Minions Mega Bloks  Dino Ride  Vs T-Rex Jurassic World   Unboxing  CPC51 WD Toys
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Minions Mega Bloks Dino Ride Vs T-Rex Jurassic World Unboxing CPC51 WD Toys

Minions Mega Bloks Dino Ride Vs T-Rex Jurassic World Unboxing CPC51 WD Toys awesome show today and so glad you came
back this is a cool one this is minions mega Blok dinosaur ride Wow this is that
big dinosaur they were riding in the movie it is awesome
he’s got 421 pieces let’s go ahead and check out the back
Wow check that out that is so cool and its mouth opens its legs move its
tail swings Wow let’s go ahead and open this up and let’s see what’s inside okay
let’s see what was inside there Wow awesome comes with the minions dinosaur
manual with lots of pages it does have a tear on the back part this is brand-new
from the box I don’t know why it’s gonna tear and we’ve got one bag of Mega Bloks
two bags a Mega Bloks three bags four bags five six and seven seven bags of
Mega Bloks and two exclusive CRO minion figures Wow awesome let’s go ahead and
put this together we have minions Dino ride wow this is
the same dinosaur they have in the movie when at the beginning when they’re
controlling the dinosaur the dinosaur is their master this guy is awesome let’s
hear what Kevin and Stuart have to say about him Wow let’s go ahead and take a
closer look at this guy he is so cool ok so here you’ve got looks like that is I
think Stuart okay these look like Stuart and Bob here you got Stuart hanging on
the tail it’s got like handle there to hang on and here you’ve got Bob hanging
on to the back of the Dino let’s take a look at the Dino first okay first its
legs here a really cool shape it’s got a ball joint here so basically this thing
could turn 360 degrees then you’ve got another ball joint on its leg so you
could turn its leg three hunt I mean its foot you could turn its foot
360 degrees and then each of these claws here could move up and down they do pop
off sometimes so I mean that that’s a really cool option too so you could go
into different attack modes and then we’ll go here on the side continuing on
with the body here you’ve got its arms which is arms will turn basically all
the way around and these claws move in and out so you could get into different
attack modes here and then we’re gonna move up to his head
let’s mop its mouth opens and closes I mean not too much but it is a decent
amount and there’s teeth our Mega Bloks also which are kind of cool I mean
you’ve got two on both sides and two in the front and then let’s move to the
front of his face well actually here you’ve got his he’s got like beady I get
front here he’s got like his beady eyes here
this is his nose here once again his mouth opens up you got like a mega Bach
piece inside that is supposed to be his tongue and it’ll go to the other side
here I mean you can see his eyes are in the front they’re not at the sides like
a lot of the dinosaurs would have slow this is supposed to be maybe an ancestor
to the dinosaurs and then his head is a ball joint – so he’s got 360 degree
movement I mean he could turn his head all the way upside down to do battle the
other side you’ve got the same thing with his arm and claws here and his leg
here too this leg also the whole leg is a ball joint here you could see so his
whole leg could turn 360 degree and then the knee joint is 360 degree and the leg
joint is 360 degree so I mean that that’s real cool – and then going down
you’ve got his tail which is all made out of Mega Bloks also and it does have
full up-and-down movement and a full side movement – and then here on the
back the back part of his tail will swing all the way out also and then
there’s a handle here for the minions to hold on so this guy really is a cool
battle dinosaur I mean I really like this guy he looks really cool I mean he
has a little hard to put together with which
a lot of Mega Bloks are I mean they’re not they’re a little tougher to put
together and they don’t seem to hold together as good as Legos but this guy
is cool I mean there’s not that many dinosaur Lego or Mega Bloks out there
that you could have and he is poseable so you could move his leg into different
positions and have him stand up and fight Wow cool uh what is that oh it’s
the t-rex Wow and he’s being controlled by the other minions wow this is gonna
be a battle for the ages he’s being controlled by The Crow
minions see that guy on his neck is driving him and that guy at his foot
what on the real I don’t really know what he’s doing but if he doesn’t watch
out he’s gonna get stepped on wow this is gonna be a battle guys except I think
that the minion dinosaur is the Mega Bloks one is gonna lose because if you
look at the size of the mouse that t-rex is a lot bigger before the battle begins
make sure in the comments down below you let me know which one of these two guys
is gonna be the victor I mean you’ll see at the end but make sure you leave the
comment for before you seen at the end Wow
oh he’s going down oh he’s up he’s roaring at him he hits him with his tail this guy falls
down but he back up to get him he’s chasing after him oh he’s going for the
minion that the minion that’s in control oh he got him
Oh Oh No horse for bomb he’s got Bob and the dinosaur loses control because he
doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do without a minion to guide him oh this
guy spit out Bob but now this dinosaur is clueless and he’s going down oh he’s
got him oh wow oh he pulled his head right off and now he’s celebrating Wow
without the minion to guide him this mega Blok dinosaur didn’t know what to
do so he lost the battle and also he lost his head Wow
did you guys see there boy that was an epic battle until he grabbed the minion
off the back and he jumped him and spit him out and then the other dinosaur
didn’t know what to do hey don’t be controlling you he jumped his head on
just like I jumped my cookies Wow well guys if you enjoyed this episode make
sure you subscribe to my channel down there down below the video click like
and leave me comments let me know which Jurassic world dinosaur or which minion
character is your favorite if you wait to this video ends oh so I’m in car lot
more fun videos Jurrasic world Peppa Pig and minions and princesses Wow boy I
have so much fun together Oh you


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