Mike’s Vancouver Vacation – Vacation Impossible Podcast
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Mike’s Vancouver Vacation – Vacation Impossible Podcast

once again mike is on a trip here to
Vancouver how I am how’s your trip this time so far so good I had a few days off
work so I thought I’d fly out on another turbulent flight this time the wings
were flapping which was quite unnerving but yeah it’s so far so good and I got
to see Warren Dean Flandez at his a concert today the Jazz Festival he
rocked it. He tends to. Yeah he had the top line vocal collection singing as
well so so far so good went out and saw some friends yesterday got drunk got sick and
yeah great first impression other than that so far now I’m here does it count as a
first impression though when you were born and raised here and i wasn’t born
and raised here well you’re ok you spent a lot of time here i lived here for
four years really its only 4 years well shut the front door are you serious 94-98. That’s it? Yeah I moved to Vancouver in the summer when I started grade 10 oh yeah
and then i moved back I had a better opportunity in toronto oh it was only
supposed to be a six-month contract oh yeah yeah yeah yes been what 15 years now? 17 years
later well then nevertheless it still doesn’t count as a first impression yes
well yeah went to see some friends and her mother was there and I recognize you
it’s only been 16 years 17 years and then of course about a couple hours later I got
sick sorry so I guess you made quite an impression the first time since they
remembered you yeah and so and I’ve just made a good second impression and I saw them again today. Memorable. And they’re like oh my god are you okay you were sick last night yes I
was thanks alberto for feeding me constant alcohol. Ah too much drink. I had way too much to drink.

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