, the separation of Google+ and Google
My Business is now nearly complete. If you create a new business listing, a Google+
Page is no longer automatically created. You can, of course, create a Page if you want
to use Google+. And just a final note: if you have a Blogger
blog, Blogger wants to hear about your posting experience. If you want to provide feedback, follow the
link to the post in the Blogger help forum in the description below. If you found this video helpful, subscribe
to my channel for more Creator updates and tutorials.


  • Peggy K

    Here’s an outline of what I talked about:

    0:19 Google I/O Keynote
    1:20 Google Photos updates at Google I/O
    1:31 Create a photo book
    1:46 Create a Mother’s Day Movie
    2:21 YouTube announcements at Google I/O: VR, Superchat API
    3:07 YouTube Mobile Live Streaming
    3:21 Hangout toolbox is now available again for Hangouts on Air
    3:50 Sponsorships and Custom Emojis coming to YouTube Gaming later this year
    4:05 Update to YouTube Advertiser-Friendly Content Policy
    4:35 AdSense page level enforcement and new policy center (and other updates)
    5:30 Google+ Invite to a Community by link
    5:54 Creating a Google My Business Listing no longer creates a Google+ Page
    6:09 Share your Blogger posting experience

    If you’d like more detailed information, see the links in the video description.

  • Hugo Roger

    Nice video Peggy! Thanks for the great breakdown on the important updates. I had really missed most of these. Cheers!

  • Ileane Smith

    Great roundup of all the May goodies Peggy! There are a couple of things that really caught my attention. For example, the Hangout Toolbox coming back really took me by surprise. I noticed it when I was doing a live stream about 2 weeks ago but I was a little confused at the time 🤓
    The fact that Google is moving from Mobile first to AI first snuck in under my radar until just now listening to it coming from you! I guess I pretty much hang on your every word because I know that there's no fluff. You get right to the point 🌻

    Thanks so much Peggy.

  • Atharva Kale

    Hello PeggyK,
    Today it's been 3 months since you asked me to delete all the copyright claimed vedios.
    Now is there a hope that my monetization would be renabled.

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