Mighty Megasaurus T-Rex, Spinosaurus Vs King Kong JURASSIC World Unboxing
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Mighty Megasaurus T-Rex, Spinosaurus Vs King Kong JURASSIC World Unboxing

Mighty Megasaurus T-Rex, Spinosaurus Vs King Kong JURASSIC World Unboxing you oh I a 000000 Oh what this okay today I have to adventure force mighty megastores these the light and sound dinosaurs are the only place i found these was at walmart so these are made by adventure force as you can see if you push down the Moscow open the eyes will light up and it will make so these are cool little dinosaurs and then here is a look at all the ones that have to have a t-rex which we have in the front we have the Spinosaurus then they have a dragon and of velociraptor I did not see the velocity after they do have a big dragon I think it’s remote control of so let’s take these out to check them out ok so here is a good look at the two of them let’s go ahead and check each one out individually closer off ok so first this one this year x it’s a little hard to see the eyes light up because I got it really bright here because of my life but it does light off like a light color and then evolved openness halogens you know for a cheap dinosaur I mean they did a really great job with the heat i really like that the sound is loud for a small dinosaurs the legs you got really good movement with the legs the tales you don’t hear is the speaker on this side are coloring is actually pretty good for cheap toy this is less expensive Floyd and then here is a look at the bottom this is where you would put in the battery so let’s take one more look at the mall like I said the price I mean he takes great jobs with the seat and then the Spinosaurus is pretty cool too action feature on only one of the arms you could push down on the eyes who live off this one they did a bad job with the teeth it’s let one piece and the color over and got like pink you guys like lighter green darker green it’s on sale on his back is the same color schemes they did a good job with the painting the toes on this one and here is where you have the speaker so if you get two of them you can have to dino battles there check that out they’re pretty loud to switch law boy yeah guys that was a lot of what and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video in today secret word is the word going to put that in the comments section below the video on those you remember my club with the video ends there’s that all quarters lot more fun with you click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos that if you want to see even more go ahead and click that subscribe button


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